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I've only been home from the hospital for a week, and already I'm falling back into the old habit of sporadic eljay posting. Lack of energy, I guess. The doctors still don't know what's wrong with me - I had a post-hospitalization follow-up appointment on Wednesday, and since things still weren't back to normal, they ordered a study where I wear an oxygen saturation monitor while I sleep, without being on oxygen. That didn't yield anything, so the next step is to re-do the lung function test (if you recall, I passed out during it the first time around), which is our best hope at getting this whole issue resolved. But other than that, I'm feeling about as well as I should be at this point, which is awesome.

I was totally exhausted from the lack of sleep I got Wednesday night (I couldn't sleep in fear that my O2 sats would drop to 89%, the machine would alarm and jolt me awake) that I woke up in a fit yesterday morning around 9, pissed that I had missed the Emmy nominations. I'VE WATCHED IT EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Usually if I think I might wake up late that morning I'll tape it, but that wasn't an option this year because we no longer have a DVR. So I had to go to the Emmy website to look them up, and let me tell you, it was a painstaking effort - the televised announcement just lists the major categories that people actually care about, but the website lists EVERY SINGLE CATEGORY - and instead of listing them by importance (Outstanding Comedy/Drama, Outstanding Actors/Actress, etc), they're listed in alphabetical order, meaning I had to scroll through the entire list to make sure I got all the important categories. So here are some not-so-brief thoughts on the nominees. )
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My only gripe from the Red Carpet portion is that there are no pics of John and Jenna together. But Jenna looked amazing (I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS DRESS, IT WAS MY FAVORITE FROM THE NIGHT) and John looked hot as always.

Emmy's 60th Birthday Train Wreck of Awfulness! )


"Shake It" = my new crack. I was singing that and the theme from The Simpsons during commercial breaks to stay positive. Now they're stuck in my head.
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I know the X-Files movie comes out in a few hours, but I don't watch The X-Files, so instead I'm fangirling over NPH singing about shoes on Sesame Street.

Honestly, the only thing X-Files related that I've EVER seen is that episode of The Simpsons with Mulder&Scully in it. WHICH I TOTALLY PLAN ON WATCHING TOMORROW INSTEAD OF GOING TO THE MOVIE. So. Those of you going to the movie, enjoy yourselves!

Tomorrow, I have to somehow do homework from Tuesday night (because I worked myself into a crying fit and couldn't finish it), as well as entertain relatives I've never met and will probably never see again. BEST FRIDAY EVER! /sarcasm
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Spent the majority of today cleaning/re-organizing my room, although it's only half-clean at this point. But the part that is clean looks really, really good. I'm so proud.


Have lots and lots of new music to listen to. So excited.


Am also gearing up for fall TV. I have a few that I saw the finales of that were "to be continued", so I'm excited for those premieres. A lot of those shows I don't watch on a regular basis, so I'll probably only watch the premiere and the occasional episode.

I also made my decision on what new shows I want to watch. I only picked two: Pushing Daisies, because everyone's raving about and it looks really good, and Private Practice, because even though I've stopped watching Grey's Anatomy, Addison=♥.

Need to watch the last few eps of Criminal Minds (plus that first part to the finale) before the new season starts. I should also watch the few eps of Grey's Anatomy I missed; I know I stopped watching after sweeps, but I feel that I need to watch the season before it comes out on DVD. (Weird, I know.)


Tomorrow's agenda: Cleaning the rest of my room/bathroom, writing the rest of my [ profile] numb3rswriteoff fic (due in THREE DAYS!), and watching some of The Simpsons in Spanish on DVD.
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I made French toast this morning! And it was good! I feel so accomplished and proud that now I can not only make regular toast, but French toast.


Remember how I said that I was going to see Hairspray with Monica and her friends for her birthday? Well, I did not do that. I was very, very annoyed with them soon after they came over (pre-teen girls + sugar = not a good thing), so I ended up going to see The Simpsons Movie with Graham. Very good movie; I think I made the right choice. Without giving too much away, I have to say that it felt like an extended episode, full of "you can't do that on TV" moments. Oh, and Tom Hanks FTW.


You know what I've been watching a lot of lately? Dharma & Greg. Shut up. I blame my father: every time he watches Criminal Minds with me, he asked if the actor who plays Hotch (Thomas Gibson) is Greg from Dharma & Greg. Then he got the smart idea to Wiki it, and it turns out he was right. Now I'm watching it nearly everyday, laughing. I'm totally in love with the fact that Greg is the total opposite of Hotch. (ALSO: ICON!)

I've also watched some NCIS today, and I only can say that a) Tony is awesome, b) Tony and McGee look so much alike, I constantly get them mixed up, and c) Ziva could benefit from a hair straightening once in a while. (Plus, it has the most danceable theme music EVER.)


Tomorrow's agenda: watching Spanish movies. Will probably only understand some of it.
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Have had a totally stressful week. So glad that it's Friday.

- Larry returns to Numb3rs tonight! FINALLY.
- Found out this morning via Wiki that Kiefer's appearance on The Simpsons is scheduled for May 20th, which is the series' 400th episode. (And yes, it is a 24 parody, so Mary Lynn will be there.) SO EXCITED.
- Thanks to [ profile] _rockthenight, I'm in possession of the entire Continuum album, but can't listen to it because it's in .m4a format. Boo to that.
- I can't stop listening to Crash Into Me by Dave Matthews Band.
- I have no idea whether to jump out of my chair or be all suspicious at NBC, but Studio 60 returns May 24th (that's a Thursday) at 10pm.
- I've got CSI, The Office, and Kiefer's appearance on Jay Leno to watch when I get home.

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OMG, Kiefer Sutherland on The Simpsons! Again!

(Only this time, he's voicing Jack Bauer, and not some Army general that I spent the entire week after the episode aired deciding if that was really Kiefer or Matt Groening was trying to play me. But this time, I'll know it's him.)

Plus, Mary Lynn! That makes the whole thing ten times better. (She wasn't mentioned in the promo, but I read somewhere that she'll be in the episode, because it's a 24 parody or something.)


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7-Elven Plans to Remodel - Simpsons Style.

I'm just upset that there won't be an Indian cashier on roof holding a rifle yelling, "Thank you for coming! I'll see you in hell!"


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