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I somehow lucked out of getting any homework this weekend, which has NEVER happened, so I'm all excited about not having anything school-related to do and just getting to be lazy all weekend. However, I do have Government court cases to do, because I'm supposed to have 15 out of 23 done at this point and I've only done two and starting a third. Oops. I kinda have to get on that.

And I think I'm going to Carousel tonight with Mommy. Fun.


TV premiere week was so excellent. I'm anxious to see what happens on CSI:NY, Criminal Minds, and CSI. Private Practice was amazing (and Cooper is terribly cute), so I'll keep watching. Not really sure what I'm going to do about House, because the season premiere wasn't that great, and now that the duckies are gone, there's really no point in watching. But the rest of my family watches it, and I don't want to miss out.

But then The Office and Numb3rs premiered on Thursday and Friday, and they were AWESOME.

THERE ARE NO WORDS. Really, no words. )
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This week is pretty much finale week (except for Prison Break, which starts on Monday), so next week, all the craziness begins.

FYI, this is just a list of the fall premieres. 24 and Lipstick Jungle don't premiere until January, so they'll get talked about towards the end of the year.

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I finished watching the Private Practice "pilot" today. thoughts. )

Next up: Pushing Daises, and then Lipstick Jungle, which I'm in the process of downloading. It doesn't premiere until January, but I want to see it because a) Kimby is in it, and b) I'm hoping it's better than the book.
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School officially started on Monday. I'm exhausted from all the stress. AP Spanish is going to kill me, and I'm so not wanting do my court cases project for Government. Senior year is turning out to be harder than I thought.

Although, despite my earlier apprehensions, I'm really liking Film&Culture. We started watching Run, Lola, Run on Tuesday and despite the fact that it's in German and there are subtitles, I'm really enjoying it. We have to analyze it, and although it looks really hard, the teacher says it's fairly easy, and it'll get easier once we watch more films.


I'm downloading the first part of the Private Practice "pilot", and despite the fact that it's on the computer and not the TV, I think I'll be okay with it. Skipping over the non-Addison stuff might be harder, though.


Have not seen Numb3rs or Without a Trace promos yet, but I've seen several different CSI promos. I GET IT, CSI. YOU WANT ME TO WATCH THE NEW SEASON. And I will, I promise.


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Pre-Calc today wasn't very hard, only because we really didn't do anything, other than go over the packet. I got a lot of it wrong, as expected, but we're doing some Algebra review for the first week or so to catch up. Which is very, very good.

And my 21st Century Life teacher looks exactly like Lindsay Monroe from CSI:NY. *is amused*


I found the drabble-o-matic via the flist, used it, and got the following results:

Amita checked her watch. "Sure. But I've got to go meet the Black Bones for coffee now to, you know, say thanks for saving my life. Stay smooth, baby." She left and the door banged behind her.

Charlie choked back a sob and started folding another dog. Then he went out and got drunk instead.



Saw previews for CSI, CSI:NY and Criminal Minds while watching CBS last night. While I'm excited for all three (especially CSI:NY), I'm a bit distressed that I haven't seen a Numb3rs or Without a Trace preview yet. Both of those shows ended in cliffhangers, and I'm anxious to know what happens in the upcoming season without spoiling myself too much. (Plus, I think Numb3rs premieres a week earlier than the others, so wouldn't make sense to show previews now?)

I really, really need to play catch-up with Criminal Minds. I think I only have two or three episodes that I need to watch, but still. I at least need to watch both parts of the finale before the end of September.


The Private Practice "pilot" isn't going to be shown on ABC this week (at least I don't think it is; the TV Guide may not have the info correct, and I don't know about next week), so I'm in the process of downloading it. I'd prefer to watch it on TV (it looks better, it's easier to skip over the non-Addison stuff), but as long as I can watch it, I don't really care.
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Room is clean, teeth are fine, and the precalc packet is almost half done. Will try to do more of it tonight, if I'm not too tired. all I left to do is AP Spanish stuff: listening to podcasts, typing summaries, and lots and lots of writing. I know it's a lot, and I've only got three days to do it, but I think it'll get done. Eventually.

Pushing Daisies has downloaded, but will be watched when my work is done and I'm patient enough to actually sit at the computer and watch it. The Private Practice "pilot" is going to be on TV over the next two weeks, so there's no point in downloading it. Except I don't want to wait until Thursday, and I'll have to skip over the non-Addison stuff. Maybe I can tape it? Will see.


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