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You know how stressed I was about my research notecards? That was all for nothing, because I got an A on them. Naturally, I was excited.


I can't wait for next Thursday, because CSI is coming back, and I can watch it instead of the sad excuse for a show they call Grey's Anatomy. Although Grey's is a repeat, so I'm not missing much.

Also, The Office marathon! Five episodes! I've already seen most of them (they're from the first season, which I have on DVD), but there are two from Season 2 that I haven't seen. I'm so excited.


Random things I found out today: Jenny from The Black Donnellys was Alex the lesbian on The OC, and David from Numb3rs is the Quizmaster on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. Small world.


Finally, I'M GETTING THE COMPUTER BACK!!!!!!!!!! We're getting it back after we come back from Georgia over Spring Break. Although I'm going to see if I can get it back before then so I can make some CDs for the trip. *is excited*

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I was writing the date on my math homework this morning when I realized what the date was: 3/12. As in 3/12/06, the date of the West Wing episode "The Cold". I really couldn't believe that it's been a year since Josh&Donna's first kiss. And the annoying music. And Bradley's priceless facial expressions. And Bram knocking on the elevator door. I'm getting nostalgic just thinking about it.


Haven't been feeling good at all during this weekend. I nearly passed out in church yesterday; turns out I was really, really dehydrated. Have drank nearly 3 big cups of water in just this afternoon, but I think that's overdoing it a bit. Felt better this morning once I got some food in me, but my lower back and abdomen are killing me. Both my parents think that it's a UTI (because I'm showing symptoms), and my mom gave me some medicine to make it go away. I really can't afford to miss anymore school - hopefully it will be a little bit better by tomorrow; that's the first day of my ACTs.


Graham and I watched The Black Donnellys yesterday (both 1X01 and 1x02), and now we're both hooked. The only bad part is that I can't tell the brothers apart. The only one I can recognize is Tommy; I know the other three's names, I just can't put them with the faces. Just like Brothers & Sisters, except I now know which brother is which. Anyway, it's an AMAZING show, and if you haven't seen it yet, you totally should.


I think I need a new layout, no?


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