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Currently reading: The Good Life by John McInerney
Currently listening to: the Kings/Devils game on NBC
Currently nomming on: nothing at the moment, but I am craving a cheese quesadilla
Currently desiring: more money, as always
Currently looking forward to: day two of Visa Championships tomorrow, NPR internship orientation on Monday morning and a new feelings-heavy Eureka episode that evening
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eureka is back, yay )
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You know that feeling where you know something bad is about to happen (at least, you're pretty sure it's going to happen) and you have an idea of when it's going to happen (but no specifics), so all you can do is wait nervously until it does happen?

Yeah, that's exactly how I feel right now.
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dear yuletide author )
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It's the little things I remember.

The cloudless, bright blue sky; the sun brightly shining, making that September morning feel like it was still summer; the phone suddenly ringing in Mrs. Abraham's classroom, her only telling us that all the airports had been shut down. Getting into Mom's van at the end of the school day, wondering what was going on; Dad being home from work before I was home from school - an odd occurance for a Tuesday;  Watching footage replay multiple times over, at different angles and different speeds on the big-screen television in our family room; Being unable to sleep that night, staying up with my parents and watching news of the aftermath.

And the feelings of numbness, fear and confusion that lasted for weeks.

I can't believe it's been ten whole years since that Tuesday in September. 
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Real life sucks at the moment (long story short, I'm not confident in my abilities to be a functioning adult, so I'm taking a year off school to get things in order), so I have been throwing myself wholeheartedly into the fictional world of various television shows. For a while it was The Good Wife and Friends (SHUT UP, I was only a baby when the show premiered; it is also the reason I now have a massive crush on Paul Rudd); now it's The Hour and of course, Eureka.

Which brings me to this: some not-quite-meta. )
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In the words of Jon Stewart, "I GIVE UP."
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So How I Met Your Mother had its season finale tonight, and now I've got a good idea who The Mother might be. )
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I didn't get to see it live, because I came back to the apartment completely exhausted after a full day of classes and a TV shoot, but apparently Keith quit MSNBC earlier tonight.

Why Keith meant so much to me. )
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I haven't been feeling well the past few days: headache, stomach bug, general grogginess. I spent most of today laid up in bed watching season 4 of 30 Rock, followed by church, which sucked. Since I don't think whatever I've got will miraculously go away in the next two hours, it's going to be super awesome to ring in the New Year feeling like absolute shit. In a way I'm actually glad we're not doing anything tonight, because I would just be too cranky to actually enjoy anything. Instead, I will be laying on the couch watching Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve all alone and try not to fall asleep.


Fandom Year in Review )

And my contribution to the "what 2010 sounded like" meme: oh, let it be., a mix of songs i listened to throughout 2010.
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This week has been one of those where everything just makes me cranky; I'm over school, I'm over politics, I'm over life. I just want to go back home and sleep forever in my big comfy bed. However, finals are next week, meaning my mood probably won't improve that much and I have to wait a whole week until I can go home for three whole weeks. So:


Cheer me up, please.


Nov. 19th, 2010 09:54 pm
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Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you for offering to for write one of the fandoms I requested! I know they have limited audience - and thus the quality of fic varies - but I'm sure I'll be happy with whatever you give me.

In general, I tend to enjoy stories that fall somewhere in the middle in terms of mood: not too fluffy, but not too angsty either. I don't like dialogue heavy stories (ironic, since two of the fandoms I requested are known for banter between characters). I love romantic relationships between characters, no matter how subtle they may be. I'm not really big on purely comedic fic - but a story can have some humor and snark. I have an aversion to explicitly violent sexual stories, so if you could stay away from that things when writing, it would be awesome.

Other things that might help you: my lj tags list and my tumblr.

On to the requests! )

Thanks, and have fun writing!

- [ profile] pretty_cynical/ohmydarling
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I have decided to do Nanowrimo this year, even though I haven't written anything in months and the longest story I've ever written is around 1,000 words. I know, I have a massive death wish. But I've got characters and some vague idea of a plot - and it seems like now is the perfect time to write it.

So please add me as a writing buddy, and feel free to give me encouragement on Twitter as well. I've never done anything remotely like this, so I'm going to need all the support I can get.
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Nine years ago, the sky was the brightest blue and the sun was shining.

It's raining today.
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YES, I KNOW. He was unfairly matched up against Barney Stinson, and he'll need a total miracle to catch up to Barney's over 2200 votes - but I love Danny, so I just can't let this one go. He's a total sweetheart! He hates soccer! He writes to impress women! He's basically my dream guy, you guys. And the fact that he is probably going to lose to Barney just makes me sad.

(This contempt is also due in part to the fact that The West Wing's Josh Lyman isn't in the running this year for Fandom March Madness. I mean, I love CJ - I really do - but Joshua is my absolute favorite.)
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Not convinced? Watch this, this and this.

(And to Dan Rydell, I'm very sorry. Not only did you get creamed in that "Who's Cooler?" poll against Casey - albeit unfairly - but you were matched up against Barney Stinson in this year's Fandom March Madness, all but guaranteeing your loss. But I still love you!)
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It has been a rollercoaster couple of days for me. However, there is much to look forward to in the next few days: The Office baby episode, Oscars, and the final two episodes of Numb3rs. Which, thanks to Spring Break, I will most definitely be back home for.

Also, it's that time of year again:

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This week has been super stressful for a variety of reasons that I refuse to go into out of wanting to keep my sanity intact. So to make me feel even worse, Keith Olbermann does a Special Comment wherein I flat out bawl into my bowl of noodles and wish I could give my parents both a hug.

the video, plus a few thoughts. )
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I really do not know how to feel about this. Mostly it's been a Nancy Kerrigan-esque "WHY?!?!?!?" and quiet weeping in the corner. Because seriously, you two? (Apparently they've done a few of those ice skating/gymnastic shows together and were each others date to the ESPYs last year, which... oh. See? I am totally confused.)

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Today? Today was fantastic. I didn't have my Media Production class this morning: we're in the process of working on our second video projects (an interview + interesting footage of someone we know) and today was classified as a "work day" for us to do some shooting and/or planning. Since my partner is doing all the filming this weekend (and then we'll edit it together), we didn't need the work day. So I slept until noon, and then made French toast for breakfast.

I did have class at four, so I did eventually get up and get going. I left the apartment around 3:30 so I could catch the bus in time. Unfortunately, I missed getting to the bus that was already there by mere minutes, but I had enough time before the next bus came (about 5 minutes) to visit the on campus ATM - Grandma (Dad's mom) sent me a $30 check for Valentine's Day! I was running low on money and needed to make a Meijer run soon, so it was much appreciated. I just finished at the ATM when the bus pulled up. Headed to my International Relations class, which is always fun; the professor is great and I'm learning a lot. However, I noticed on the bus ride back that I could only hear out of one ear of my headphones. They've been acting up lately (the wire from the headphones to the plug keeps getting pulled out unintentionally), but that wasn't the problem. So I have to go out and buy new ones, even though the ones I have now are only a few months old - in fact, I bought them while I was here at college.

So I was pretty bummed about my headphones, because I almost always have them on when I'm out, but things got better when I got home. Mommy sent me a belated Valentine's Day card (which of course made me cry), as well as $10 in cash and a $25 Meijer gift card (for groceries). AWESOME, RIGHT? So now I don't really have to choose between paying off my credit card bill or buying groceries. Now I'm done for the day, holed up with some Oreos (and peanut butter!) and watching figure skating. Go Evan Lysacek!

AND. I was delighted to find out both Rachel Maddow and Ana Marie Cox were both at CPAC today, and was secretly hoping for a picture of both of them, a la that picture of them from the Radio & TV Correspondents Dinner earlier this year. Of course, I posted this thought on Twitter, where it got picked up not only by Rachel Maddow's producer (who posted this, semi-satisfying me) but Ana Marie Cox herself (ZOMG YOU GUYS.) This has now earned me a few new Twitter followers, which is pretty weird.

Tomorrow should be pretty good as well, despite the fact that I can't eat any meat. I have an Audio Production private lesson in the morning, and grocery shopping afterwards. Then producing at a Loserville shoot, and capping the night off with some Olympics, as per usual. Tomorrow night is when Ice Dancing starts, and I'm really excited because two of USA's Ice Dancing pairs are from Michigan, right around the city where I'm from! Now if only I could fit in some homework in there as well...


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