Nov. 19th, 2010 09:54 pm
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Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you for offering to for write one of the fandoms I requested! I know they have limited audience - and thus the quality of fic varies - but I'm sure I'll be happy with whatever you give me.

In general, I tend to enjoy stories that fall somewhere in the middle in terms of mood: not too fluffy, but not too angsty either. I don't like dialogue heavy stories (ironic, since two of the fandoms I requested are known for banter between characters). I love romantic relationships between characters, no matter how subtle they may be. I'm not really big on purely comedic fic - but a story can have some humor and snark. I have an aversion to explicitly violent sexual stories, so if you could stay away from that things when writing, it would be awesome.

Other things that might help you: my lj tags list and my tumblr.

On to the requests! )

Thanks, and have fun writing!

- [livejournal.com profile] pretty_cynical/ohmydarling
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No, I still haven't processed TV things yet (and the fact that I just finished watching the Grey's Anatomy season finale isn't helping my thoughts along AT ALL). I did, however, happen upon this article from TWOP about showrunner switches that would be awesome - mentioning Aaron Sorkin taking over The Office, and it made me laugh (mostly because it's true):
Imagine Michael and Dwight pedeconferencing around the Dunder-Mifflin office in circles, picking up random characters as they all rapid-fire idealistic sentiments and literary/sports/historical/political references before dropping out of the parade and tagging someone else in, the lot of them taking breaks only for either some old-timey slapstick or melodramatic speeches about friendship, duty and loyalty. And they sell paper sometimes, but that's not really the point, is it?

I'm going to make blueberry pancakes now.
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icon meme, or proof that Maureen tries to diversify her userpics as much as possible. )

Sports Night DVDs finally arrived today (!!!), so a marathon is imminent. ALSO: BLOOPER REEL.
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Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! I'm very excited about tomorrow - church, presents (hopefully), and dinner with aunt&uncle&cousins in Ann Arbor. Tonight's dinner is with just my immediate family, which will be nice, plus A Christmas Story is on TBS later, so we'll probably watch that. And I have some present-wrapping to do. Busy day.

Yesterday was a lot of fun. Monica and I frosted a bunch of sugar cookies, plus she made snickerdoodles (didn't turn out so well), and I made oatmeal raisin ones, because they are Dad's favorite. I used Grandma's (Dad's mom) recipe, and Dad was thrilled because he used to have them all the time when he was younger. I'm really glad I did a good job! And then last night Graham and I watched Studio 60's "The Christmas Show" to celebrate. Two years later and I still love the Matt/Harriet kiss (see icon) and when Danny tells Jordan he's in love with her. I may or may not watch The Office's "Christmas Party" and The West Wing Christmas episodes if things don't get too busy. We'll see.

I finally got around to posting my Christmas mix last night, even though I've been listening to it since the beginning of December. It's called "Christmas, Don't Be Late" and it's here at [livejournal.com profile] sixcenturies. I played it while helping my six year old cousin Maggie decorate cookies in Chicago, and she thoroughly enjoyed it and even sang along at various points. So there you go.



Dec. 9th, 2008 09:46 pm
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House's Christmas Episode = AMAZING. )

I have my English final tomorrow (still totally clueless on what it entails), and I came to the realization that I can't attend my former high school's Christmas concert on Thursday because of my CT scan. So what's new with you?

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I skipped both Astronomy and English yesterday and instead spent time watching Studio 60 in the computer lab (I watched "B-12" and "Monday"; skipped over "The Christmas Show" because it's not Christmas yet), and then headed to the cafeteria-restaurant on campus to study for my Stats test. I hadn't been to it yet, and wanted to do so before I'm no longer a student here. I had a so-so cheeseburger and fries, but it didn't really matter because I just wanted food at that point. And the view was absolutely amazing and looked so pretty with the snow falling down.

Stats test went wonderfully. I guess studying really did pay off, because I'm confident I did everything right. Now I'm anxious to get it back, and am hoping that it boosts my grade a little. Honestly, that was probably the easiest sections we've covered, so the test was pretty easy. I even finished before the class had ended, which never happens.

Decided to switch topics for my final speech; instead of "green living", I'm doing television censorship. I did a paper on it for English last year, so it's cited and everything, I just need to polish it a little bit and turn it into a speech. And then I need to get visual aides for it, which may prove difficult. It's due in a week, but I think this will be easier than trying to come up with something new. I just hope I can make it work.

I went swimming last night at the gym, and it was wonderfully relaxing. I still smell faintly like chlorine, but it left me so tired that I slept incredibly well last night. I'm hoping I can do it again soon.

Prison Break continues to leave me shocked, but I'm anxious to get this season (and the series) over with. I just want it to end well with everyone happy. That's all I've ever wanted this season.

I'm absolutely OBSESSED with Coldplay's "Life in Technicolor II". I loved the original instrumental version when it came out a few months ago (and now it will always remind me of the Olympics; Thanks, NBC!), and to finally get words to it makes it that much better. I love it.

AND. I'm now Facebook friends with Emily Prentiss. So is Monica; in fact, she recently wrote on Emily's wall. SHUT UP.
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It's no secret that I have a love/hate relationship with Aaron Sorkin's television shows. The West Wing was the first television show that I really obsessed over, and it got me really excited about politics. I fell in love with Studio 60 right from the start because it had a great cast and wonderful writing that was just classic Sorkin. Both of them had their faults, but I was really sad when they ended. Sorkin has been such an influence on my life these past few years; in fact, he's one of the main reasons I want to write for television.

Sports Night is different; it's primarily comedy with drama mixed in, whereas The West Wing and Studio 60 were the opposite. It's the kind of show that I'd want to make. This is the perfect show for me. I love it so much. My favorite character? Definitely Natalie. She's small and perky and adorable and basically me in ten years. She's BFFs with Dana, and is pretty much Dan&Casey's little sister. And Jeremy is adorkable too.

I've only seen the first few episodes of the second season, and I really don't like them. You can really tell the difference between the seasons, and that's not because the laugh track was abandoned. The second season just isn't as funny as the first one. It went from a hilarious to I'm attempting to watch the rest of the series now and I'm having a hard time getting through it. I don't know if it's the appearance of William H. Macy, the fact that Casey&Dana finally resolve their UST and Jeremy&Natalie break up, or the entire season mirrors Sorkin's struggles in reality to keep the show running, but I'm not a fan. It's sad, really.

I kinda want to get the DVDs, even though I only like the first half of the first season. I can't pass up cast commentaries and blooper reels!
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Feist's "1234" is my favorite song at the moment. I put it on my iPod a few days ago and now I can't stop listening to it. And then today after class I downloaded some Duffy, Death Cab For Cutie, and The Postal Service stuff, and listening to it excites me greatly.


The Obama phonebank last night was... interesting, I guess. I don't really know to describe it. The objective last night was to call a list of undecided voters, make sure they were registered to vote, and then try to persuade them to vote for Obama. I don't like talking on the phone, especially to strangers. And I'm not at all a persuasive person. Luckily the majority of the people on my call sheets weren't home (but then I had to leave messages, which is even more awkward than actually talking to people) or uninterested. There's another one next Wednesday, which I may or may not go to. Calling random strangers and asking them who they're going to vote for was not my idea of helping the Obama campaign here in Michigan.

However, I am oh so very jealous of [livejournal.com profile] tunaeverynight because she goes to college in Grand Rapids (which is on the other side of the state), and actually got to see Barack Obama earlier today. HOW AWESOME IS THAT? The opportunity to see him is all I've ever wanted from this entire thing.


Last night's Criminal Minds = ABSOLUTELY ACE. And next week looks even more awesome. (HI EMILY PRENTISS, YOU ARE MY FAV THIS TIME AROUND.)


The [livejournal.com profile] picspammy challenge this month is "casting", which I don't fully understand. I guess you're supposed to take a book/movie/tv show/whatever and do a picspam on who you think should have been cast in each role. I SERIOUSLY HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO DO THIS ONE. Other than my theory that Studio 60 is basically The Great Gatsby modernized and set in a television show in LA, I have nothing. (And I don't want to do Studio 60 again because I did it for my last entry, and even though the show is underrated and totally awesome, there are plenty of other things I could do.) So I may sit this one out, unless I can think of something. We'll see.
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  1. I skipped Government earlier today so I'd have time to post my [livejournal.com profile] picspammy project (it's here, btw) and write notecards for today's speech. Do I feel guilty about it? Slightly. I had a lot to do today and not a lot of time to do it. Government class was the only one I could justify skipping today because a) it's boring as hell, and b) we weren't doing anything of importance. But I'll be there on Thursday, because we have a quiz that I can't miss and I think we're starting to review for the first exam. It was really nice not having to go to class, because I'm not feeling all that great and don't get any extended breaks between classes. I may skip more often.
  2. My speech didn't go as well as I thought it would. I went over the 4-minute time limit, and wasn't able to present all my information. I REALLY SHOULDN'T HAVE PROCRASTINATED ON IT AND ACTUALLY SPENT SOME TIME PRACTICING. But I'm really excited about the next speech (which isn't due for two weeks, but I've learned my lesson and immediately started researching after class), which is on something from the year of our birth; mine is 1990. I really wanted to do the Olympics that year, but apparently none took place. So I looked up significant events that took place during that time and found out that Jim Henson died in May. THIS IS THE PERFECT TOPIC FOR ME. I LOVE THE MUPPETS A LOT.
  3. I haven't had a chance to study for my Astronomy exam yet (will do a little bit tonight and tomorrow in between classes), but I found out yesterday that we can use one sheet of notes for help. This is great, lifesaving news. We took a review test and the professor said everything that was on the test, plus a few other things is all that's going to be on the exam. So I'll write all the answers down and use those as my notes. That way I don't have to hardcore study for it. I'm hoping I do at least okay on it; I really can't afford to fail this class.
  4. Obama phone bank tomorrow night! And I may or not be going to a debate party on Thursday.
  5. I missed all of Prison Break last night because I was busy finishing up my speech and forgot to tape it, so I'll have to watch it online later this week.
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Fandom: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Paring: Matthew Albie/(Hannah) Harriet Hayes

HERE @ [livejournal.com profile] sixcenturies
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  2. Stats class was a waste of time today. And I accidentally did homework from a section we hadn't fully covered yet. WHOOPS.
  3. My picspammy project is done, but will posted tomorrow. I'm so glad to be FINALLY done with it.
  4. I just finished typing up my Speech, so all I have to do is finish the Works Cited page, gather visual aids and write out notecards.
  5. Cold weather is nice, because then I can wear my warm hoodie from Camp.
  7. I'm kinda excited for the VP debate on Thursday. BUT NO NEW OFFICE MAKES ME SAD :(((((((
  8. I have my first Astronomy exam on Wednesday. I've barely studied for it, but I can't afford to fail.
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I'm home by myself pretty much all day today, so I'm taking advantage of it by attempting to work on my Speech and [livejournal.com profile] picspammy project. Except I'm unmotivated to do either.

So instead, I'm procrastinating and posting here to officially start pimping [livejournal.com profile] sixcenturies, my comm for writing, mixtapes, picspams (when this [livejournal.com profile] picspammy gets done, it'll be posted there instead of here), and maybe the occasional graphic. There's nothing there as of now (I was going to repost fic I posted here last year, but I read it last night and it sounds TERRIBLE), but you should watch it anyways! WATCH IT. DO IT. DO IT NOW.

Ahem. Back to work.
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I know, I know. I'm late to the party. The internet shuts off at 10 PM here every night, and I wasn't unable to get on the computer until now. But you know if the internet was accessible I'd totally be on as soon as the episode was over, flailing along with the rest of my flist.

This episode will have lots of fanfic written from it. )


I watched Grey's Anatomy this morning as well, and it was not worth it. And the promo for next week is LOL-worthy. Dear Grey's, GET BETTER SO I DON'T FEEL LIKE AN IDIOT MAKING THE DECISION TO WATCH THIS SHOW AGAIN.

I should really be working on my Speech and [livejournal.com profile] picspammy projects; They're both due in four days and I'm nowhere near done on either of them. Le Sigh.
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  1. I definitely feel a lot better than I did yesterday, except I'm still really tired.
  2. House was really uninteresting last night, and ran a few minutes long, which I didn't appreciate. I've noticed with this show that when a major character isn't in the episode, it isn't very good. House is kind of lacking this season; I think it's from a lack of new material/storylines.
  3. Eureka, however, was incredibly AWESOME. I can't believe that was the season finale! )
  4. Received a 70 on my Stats test, which isn't great, just average. With that I have an 88% in the class, or a 3.8 GPA. That's fine with me, as this is kinda difficult to understand. I know it's going to get harder as it goes on, so I hope I can stay where I'm at. And I know now to always have my calculator with me!
  5. Allison Janney and Ellen played "I Smash Your Face" yesterday, where they threw baseballs at plates with each other's faces on them. It was hilarous. And eating Pad Thai while watching made it even more fun.
  6. I'm modifing my [livejournal.com profile] picspammy project a tiny bit; instead doing one long picspam of Matt&Harry (since it takes to long and I don't have that kind of time anymore) , I'm just going to pick a few key moments that I personally loved, with accompanying quotes. So that way I can get all nostalgic and do it in the 6 days I have left.
  7. THE OFFICE PREMIERE TOMORROW! *flails* Luckily I've only got two morning classes, and then the rest of the afternoon to get ready. I have no idea what I'm going to do to celebrate. ALL I KNOW IS THAT I'M EXCITED.
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I forgot to mention in my previous rant-filled Emmy post how Terri Hatcher brought serious LULZ to the Red Carpet last night. Seriously, she'd interrupt various celebrities while they were being interviewed and tell them how awesome they are. And she nearly attacked Jesse Spencer and his girlfriend, Not!Jennifer Morrison. That was pretty awesome to watch.

Also, I really liked that 2-second clip they showed of Paul Lieberstein directing (he definitely should've won; that episode is one of my favorites from season 4 and beautifully shot), and it reminded me that this week is Office week and it's back in THREE FRAKKING DAYS. Like the rest of my flist and the people who make the promos for NBC, I definitely CANNOT wait.

I really, really need to work on my picspammy project, as I received a reminder a few days ago telling me it's due at the end of the month, which is a little over a week away. I am no where near done. FAIL, SELF.
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  1. I'd do that "take a picture of yourself" meme that's been circulating on my flist, but a) none of the computers I can use have memory card readers, and b) I don't have the computer cable currently with me. I'm definitely going to do the meme (because I'm sure many of you want to know what I look like), but will have to do it either when the home computer gets fixed or I remember to bring the cable along with me when I go to use a computer. I promise it'll be done ASAP.

  2. I only watched about 3 discs worth of The West Wing episodes today; just the ones I can remember watching and/or really like. I DON'T THINK I'VE MENTIONED HOW MUCH I'VE MISSED THIS SHOW. And Season 7 is probably my favorite non-Sorkin season, so it was a fun re-watch. CJ/Danny = I LOVES IT. And I still remember "Internal Displacement" after all these years, because that's the one where CJ nearly kills Gail and Danny semi-proposes to her! (I still totally plan on getting a goldfish when I go to College next year and naming it Gail. REALLY.)

  3. I'll have to do my Stats computer homework in the College computer lab on Monday (all homework is due Tuesday, thankfully), because I can only spend an hour here on the computers at the local library (my homework would take me longer than that) and I don't think the software would even work here. But I totally plan on doing all the book work this weekend, along with my Astronomy stuff.

  4. I'm in the Teen Zone at the local library again because the computers are more convenient, and I planned to stay down here until I head home at 8:30 and work on my [livejournal.com profile] picspammy project, but there's a kid next to me playing games with musical accompaniment that I can hear even though he's wearing headphones, and it's annoying. So I think I'm going to head upstairs and work there because it's quieter. I brought my Stats homework along just in case I wanted to start it, but I'm much more motivated to get the project done. I've got tomorrow and the rest of the weekend to do it.
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I'm at the library (the local one this time), because the home computer has crashed. AGAIN. Except this time it is not ALLMYFAULT. It is most likely Graham's; he told Dad he could go "frak himself" (I don't know if that translates correctly, but it's the polite way of putting it), so he's off the computer for 3 weeks. I'd say that Graham intentionally crashed the computer, but I'm not technologically knowledgeable enough to know if that's even possible. Our computer has been "at risk" for viruses for the past few months, and that sounds like a more plausible explanation. All I know is that Mommy's incredibly pissed because she needed the computer to print off some stuff and Dad doesn't want to even deal with the computer. So I can only hope that it gets fixed soon. *crosses fingers*

Monica is sitting next to me in the "teen zone" of the library; I definitely feel like I don't belong here. She's defriended me on Facebook (apparently because I "made fun of her"), AND has more friends than me. I'm here until about 9:30, so I'm missing all of House and most of Eureka. They're both being taped, so I'll watch them at some point tomorrow. And I now have Season 7 of The West Wing! Political dramedy, I have missed you! I'll start watching that on Thursday. (Relatedly, I was so bored today during my Government class that I read ahead in my textbook, and both The West Wing and The Daily Show are fully mentioned. Awesome? YES.)

I think I'm going to edit some more [livejournal.com profile] picspammy pictures instead of doing my Statistics homework. I really need to get that project done.


Sep. 16th, 2008 08:36 am
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So I'm here at College an hour and a half earlier than I'm supposed to be, using their library computers for non-College related things. And instead of writing out my notecard for Speech or starting my Statistics homework, I've been watching this clip of Krasinskaaaaaaaaaaay play the piano over and over and wondering how after nearly nine years of piano lessons (plus a four-year break of just dabbling on the piano, attempting to play Kelly Clarkson's "Beautiful Disaster"), I can only play the melody of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", a very small part of the end music from The Lion King on Broadway, and the NBC jingle. I really should be able to play more than that.



I've got time to kill, so I'm going to watch The Daily Show from last night and attempt to work on more of my [livejournal.com profile] picspammy project. I have class until 4 today (hi, 3 hour Speech class!) without any extended breaks, so it's going to be a really long day for me. But there is a new episode of House at the end of it, so that's good.
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  1. So there was a promo for the new season of The Office during the mini-marathon last night. IT WAS EPICALLY AMAZING. like that one scene in "Chair Model", I had to re-watch it a few more times just to make sure it was actually there and I wasn't dreaming. AND NOW I HAVE NO WORDS AND I JUST WANT THE NEW SEASON TO BE HERE RIGHT NOW INSTEAD OF TWO WEEKS AWAY. (Relatedly, how awesome is Holly?)

  2. Dad took the day off work today to do some stuff around the house, so we hung out together since I didn't have class. He took me to lunch at Panera and we chatted about various College-related things. We talked about what I could do with a degree in Broadcasting and whether or not Graduate School would be beneficial. And I told him I wanted to minor in Political Science and he approved. Then we went to the bank so I could get my investments transferred from Dad's account to mine, and get a credit card! I rarely get to hang out with Dad these days, so it was nice to spend time with him.

  3. There has been some EPIC FAILURE regarding the local Obama campaign. I went to a coffeehouse downtown to attend a meeting and ended up spending over an hour there just sitting around waiting. Seriously, NO ONE SHOWED UP, and there was no one I could call to find out what was going on. And I was forced to buy a frozen coffee drink so they wouldn't kick me out. I didn't even drink have of it because it was so strong and my mouth felt awful. So I walked over to the library and hung out there until Mommy could pick me up. Note for next time: find out who I need to contact, and make sure that someone will be there.

  4. I worked on a little bit of homework today, and by a "little bit" I mean I only did my English survey (there was a question on the uses of who/whom and made me think of that scene in "Money") and printed out instructions I need for my Speech project (in which I teach the class how to make peanutbutter&jelly). I was so unproductive today because I didn't go to bed until almost 2:30 last night and didn't get up&going until 11 AM, and Dad and I went out at Noon. So tomorrow, I'm going to be a busy little bee, doing several chapters of Stats and reading lots of different things.

  5. I think the new iPods are really pretty with their variety of colors (I really like the purple and green ones), but they seem really impractical for watching videos, which is what MacTaylor has been used for as of late. One of the tech insiders has said they're more like the 2nd Generation ones in that they're small and practical for working out. And MacTaylor is not (and I found out the hard way that he can not play videos in HD. Which sucks, but I really don't think I'd notice the difference.) Which reminds me that he has not been to the Gym yet. I've had plenty of opportunites to go, but things have come up. I've got to rectify that soon.

  6. I flipped through Entertainment Weekly's Fall TV preview issue at the library and made a list of all the shows I'll be watching, as well as their premiere dates and times. I have to change my School schedule (since I switched classes), and while I'm doing that I can work out my TV schedule. I'll post it sometime tomorrow.

  7. I watched all of Season 1 of The Office earlier today (it really takes me back, and it's interesting to see how drastically things have changed), and I have Season 7 of The West Wing put on hold at the library. I've been wanting to watch it for some time (I haven't seen any of it since it was on NBC, and I miss it) and I find it incredibly fitting at this time, as the two Presidential candidates on The West Wing are eerily similar to the ones in real life.

  8. I've only made a small dent in my Matt&Harriet [livejournal.com profile] picspammy project. I collected all the screencaps, but I've only edited about 25 of them. The editing process, while very simple, is incredibly tedious. And I still have to put them all together and post them. I've just so busy the past few weeks with the start of College, but I've been working on them when I can. I just hope I can make the September 30th deadline.
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  2. Re: my last post, I think I'm going to major in Broadcasting. It's television-based, easier to get into, and I can take Film&Video Production classes as electives. Plus, it's still a Communications major, so all my current classes at College will still transfer.
  3. I nearly fell asleep reading my Astronomy book.
  4. Obtaining&editing Studio 60 screencaps for my [livejournal.com profile] picspammy picspam is tedious work.
  5. I'm doing a Fun Run tomorrow (actually a mile-long walk, that's all my body can handle at this point), and I totally plan on wearing my "Fun Run" t-shirt. Because a) it's totally appropriate, and b) I am just that lame.


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