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November is looking like it'll be Midterms 2.0 for me, at least for the next two weeks. I have my second Sociology exam Monday morning, another take-home essay exam for Mass Media&American Politics due Tuesday, and an online reading quiz for World Politics that needs to be submitted by Wednesday afternoon. And then I have a Concepts of Communication project due the 16th; I've had it since the first few weeks of class, but it's one of those projects where you have to do something and then write a paper about the experience - I'm planning on doing a job shadow of some sort, but I haven't had a chance to ask my professor about contact info because I've been so busy and distracted lately, plus I'd like to have the experience fresh in my mind when it comes time to actually write the paper. Hopefully I can get the job shadowing thing done next week when I don't have anything going on. We'll see.

Other school things: I am now working at GVSU's student-run TV station! I'm one of three producers overseeing this brand-new little comedy show called Loserville, which is kinda-sorta-not really like The Big Bang Theory. Anyway, since it's a new show, we had to do a casting call to find our actors - which, ugh. So many people came out to audition, and it was hard enough remembering who everyone was, let alone looking for the people to fit these specific roles. We ended up getting into a semi-fight with one of the drama shows - we both wanted the same actress, but we weren't allowed to cast her in both our shows (even though she wouldn't have THAT big of a role in either show, and she was the only option for the drama show and our show's top option). We ended up getting her at the last minute simply because the actress put Loserville down as her first choice. I was kinda upset that I had to miss The Office and 30 Rock (and Project Runway, and The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report - the casting session didn't get over with until 12:30 AM!), but I had tons of fun hanging out with the other GVTV producers. They're all a really funny and hyper group and I'm just really excited about getting to experience it all.

I finally did get to watch The Office this morning between classes, and while I really enjoyed it overall, there was just one thing that was kind of off-putting to me. )

Also Immensly enjoying Law & Order (HI MIKE AND CONNIE, YOU GIVE ME SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO ON FRIDAY MORNINGS WHEN I AM STILL GROGGY BUT HAVE TO GO TO CLASS) - very excited about the 2 hour episode coming next week, and Numb3rs - but that's nothing new. Fridays are definitely becoming my new favorite day of the week.

I may or may not have had an urge to write something, thanks to a picture I found during a random browsing of We Heart It. I'm not entirely sure how it's going to play out yet, but hey, at least I'm attempting to try writing again?
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the third and final presidential debate, live from New York. )

I had to miss the Project Runway finale last night because of the debate and now I'm kicking myself because watching the debate was so not worth it. I attempted to watch it this morning, but I had to come into school early. Now I won't get to watch it until later this afternoon, and I don't think I can hold on that long. There are spoilers out there and it's been really hard to restrain myself from reading them. I WANT TO BE SURPRISED WHEN IT WATCH IT, GUYS.

Mommy has a luncheon later this afternoon, so I have to stay at College for a few hours after class. I'm planning on using this time to start typing up my speech outline, but more importantly to post that big epic Sports Night post I've been working on. Because I really don't want to do my homework, even if it is really important and due this Tuesday. I don't care.

Hey, there's a new episode of The Office tonight! Pamcakes, you better be there.
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Last night's House. )

Wearing my Obama t-shirt today, in celebration of tonight's debate. I'm wearing it under my Krasinski-esque cardigan (like I do when I wear my "Sara Dillane" shirt in public), as not to attract attention to it, although I am proud to be an Obama supporter. But my cardigan is very warm and comfy, which is nice in this cold weather.

Semi-relatedly, the debate could not be on a worst day. The Project Runway finale is tonight and I'd really like to watch it live as opposed to tomorrow afternoon (which is the current plan), but the final presidential debate is tonight on at the same time and I've already made plans to watch it. Dear Bravo, why do you hate me so much these days?
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The Office. )

Watched the first part of the Project Runway finale after SNL Weekend Update Thursday (really, not as funny as it was hyped up to be), and I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED Leanne and Kenley's designs. Kenley's wedding dress was just so amazing, and I'd definitely wear Leanne's bridesmaid dress even if I wasn't a bridesmaid. I can't wait to see their collections! (ALSO, I HAVE MADE IT ONE OF MY LIFE GOALS TO MEET TIM GUNN. SERIOUSLY.)

I found out this morning that my aunt&uncle from Chicago and their two adopted kids are coming to MI next week. I saw them a few months ago for my cousin's High School graduation, but I didn't really get to talk with them because things were so busy. So it'll be nice to see them. They're not staying with us (thankfully), but they are going to be spending time at our house, so it has to look presentable. Which means I have to clean my room this weekend. BLERGH.
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  1. I did absolutely nothing of importance this weekend.
  2. Stayed up until 11:30 doing Stats homework last night because I procrastinated.
  3. Didn't fall asleep until almost 2:30 AM because I made the stupid decision to take a 4-hour nap yesterday afternoon.
  4. Death Cab For Cutie's Transatlanticism is frakking amazing.
  5. Saw commericals for the 24 prequel (which I've decided not to watch), but makes me excited that January is almost here.
  6. My room is a mess.
  7. One of my aunts (the one who most recently had a baby) and her five children are coming to MI in a few weeks.
  8. I'm excited for Thursday night TV: new episode of The Office (FINALLY) and special Thursday night SNL! (with Tina Fey!)
  9. I wish the stuff I ordered online would get here soon.
  10. Project Runway is my new guilty pleasure. I love Jerell's personality and Leanne's designs.
  11. I have a Speech test and a Government exam tomorrow, and I haven't studied for either of them.
  12. I'm bored.


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