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Watched The Nine yesterday morning, and I was totally okay with it. And Donald Sutherland scares the crap out of me. (I know, it has nothing to do with The Nine, but still. There was a commercial for his new show, and OMG HE SCARED ME. More than Kiefer does in those instances when he starts yelling and getting all scary.)


Had the most disturbing dream a few nights ago. I won't go totally into details, but it did involve my very creepy history/psychology teacher, my old neighborhood, and a gun. All I can say is that I really shouldn't watch Criminal Minds before bed. Even though I didn't even fall alseep until midnight or so. I really didn't think that it could affect me, since I've watched it for so long, but I guess it has finally caught up to me.


Today is Monica's birthday, so I went out to lunch with her and Mommy. She's having a few friends over tonight for pizza&cake&icecream and then going to see Hairspray. She invited me to come, and I am so excited, because OMG ALLISON. EEE. Although I will have to take a nap when I get home, because the movie's at 9:30ish and I don't think I can stay up that late in the dark theater. I am quite tired right now, so that's some sort of a start.
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So guess what randomly showed up on TV Guide while I was checking the listings a few weeks ago? The Nine. Random, I know. Apparently ABC is airing the last six episodes or so starting tonight. I plan to watch it, but I'm going to be totally confused as to what's going on. It's been on hiatus for so long. Also, pre-24 crazy Kimby! I really don't think I can handle it.

I'll be watching CSI:NY tonight, because it's a Peyton episode(!), and Peyton trumps Kimby at this point. Sorry, Kimby. Your craziness freaked me out.

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The Nine is on hiatus. What will I do with my Wednesday nights? Although this might be good news for Kimby, seeing as she can't be on 24 and The Nine. So maybe she's going to be in more episodes of 24 than she originally planned? That would be so awesome.

This bit of not-so-great news to add to the fact that I'm sick, have an oral quiz in Spanish that I'm totally not prepared for, my driver's ed test is on friday (need to study for that), can't get the song "Konstantine" out of my head, and having an overall feeling of laziness. Oh, and haven't even watched Studio 60. MUST AVOID SPOILERS. Trying, yet failing.

However, driving is getting better. I drove yesterday, and did really well, except for almost getting myself into an accident. My instructor says I'm doing well, although I've still got awhile until I'm "there". Going driving on Saturday at 8:30 am (!) and after that I've got one more driving session and then I'm all done. I think.

Also, GIP & GLP. Layout may be changed though.


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