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YES, I KNOW. He was unfairly matched up against Barney Stinson, and he'll need a total miracle to catch up to Barney's over 2200 votes - but I love Danny, so I just can't let this one go. He's a total sweetheart! He hates soccer! He writes to impress women! He's basically my dream guy, you guys. And the fact that he is probably going to lose to Barney just makes me sad.

(This contempt is also due in part to the fact that The West Wing's Josh Lyman isn't in the running this year for Fandom March Madness. I mean, I love CJ - I really do - but Joshua is my absolute favorite.)
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I totally didn't forget about yesterday (December 16th) being John Spencer Day; in fact, my first tweet of the day was on that particular subject. However, I did not participate in the annual obligation to quote Leo McGarry here on LJ, as I was too busy getting finals finished up and cleaning/packing/getting ready to go home. I planned on making a post once I got back home, but I ended up not getting here until after 1 AM, even though I left Grand Valley around 7 and it takes roughly 2 and a half hours to get here - there was a really bad accident on the freeway just outside of Grand Rapids that left traffic backed up for miles, so instead of waiting we took a detour to the local Target for a little bit, then ended up sitting in traffic for roughly an hour AFTER the accident was getting cleared. This is not the first time getting home from somewhere has gone badly: you'll remember it was this time last year that I had a hard time getting home from Chicago via Amtrak, since my train was canceled as the tracks had frozen and a another train (oddly enough, from Grand Rapids) was stuck on the tracks, and ended up having to take a bus home and arriving around 7:30 PM, nearly five hours later than my original arrival time of 2:30 PM.)

But anyway, I've been doing the whole "Quote Leo McGarry on LJ" since it started back in 2006, so to compensate for missing this year's, have Leo's Big Block of Cheese Day speech and Leo asking Josh how that bullet didn't kill him. If we're going off the comparison that the Obama administration is exactly like season 7 of The West Wing, that makes Leo Joe Biden, which I absolutely love because Joey is adorable.


Obviously all finished with finals, which went off without a hitch. I only had finals Monday through Wednesday, and they were well spaced enough that I didn't have to go through my usual self-exile from the internet that usually happens during this week. In addition, all of them seemed pretty easy; even my World Politics one - the midterm was brutal and it was my hardest class overall - went over smoothly, which I chalked up to the fact that the five free response questions on the exam were all ones I knew really well and could properly answer (although I struggled with the multiple choice portion, simply because I didn't study at all for that portion, focusing more on the free response questions because that's where the majority of the points were.) Comm Research was open-note/open-book and Mass Media&American Politics was just a simple four-page paper, so high marks are guaranteed; not sure how Comm, Social Problems and World Politics are going to shake out. Grades are available on Christmas Eve, so depending on what they are, it'll be a great Christmas present or a not-so-great Christmas present.

And now that the semester's done and I've got nothing important to do over my nice long three week break, I'm just going to relax. I've got all kinds of Christmas-themed TV to watch, from episodes of The West Wing/Studio 60/Sports Night/The Office/CSI:NY (there are also Christmas episodes of The Big Bang Theory and The Simpsons, but I've watched them already), as well as the holiday standard fare of A Charlie Brown Christmas and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, both of which I had to download due to inconvenient scheduling on television. After the holidays are over, my TV viewing will basically consist of various Bowl games and watching the first wave of television come back for the new year - including Numb3rs, which I'm obviously really excited about because, hello, shiny HD! And I'll have to say goodbye to Jon and Stephen for a few weeks, which is totally okay with me because Stephen gave this really cute little send-off at the end of his show last night.

I'm going to try and get back into writing again while I've got all this time to do so; I signed up for [ profile] picfor1000 totally on a whim, hoping that might start something, and I'd also like to get this fic I've had swirling around in my head for a few weeks down on paper at some point. Decided to do a [ profile] picspammy challenge after a long, long break; thinking about doing their "end of the decade" challenge and have already come up with a preliminary list of the events I want to spotlight (hopefully one or two for each year, but possibly more) and am definitely taking suggestions, as long as they're not too obscure. And as usual, I'll have my end-of-the-year playlist of songs I listened to throughout 2009 - a task which is proving very difficult, as my tastes are constantly changing and I'm trying to keep the list down to about 12 songs.


And finally, for all of you: my thread at the Holiday Love Meme (to those of you who have replied, a hearty thanks; I'll get around to those flisters who have it sometime tomorrow); and my Formspring, where you are allowed to ask me questions on literally anything - should you be so inclined.


Sep. 1st, 2009 12:38 am
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Reasons why today is awesome:
  1. My professors are great. (More on that tomorrow.)
  2. I found out that Grand Valley's library has the entire series of The West Wing available.
  3. I had the best chicken and onion pizza for lunch today.
  4. Mommy sent me a package of some things I forgot to pack.
  5. I got a frozen coffee earlier tonight. It was delicious.
  6. Communication Research class let out early, so I was back in time to see Ana Marie Cox on The Rachel Maddow Show.
  7. Rachel Maddow is on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight!
  8. Ana Marie Cox will be guest-hosting for Rachel on Friday (that is, if no one famous dies this week.)
So despite the fact that I'm currently feeling like crap due to women's troubles, it was literally freezing when I woke up this morning, and our shower sucks in that it only does extremely hot or cold water, it's been a good day!
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So I leave for Grand Valley on Wednesday. As in three days from now. I am really not ready to move on to this next phase of my life, despite the fact that a) I FINALLY have on-campus housing after weeks and weeks of impatiently waiting (I'll be living in an on-campus apartment with three other girls, two of them are also transfer students); and b) I have almost everything I need to make this transition, including my own laptop (!!!!!!!). I've been totally psyched out to go there for nearly a year, but now that it's so close to actually happening I'm freaking out. I mean, this will be the first time I've ever lived on my own, away from my family, for an extended period of time. So it's basically a totally new experience for me, and I hope it goes as well as I think it will.

But I have so much to do in those final three days. I did a massive load of laundry comprised of some of the clothes I'm taking with me (also partly because I had no clean clothes left at that point), and today I gathered up all the books/magazines/DVDs I want to take. Tomorrow I need to wash my sheets and towels for the dorm, and attempt to start packing things up. Tuesday Mommy and I are doing some last-minute shopping (mostly for food, plus a couple of last-minute things we couldn't get during our shopping excursion on Friday), and I'll finish packing. Then on Wednesday I leave, and begin the next phase of my life at Grand Valley.


I haven't really been doing anything else the past few weeks besides stress over college things. I finally did finish Richard Wolffe's Renegade, which is an absolute relief. I mean, I love Richard Wolffe, but you'd think a guy who has a great sense of humor and found it hilarious that he was jokingly referred to as a "Nazi" on Saturday Night Live would be able to write a book that was at least a bit more engaging; apparently that is not the case. This was an historic election, and if you have the honor of writing the first book about the new president, wouldn't you at least want to make it interesting? I think it just came down to the fact that Richard Wolffe no longer appears on Countdown with Keith Olbermann as the cause of my dread, at least in regards to continuing with it. But I'm really done with it, and the reward to myself was an epic series re-watch of The West Wing. I just finished the first disc of the first season, and OH GOSH, THIS SHOW ♥


I still have yet to talk about Mad Men's s3 premiere - will do that sometime tomorrow, plus spoilers for The Office; I will say right now that I have seen those spoilery set pics, and I flailed and squeed right along with the rest of my flist. And keep suggesting Top 5's for me! I've been so busy over the past few weeks that I haven't really had time to think about them, but I will be doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING this weekend, so I can work on them then. I need something to keep me from overdosing on The West Wing.
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No, I still haven't processed TV things yet (and the fact that I just finished watching the Grey's Anatomy season finale isn't helping my thoughts along AT ALL). I did, however, happen upon this article from TWOP about showrunner switches that would be awesome - mentioning Aaron Sorkin taking over The Office, and it made me laugh (mostly because it's true):
Imagine Michael and Dwight pedeconferencing around the Dunder-Mifflin office in circles, picking up random characters as they all rapid-fire idealistic sentiments and literary/sports/historical/political references before dropping out of the parade and tagging someone else in, the lot of them taking breaks only for either some old-timey slapstick or melodramatic speeches about friendship, duty and loyalty. And they sell paper sometimes, but that's not really the point, is it?

I'm going to make blueberry pancakes now.
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Or I would be, if I didn't have to give up virtually all carbs for eight days - my diet, sadly, is largely built around them. I'd rather give up having to eat meat every Friday than part with leavened bread. Plus, Easter candy! But I watched the Passover episode of Sports Night ("April Is The Cruelest Month"), found out that Aaron Sorkin might be returning to television soon, and the analogy of Sports Night/The West Wing was the first thought in my mind when I watched Parks&Recreation and The Office. )
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I've been in the worst mood lately. I don't know if it's the lack of sleep, the school-related stress, the fact that no one in my family gives a damn about my needs, Natasha Richardson's death, the news about these AIG bailouts, sheer boredom, or a combination of all these things, but GAH. I don't think I've needed a vacation from everything more than I do now. Unfortunately, I do not have the time or money to do so. That will have to wait until I'm done with school in May.

Tomorrow, I plan on taking a Mental Health Day - not thinking about school at all and instead watching various season 2 episodes of The West Wing, as well as attempting to work on my [ profile] inrevelations assignment, which I've had for almost a month but barely thought about due to writing papers for school AND a major case of writer's block. I'm still pretty clueless on what to write, but the fact that it's due sometime next week might just motivate me. At least, I can only hope.
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My English class seems to piss me off more and more each day. Today I found out the rough draft of my paper - the one on how realistic The West Wing is (which got totally ripped apart by the professor, who called it "not relevant" because The West Wing has been off the air for nearly three years and he doesn't think I have enough sources) is due Monday, the same day as my journalistic review for Film AND my take home exam and essay for Anthropology. I haven't started any of it. Seriously, all this writing has turned me off to becoming a writer.

And it turns out that those stupid little essays I have to read and summarize are worth 30 points each, and I haven't done any of them so far, since a) they're stupid and totally not relevant to what the whole class is about, and b) I'm too busy writing papers for the class PLUS papers for my other classes, and I just don't have the time. So I'm practically failing the class right now, even though I don't know my exact grade. I can only assume these things. Ngh.

Although I did get to bitch about the class with a student, which was really nice to let out some of my frustruations and let me know that I am not the only one who finds the professor to be not a very good teacher. Only a few more weeks, I tell myself, then I will be done with the class (and the stupid college) FOREVER.


American Idol's Top 13 )


Grandma sent me another check, so I bought things! The West Wing Script Book for Seasons 1&2 (I already have the one for Seasons 3&4, and have been looking for the first one for years), a lined paper Moleskine (which should hopefully motivate me to write more) and black Converses. I'm also debating whether or not to get this shirt, and in what color. Thoughts?


I've been so busy the past few weeks that I haven't even thought about my [ profile] inrevelations assignment, let alone what I'm going to write. I'm going through a serious bout of creative writer's block, yo. Help me out.
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Since Joshua Lyman sadly got his ass kicked by House in the previous round (it was an unfair match, in my opinion) and thus messing up my entire bracket, I have decided to through my support behind everyone's favorite fake newsman, Jon Stewart. Because he's awesome! There's also this, which is not only my favorite moment from The Daily Show, but possibly the funniest thing I've ever seen. And despite watching The War Room twice and absolutely loving it, my opinion of James Carville can always be summed up by Jon's impression in that video. REALLY.
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DOOOOO IT. My support of Joshua has nothing at all to do with the fact that I'm still on this West Wing kick, and would totally break my season 2 DVDs if I didn't have a) a mountain of homework that this sickness is preventing me from doing by giving me a lack of energy and b) to go to school tomorrow. NOTHING AT ALL. He's only leading SVU's Olivia Benson by thirty-something votes, and I doubt he's going too get very far looking at who he might be up against in the later rounds, but still. I think Josh would be very proud to hear you did your democratic duty and VOTED FOR HIM.
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Yesterday was the real "last day" of my spring break :( Both Graham and Monica are around this weekend, so it's gone back to being super-stressful around here. I no longer can get the computer to myself for long periods of time, stay up until midnight and wake up at noon (like I did last night), or spend the days bumming around in my pajamas doing absolutely nothing. Plus, we "spring forward" an hour tonight, which is totally going to mess up my already-screwed up sleep schedule. Great.

I had to be actually productive yesterday, since I hadn't done anything school-related the entire week. I printed out a few sources for my research paper (which I've decided will be on realism in The West Wing - an absolutely ace topic, given it's been something on my mind lately since I re-watched the last two seasons and has actual sources for me to cite.) I didn't do the research proposal yet, but it won't take as long now that I've got a topic in mind, so I'm planning on doing that during my break on Monday. I'll annotate the sources sometime this weekend, along with reading those stupid, unrelated-to-the-class essays and writing summaries and answering questions about them. But I did watch The War Room and Annie Hall last night for my Film review, both of which were incredibly good. I have a feeling I'm going to have a hard time picking a film to write a journalistic review on.

The Office was pretty meh this week, but American Idol was surprisingly good. )

I'm still sick, by the way. And I think it's getting worse, which is absolutely great when I have to go back to school. Really.
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I think I'm losing my voice. Or at least I've got an abudance of mucus in my chest that I keep coughing up, which makes it a huge effort to actually talk. I'm thinking this is a direct result of my louder-than-necessary running commentary while completing my The West Wing re-watch late at night by myself. Fortunately, I finished watching the series late last night (tears and flailing included), so I can try and heal before going back to school on Monday. Not that I'll actually need my voice, since I hardly ever talk in class or on campus, but the weather's getting nicer and it's not the time to come down with a cold.

Now that I've finished watching The West Wing, it's about time I got started on some homework. I've got the computer to myself tomorrow, even though Graham doesn't have school (he's going to be at a college thing all day) so I think I'll use that time to type up my English research propsal (even though I have no idea what I'm going to do it on yet) and get a source to annotate. The rest of my homework doesn't require the computer, so I can do that this weekend when everyone else is around. As for the movie I need to watch for Film, Bobby was checked out from the library, but I got Moulin Rouge, Annie Hall and Atonement off the internets for my iPod. All three are movies that I've either never seen or haven't seen in a really long time, and I think they'll be good to write reviews on. I think I'm going to watch all three before I decide which one I want to to review.

Also: I finally got around to watching Law & Order: UK! Um, YES. This show definitely satisfies my love of all things British and how desperate I am to go back to London. And the actors are incredible as well. A total must-watch, in my opinion.

Speaking of opinions, let's talk about American Idol. )

There's a new episode of The Office tonight! FINALLY.
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To the members of my flist who got dumped with a foot of snow and subsequently had a snow day: YOU'RE VERY LUCKY DUCKS. The snowstorm totally passed me by. In fact, the ground is absolutely bare. I'm half-thinking that my parents should be pressuring me to go outside and take a walk - it's nice outside, the sun is shining! - but then I realize it's only 22 degrees outside; not the best walking weather. I have this theory that if it's cold outside, I should get some kind of evidence (ie, a foot of snow) to let me know that it's cold out so I don't make the stupid mistake of running outside to get the mail barefoot with no coat on, like I did yesterday. Although to be honest, I'm getting quite sick of this cold weather. It's March, for god's sake. I should be able to wear my tennis shoes/flats instead of my ugly, almost falling apart boots right about now.

Anyway, my break's getting off to a good start. It's so relaxing to not have to worry about getting homework done and just being able to lounge around without dire consequences. All I've done so far is do a huge load of laundry (since I needed to take a shower, but had no clean clothes left) and watch endless amounts of The West Wing, which I'm almost done with. I haven't even looked at any of my homework yet, although the books are sitting on my floor right when I walk in the room, taunting me. I'm gonna try and get some done later in the week. I also have to watch a movie for Film class so I have something to in mind for my journalistic review; I'm planning on getting Bobby from the library, but do you guys have anything else to recommend me? I'm pretty much open to anything, as long as it's not too confusing/scary/violent.

24 last night was pretty interesting. I usually enjoy the yearly two-hour palooza, for the simple fact that it's more exciting than any regular episode. This year, not so much. I thought most of it to be pretty unrealistic, even by 24 standards. And I'm beginning to like Jack less and less, even when I didn't really like him to begin with. But I'll somehow keep watching even though it's sucking, because I don't know how to let go of it; It's a pretty big part of my tv-watching these days. (Although I will say that Agent Walker should get her own show. I'd definitely watch that. She's so badass but shows no signs of turning against the government anytime soon, which is so rare when it comes to characters on this show. So A+ on that front, 24. The rest of it, not so much.)
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1. I haven't updated in four days. But I have a good reason: SCHOOL! I had a shitload of writing assignments to do this week - my final copy of my first English paper, journals on Mystic River&cinematography/Traffic&editing/No Country for Old Men&sound (I'm recommending two of those three films, can you guess which ones?) and essays for American History. I had to skip one English class and both Human Relations classes this week to get it all done, which I'll probably pay dearly for. But everything's done and handed in, so there's not much I can do about it now.

2. Started spring break yesterday. It seems really weird having spring break in early March, when I've usually had a small break in mid-February and then a longer one around Easter. But I've come to the realization that "no school" means not having school and that I shouldn't complain about not getting as much time off as Monica and Graham - not having breaks means I'm done with school earlier! So I'm just going to spend this week relaxing, since I really need the break. I contemplated going somewhere, but I really don't have the money, so I'm planning on staying home, marathoning season 7 of The West Wing and working on my [ profile] inrevelations assignment. Oh, and attempting to get through a mountain of English homework that the professor decided to load on me.

3. I thoroughly enjoyed Obama's fake State of the Union. It was just so positive and a nice contrast to the State of the Unions I've listened to in the past (which would be two, both Bush's. I didn't get really excited about politics until I started watching The West Wing sophomore year and the 2006 midterms.) Although I may of also had a ton of fun with it given that a) Dad and I made fun of how many times Nancy Pelosi stood up to applaud, b) Mommy asked "who's that?" when a politician she didn't know showed up on screen, which allowed me to show off my knowledge of who's who in the Obama administration, and c) Rahm Emanuel did a post-speech interview with Brian Williams on NBC (in which I had to contain my fangirlishness since my parents were still in the room.)

4. Speaking of the Obama administration, WHITE HOUSE INTERNSHIPS. I'm semi-seriously considering this as one of my internship options once I get to Grand Valley. I could totally apply for it now, since I fit all the requirements, but I think I'd have a better shot once I've had a little more college experience and I have a job and a more complete resume. I really don't know what my chances are, but it wouldn't hurt to apply. Just keeping my options open.

5. My two favorite moments from this weeks' television. )

6. I'm giving up getting food from college's cafeteria for Lent. I make a sacrifice to fulfill my Catholic obligation, plus I save money: win-win-win! I think I'll be able to get through it, since the fact that I blew through most of my gift card within a month and a half solely on food from the cafeteria, taking my own food to school (right now it's just a big bag of baby carrots, since that's the only quick and easy food we have in the house.) I'm also going to try and see if I can extend this "no eating from the cafeteria" thing a few more weeks after Easter, since I'll be done at this college by then. And saving money is really important these days.
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At the library right now. I haven't actually stayed here longer than a few minutes - I came in briefly a few weeks ago to pick up The Thumpin'. I really don't like using the computers here (the one at home or the ones at school are a heck of a lot better), but I'm making do. I picked up Anderson Cooper's book Dispatches From the Edge (thus continuing my streak of reading political non-fiction/memoirs) and the sixth season of The West Wing on DVD. Season 7 was already checked out, and I'm nearly done with the 6th (only about 5 eps left, plus I watched the finale this morning when it was on Bravo), but I can watch them on TV instead of the computer, in time to spend spring break marathoning it. That is, if I don't have tons of homework to do then. I've got two weeks to figure something out.

a few television related thoughts - House has sort of redeemed itself! American Idol continues to be lame! a fave character returns to 24! Lost! Plus, I think I could be a better scheduler that the NBC guys. )

It's Conan O'Brien's last show tonight :(((( I'm buying this and this to remember it by.
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My English class can seriously go DIAF. Like, we haven't really done anything for the first few weeks (or discussed things that I already knew, given that I went to high school and took four years of English), and then this week, BAM! Research proposal due today, rough draft due next Wednesday, final draft due a week after that. On what, you ask? WHATEVER THE FRAK WE WANT. Which, in someways may seem like a good thing, but when you have to do a research assignment that requires numerous (and varied) sources, it sucks. I planned on doing something television related, but I can't think of anything substantial. I couldn't even come up with a decent sounding research proposal, so I didn't even do it and skipped class. I'm just upset that the professor doesn't even give us any guidance as to where to go with the paper. Seriously, how I am I going to learn how to write a good research paper if the professor doesn't teach me?

And I still have to do my Film paper on Mystic River this weekend. Great.


I have lots of TV to catch up on - I chose watching American Idol/taking a shower over Criminal Minds, CSI:NY wasn't really worth it (despite reading a spoiler earlier yesterday afternoon saying there would be something major) and 24 hasn't gotten any better. I still have last weeks House and yesterdays Lost to watch as well. This whole "basic cable with no DVR and being forced to watch most stuff online" really sucks. I wish I had my laptop so I could watch these things in bed.

However, I am working on marathoning season 6 of The West Wing - I watched the first two episodes on TV and the rest (six so far) online, usually one a day, more if I have the time. Although I'm about 3 episodes behind Bravo, so I'm trying to catch up as best I can so I can watch episodes on TV on Fridays since I'm home. I've forgotten how much joy this show brought me, even if it does suck at times.


I think I'm going to have to miss The Office and 30 Rock tonight, as much as I don't want to. I'm going to Grand Valley tomorrow morning for a transfer orientation and since it takes three hours to get from my house to there, I have to get up way earlier than usual, so I have to go to bed earlier. Also, it is Mommy's birthday today (the big 5-0!), so we might be doing stuff for that as well. At least I can watch them online, and it'll give my something to look forward to when I get home.


The weather yesterday was my favorite kind: rainy and spring-like. Now it's cold again and I miss it.
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Over the past few days, I...
  1. Finished watching season 2 of Mad Men. It's not as great as the first one, and does get a bit confusing (especially the last few episodes or so), but overall, it was a really worthwhile watch. If we don't get a third season this summer, I'm going to be pretty pissed.

  2. Watched the latest episode of Lost, wherein I silently feared that Ben was hiding in my closet.

  3. Correctly predicted that Liz would stay in Los Angeles instead of going to Denver on Numb3rs, thus being granted my wish for more character development for her this season.

  4. Discovered the awesomeness of SideReel, which perfectly suits my needs once we revert back to basic cable (and will no longer have a DVR) sometime tomorrow.

  5. Had an incredibly awkward conversation with my uncle who is a priest.

  6. Received various pieces of mail from Grand Valley (the college I'm going to in the fall), including a phamplet on why I should transfer there, which was totally pointless, since I've already been accepted, paid a housing deposit, and am attending orientation on Friday.

  7. Cleaned my entire bedroom and bathroom. It looks wonderful now.

  8. Watched two episodes of season 6 of The West Wing online, which reaffirmed my love for CJ and made me all nostalgic.

  9. Became somewhat terrified at the sight of some of my favorite NFL mascots wearing hula skirts during today's Pro Bowl.

  10. Did A LOT of laundry, which is quickly becoming my favorite chore. There's something so relaxing about it.

And now I'm exhausted and really don't want to go to school tomorrow.
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Turns out we get to keep our deluxe cable package until the weekend; after that, we're switching over to WOW Basic Cable. We'll eventually get HD and DVR service from them, once we get back on track. I'm sad to leave Comcast behind. For all it's problems, it did have some pretty nice features. We also gave back our leased Flex today. I'm going to miss its high tech navigation system (which I so fondly named Julie) and it's Japanese-sounding beeps. But now we have a Honda and a Toyota, which are adorably named Ernie and Bert.

Hi, my name is Maureen and I don't adapt well to change.

Thoughts on House, 24 and American Idol. )

There are some recent spoilers for The Office that I'd really like to discuss, but I think I'll wait until tomorrow when I have thoughts on tonight's episode as well. And I have yesterday's episode of Lost yet to watch and talk about, so that'll come sometime tomorrow as well.
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Good morning, flist! I'm skipping Human Relations this morning because it's Inauguration Day, and I AM PUMPED. I FINALLY finished The Audacity of Hope earlier this morning (now Mommy and Dad can fight over who gets to read it next; I'm banking on Dad), I'm proudly wearing my Obama t-shirt, and there's a inauguration watch party in the student center from 10 to 1 that I've decided to attend; I originally planned to watch by myself in the computer lab, but you can't eat in there, and I could get hungry. There will be free popcorn at the party, and the cafeteria's upstairs if I want anything else. Plus it's a chance to meet people. PUMPED, I TELL YOU.

ANYWAY. Remember when Monday nights consisted of House and New Amsterdam? ME TOO. )

I have a paper on Dial M For Murder due tomorrow, which I plan on doing after I'm done with classes, since I have to stay here for a few hours until Mommy can pick me up. I'm also going to try and find the finale of The West Wing online, even though it's on TV later. Big day.


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