Aug. 3rd, 2008 09:22 pm
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Oh, Pushing Daisies. WHY ARE YOU SO AWESOME?

It's a shame that I have a super busy college schedule and a packed TV lineup this fall (SERIOUSLY); otherwise, I would totally be watching/slash obsessing over this show. WHY, CBS, MUST YOU HAVE A HOLD ON ME WITH YOUR WEDNESDAY NIGHT TV LINEUP FULL OF CRIME?
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I have been quite successful in my mission to get The Office Season 4 onto my iPod. I currently have "Fun Run" and "Branch Wars", and am in the process of getting "Money" and "Chair Model". Still need "Dunder Mifflin Infinity", "Launch Party" and "Local Ad". May also get "Did I Stutter?" and "Goodbye Toby", but we'll see. I just want the eps that have crucial PB&J moments, since it's good prep for September.

May also put Pushing Daisies on the iPod. I haven't watched that show in forever, and I'd like to catch up before it comes back in the fall.


The one thing that bothers me the most about summer is grad parties. I decided not to have one; I'm going to be very busy this summer, and there isn't really anyone in terms of classmates I'd like to invite; I wasn't really close with anyone. BUT. It's the super busy summer that is keeping me away from other people's grad parties. For example, I just received a Facebook invite to a grad party of a boy I went to middle school with and haven't seen or talked to in years. I really wanted to go, just to say hi, but can't because I'll be on the way to Omaha. CONGRATULATIONS, UNIVERSE. YOU WIN!


To those of you who just added me as a friend, please introduce yourself via a comment so I can add you back. I'm always open to having new friends on my flist, just make sure we have something in common. I really really REALLY like The Office (can you tell?), so if you're a fan as well, we'll get along great.


Syncing the iPod, then taking a shower. YAY for cleanliness!
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GIP & GLP ([ profile] pretty_cynical. I miss Pushing Daisies!


Things have been relatively crazy with me the past few days: I found out that my last official day of high school is April 29th, finals start April 30th and go until May 5th, and then I take the AP Spanish Exam of DOOM on May 6th. Senioritis hit me really hard after that; I'm failing my two hardest classes (AP Spanish and Pre-Calc) and honestly, with two weeks left of high school, I don't care. The weather's getting warmer and I don't want to do any work.

In other school related news, I have a possible Prom date, courtesy of mommy. I really hope it works, because I need to have it confirmed by the end of the week, and Prom is next Friday. Also, I need shoes that are a) cheap, and b) do not look ridiculous with my dress.


I've been disappointed with post-strike TV. I got all hyped up for The Office, only to be let down considerably. Although the promos for the next few episodes have got me all excited. However, I do have a newfound love for 30 Rock, possibly in part because I've been to 30 Rock. Wednesday night TV has been pretty uneventful, but I'm sure once May sweeps rolls around, it'll get better. Numb3rs has made me laugh, however.



New Amsterdam season finale tomorrow night! What am I going to do after it's over and there are 5 months until the 24 prequel?
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Things I'm not liking at the moment:
1. AP Spanish. Or school in general.
2. Not having any new episodes of The Office to watch.
3. My siblings yelling at me.
4. Being 3 episodes behind on my episodes of Pushing Daisies. I'm considering not watching it anymore.
5. Lack of sufficient sleep.


However, things I'm liking:
1. The New England Patriots 12-0 record.
2. Seeing Enchanted.
3. Making comparisons between Tin Man and The Wizard of Oz/Wicked.
4. (Possibly) a job at Target.
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This week has sucked. But I have Pushing Daisies waiting for me on the DVR, and according to what [ profile] verygoodbread has said, it should cheer me right up.


Wiki compiled a list of shows and how they're affected by the strike, it's here if anyone cares. I was totally relieved when most of the shows said that they have 12 episodes completed, thinking that there are 12 episodes complete in addition to the 7 or 8 that have already aired. WRONG. The "12 episodes" includes the 7 or 8 already aired, so there's only 5 episodes or so left. So if the strike lasts into the new year (which by the way things are going now, it might), I'm going to be totally screwed.


And then there's school. More specifically, my Film&Culture class. On Tuesday, we were about to watch Flatliners (which I was so excited about, because Kiefer is in it), and talking amongst ourselves when the teacher started yelling at us about how he's sick and tired of us talking while he's trying to talk, and then just stormed out of the class, and left for 20 minutes or so. He eventually came back, and instead of letting us watch Flatliners, we had to sit there for an hour and read the chapter in our textbook on sound. No one did; we all ended up going to sleep, and he really didn't seem to care.

Then yesterday, he came in and put on a video he got from the school library on pork (SERIOUSLY. It was high school news program about how pork is good for you and how to prepare it), and afterwards (it was about 7 minutes long), he told us to analyze it. No joke. Only a few people actually did contribute to the discussion, and then we asked him why we had to watch the movie. He told us that we should've liked the movie because it was in English, didn't have subtitles and had teenagers, which we could relate to. Then we had this huge, long pointless discussion about how we don't respect him and his way of punishing us is really stupid and he should just get over it. He said a pretty mean comment to one girl, and she ended up leaving right in the middle of the discussion and didn't come back for the rest of class. The class ended with us still arguing with him, and we really thought that all we'd do is watch stupid movies, argue, and sleep. Seriously, WASTE OF TIME.

Today, I found out from one of the girls in my class (who's really tight with the teacher) that he's going to let us watch Flatliners tomorrow, and he's gotten over the whole thing. I'm still a bit unsure, because of the way he's acted the past few days, but I really want to get back to watching GOOD movies. (Plus, KIEFER! I haven't seen him in FOREVER.)


Last new episode of The Office tonight, boo. I'm a HUGE supporter of the writer's strike, but I'm really going to miss it (and eventually every other show I watch) if the strike continues. So, MAKE A DEAL WITH THE WRITERS AND GET ON WITH YOUR LIVES. (I'm still looking at you, NBC. You know The Office is on your network, right?). But I put John Krasinski on my desktop, so CHEERS. But still, boo to NBC.
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This week is pretty much finale week (except for Prison Break, which starts on Monday), so next week, all the craziness begins.

FYI, this is just a list of the fall premieres. 24 and Lipstick Jungle don't premiere until January, so they'll get talked about towards the end of the year.

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Room is clean, teeth are fine, and the precalc packet is almost half done. Will try to do more of it tonight, if I'm not too tired. all I left to do is AP Spanish stuff: listening to podcasts, typing summaries, and lots and lots of writing. I know it's a lot, and I've only got three days to do it, but I think it'll get done. Eventually.

Pushing Daisies has downloaded, but will be watched when my work is done and I'm patient enough to actually sit at the computer and watch it. The Private Practice "pilot" is going to be on TV over the next two weeks, so there's no point in downloading it. Except I don't want to wait until Thursday, and I'll have to skip over the non-Addison stuff. Maybe I can tape it? Will see.


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