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I've been surprisingly productive over the past couple of days. Like, I actually got out of the house and went places! Yesterday, Mommy and I went to the mall, as I needed to exchange a pair of boxers I bought at American Eagle (I originally got a large, thinking that with being 100% cotton they'd shrink, but obviously I over estimated how much they needed to shrink - so I exchanged them for a small), as well as stop into the Gap that's there to check on the status of my job application (so many people have applied that hiring manager hasn't looked over them yet, but they took down my name and number.) Mommy and I also stopped into this store that had just opened up a few months ago - Crazy 8, it's called - to pick out a gift for one of her favorite doctors at the hospital, who's having a little girl in June. YOU GUYS, BABY CLOTHES ARE ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE, GIRL CLOTHES ESPECIALLY. Mommy ended up buying this, but this was also a possibility. Cute, right? Can't you just imagine Jim and Pam's (hopefully) little girl wearing such things? I can.

And today I went to the dentist with Graham; surprisingly, I don't dread going there - the dentist is really nice, and today, I caught up on a month's worth of Entertainment Weekly AND got a free sample size toothpaste! Then we stopped at Wal-Mart, since Graham needed to pick up some stuff, and let me tell you: BAD IDEA. I hate going to Wal-Mart as it is, but they're currently in the process of remodeling, so everything's a mess. We had to walk around the entire store nearly three times looking for the shampoo/body care/toothpaste section, until we finally found it on our way out - it was by the other entrance at the other side of the store. GAH.

Taking it easy for Memorial Day weekend, I think. I'm going to be alone for the majority of it, as Graham, Monica and Dad are all going to be refereeing a soccer tournament on Saturday and Sunday. There's a parade downtown that I may or may not go to - depends on what everyone else is doing (although Mommy has expressed a desire to go as well.) My plans are to watch the last batch of Prison Break episodes (I purposefully didn't watch them when they originally aired on TV so that I could just marathon them online), as well as work on my [ profile] inrevelations story, which is SURPRISE! due next weekend. Have I started it? Not really - I only have the first line written down and a vague idea of where the story's actually going to go. I got really excited when I first got the assignment, thinking that since I'm finally out of school, I'll have all kinds of time! Where did it go?
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icon meme, or proof that Maureen tries to diversify her userpics as much as possible. )

Sports Night DVDs finally arrived today (!!!), so a marathon is imminent. ALSO: BLOOPER REEL.
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I'M FINALLY HOME. I got back to Michigan around 6:30 PM last night, (when I should have been home by 2:30 PM) after a trip that can only be described as Planes, Trains & Automobiles-esque. My 8:30 AM train home was inexplicably canceled, so I was put on a bus instead, which didn't come to the train station until nearly three hours later. This disaster added to the fact that the train to Chicago was nearly two hours late, so I didn't get a chance to go into the city at all. But I digress. I did meet a lot of nice people, though.

The trip was pretty fun, although I really didn't do anything exciting. My days were basically spent either babysitting my cousins or shopping. Not a lot of time to myself, which I really wanted, because I wanted to talk to my family but couldn't because it would be too late for them due to the time difference. However, my cousin Maggie (this is her) is an adorable six year old and judging by the things she said to me during the trip, she's well on her way to being a comedienne. AND I bought lots of books, so I have something to do over break!

Haven't watched the Mad Men pilot yet, (no time, plus it was really uncomfortable to watch things on my iPod on the train/bus) but I think I'm going to watch it tonight because there's nothing new for me to watch. Everything's now done for the year and doesn't come back until January. (By the way, Prison Break's fall finale was filled with incredible LULZ and I don't want to wait until spring for the final episodes. I JUST WANT ALL THIS TO BE OVER ALREADY.)

Received first semester grades back; 3.194 GPA overall, which is pretty good, considering I was taking 17 credits and two very hard classes (Stats and Astronomy). But I passed, and now it's on to next semester! And I have to get my transcripts to Grand Valley, because I'm now only a few months away from transferring! It's so exciting.

We're currently watching Dan in Real Life. It's a pretty good movie, and Dad is really enjoying it, which is rare. Although Steve Carell has sometimes said things that sound very Michael Scott-esque, and I laugh.

DAY AFTER TOMORROW IS CHRISTMAS, GUYS. I may not get many presents, but at least there's a ton of snow on the ground! I LOVE IT.
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  1. It's official: I'M GOING TO CHICAGO ON THURSDAY! Mommy&Dad were very willing to let me go, provided I talked with my aunt to see if it was okay with her, and I pay for my train ticket and everything. I bought my ticket this morning (I'm taking Amtrak - the Joe Biden way to travel!), and I'm very excited because this is my first "adult" trip that I've done myself. I leave Thursday afternoon a few hours after my Stats final, and my cousin Claire is meeting me at the train station and we'll spend a little time in the city before heading to my aunt's house in Lake Forest. (At least, that's the plan. I left a message with her earlier this afternoon but she hasn't called me back yet. She leaves for Chicago tomorrow, so I hope to confirm things with her before then.) And I come back to Michigan on Monday afternoon. It's going to be a wonderful vacation.

  2. I took three tests today: last Stats test of the semester, Government final, and Speech final. The hardest one, suprisingly, was the Government one, but those tests are always hard. I finished all three early, which I didn't think was possible for Stats - I was really nervous about that one. But it was pretty easy, and I think I did well. I'm really sad I'm done with Speech class because that was my favorite. Only two more, and then I'm done for three weeks! It can't come soon enough.

  3. Prison Break was absolutely wonderful last night. I'm nervous for next week's "Fall Finale" because I fear it'll end in a cliffhanger that we'll never get the conclusion to. I don't know when this show will be back because House and 24 are going to be Mondays in January, and I don't want to wait until Spring for the conclusion. I just want this show to end with everyone happy, and I'm sure that's what other viewers want as well.

  4. I'm not excited for the post-Superbowl episode of The Office as I used to be. Stupid lame spoilers.

  5. Downloading/converting a bunch of videos to put on my iPod for the Chicago trip - this week's Prison Break, the Mad Men pilot, various episodes of 30 Rock from season 2, Eureka, and Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Plus, new music from various indie bands via iTunes and its awesome "studying/school-related" playlist. Now the 5-hour train ride won't be so unbareable.

  6. I was watching Season 3 of The West Wing this morning, and then I realized it was December 16, so as a West Wing fan I'm obligated to quote Leo McGarry. Instead of using the "Big Block of Cheese Day" quote like I did the past two years (it's here if anyone cares), I decided to do this one instead, because it reminds me of my Astronomy class:

    Josh: Hey, Leo. You know, there's something called the Super String Theory. Which at its most basic level says that the universe consists of these tiny loops of string that vibrate at different frequencies.
    Leo: How did that bullet not kill you?
    Josh: Just lucky, I guess.

    I like to think that Leo would've liked Obama, don't you?
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Thanks to House, I will have "Lime in the Coconut" stuck in my head ALL FRAKKING DAY tomorrow - just what I need. Also, Sean Connery impression! And the smallest of references to UMich! That is all.

a meme from tunaeverynight )

I'm going to go upload Christmas music to my iPod and then look over the paper I'm taking my speech from. That is, if I don't fall asleep first. It's been a long day and I'm exhausted.
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I skipped both Astronomy and English yesterday and instead spent time watching Studio 60 in the computer lab (I watched "B-12" and "Monday"; skipped over "The Christmas Show" because it's not Christmas yet), and then headed to the cafeteria-restaurant on campus to study for my Stats test. I hadn't been to it yet, and wanted to do so before I'm no longer a student here. I had a so-so cheeseburger and fries, but it didn't really matter because I just wanted food at that point. And the view was absolutely amazing and looked so pretty with the snow falling down.

Stats test went wonderfully. I guess studying really did pay off, because I'm confident I did everything right. Now I'm anxious to get it back, and am hoping that it boosts my grade a little. Honestly, that was probably the easiest sections we've covered, so the test was pretty easy. I even finished before the class had ended, which never happens.

Decided to switch topics for my final speech; instead of "green living", I'm doing television censorship. I did a paper on it for English last year, so it's cited and everything, I just need to polish it a little bit and turn it into a speech. And then I need to get visual aides for it, which may prove difficult. It's due in a week, but I think this will be easier than trying to come up with something new. I just hope I can make it work.

I went swimming last night at the gym, and it was wonderfully relaxing. I still smell faintly like chlorine, but it left me so tired that I slept incredibly well last night. I'm hoping I can do it again soon.

Prison Break continues to leave me shocked, but I'm anxious to get this season (and the series) over with. I just want it to end well with everyone happy. That's all I've ever wanted this season.

I'm absolutely OBSESSED with Coldplay's "Life in Technicolor II". I loved the original instrumental version when it came out a few months ago (and now it will always remind me of the Olympics; Thanks, NBC!), and to finally get words to it makes it that much better. I love it.

AND. I'm now Facebook friends with Emily Prentiss. So is Monica; in fact, she recently wrote on Emily's wall. SHUT UP.
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- I've barely studied for the Stats test I have in about 45 mins, which means I'm probably going to fail.
- I had to wake up early and skip breakfast because Mommy has an early work meeting today.
- I'm getting a fever from the shot I received yesterday.
- I'm tired beyond belief right now.
- I've barely made a dent in my [ profile] picspammy project and it's due in two weeks.
- I haven't chosen a topic for my final speech yet.
- Prison Break was so not worth it last night.
- It's really, really cold outside.
- I wish it was Thanksgiving already.
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Astronomy exam went fine; I know I got a few of the multiple choice questions wrong, but I know for a fact I got the two diagrams right. So I'm anxious to find out what I got and am hoping it's better than the first one. I didn't study for Government AT ALL because instead I took a five-hour nap, but I think I did okay, and I'm pretty sure I got all the extra credit questions right, so that should help boost my grade a bit. ALTHOUGH THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS THAT I'M ALL DONE WITH THIS WEEK OF STRESS AND NOW I AM FREEEEEEEEEEE.

Wednesday Night TV was wonderful. The entire night I was :DDDDD. And I'm laughing over the promos for next week; it must be sweeps if they're trying to pull off that ridiculousness.

A few quick things about The Office. )

Today is going to be one of those relaxing days; I'm putting off homework (3 sections of Stats and some Astronomy review questions) until the actual weekend. I had Chocolate Fudge Poptarts for breakfast and Dad's making cheeseburgers for lunch. I'm required to go for a walk today (sooner rather than later, as it's going to raining soon) and then I'm going to curl up and watch the last few episodes Prison Break. I'm slightly behind because I've chosen to watch Jon & Kate plus 8 instead, and I want to be ready for some big things that are supposedly coming in the next few weeks. And I'm not allowing myself to read spoilers until I'm all caught up.
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  1. I skipped Government earlier today so I'd have time to post my [ profile] picspammy project (it's here, btw) and write notecards for today's speech. Do I feel guilty about it? Slightly. I had a lot to do today and not a lot of time to do it. Government class was the only one I could justify skipping today because a) it's boring as hell, and b) we weren't doing anything of importance. But I'll be there on Thursday, because we have a quiz that I can't miss and I think we're starting to review for the first exam. It was really nice not having to go to class, because I'm not feeling all that great and don't get any extended breaks between classes. I may skip more often.
  2. My speech didn't go as well as I thought it would. I went over the 4-minute time limit, and wasn't able to present all my information. I REALLY SHOULDN'T HAVE PROCRASTINATED ON IT AND ACTUALLY SPENT SOME TIME PRACTICING. But I'm really excited about the next speech (which isn't due for two weeks, but I've learned my lesson and immediately started researching after class), which is on something from the year of our birth; mine is 1990. I really wanted to do the Olympics that year, but apparently none took place. So I looked up significant events that took place during that time and found out that Jim Henson died in May. THIS IS THE PERFECT TOPIC FOR ME. I LOVE THE MUPPETS A LOT.
  3. I haven't had a chance to study for my Astronomy exam yet (will do a little bit tonight and tomorrow in between classes), but I found out yesterday that we can use one sheet of notes for help. This is great, lifesaving news. We took a review test and the professor said everything that was on the test, plus a few other things is all that's going to be on the exam. So I'll write all the answers down and use those as my notes. That way I don't have to hardcore study for it. I'm hoping I do at least okay on it; I really can't afford to fail this class.
  4. Obama phone bank tomorrow night! And I may or not be going to a debate party on Thursday.
  5. I missed all of Prison Break last night because I was busy finishing up my speech and forgot to tape it, so I'll have to watch it online later this week.
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  1. Hello to all my new friends!
  2. It is mighty chilly here. And it looks as if it might rain again.
  3. I may or may not be failing Astronomy.
  4. I'm wearing my "Sara Dillane" shirt today, as it is Monday. I might change it to suit Prison Break.
  5. I recently came to the realization that I can read all of Jon Stewart's America and know pretty much everything I need to know for Government. And it's a heck of a lot funnier than my textbook.
  6. I have Season 7 of The West Wing waiting to be picked up at the library, but I can't get it until tomorrow.
  7. This GIF is incredibly hypnotic.
  8. I'm trying to put off typing up my speech by posting a pointless entry. I don't think it's working.
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Speaking of The Office, I downloaded iTunes 8 this morning and was extremely happy to see that you can buy NBC shows there again (and now in HD!) They're giving "Fun Run" away for free (which is one of my favorite episodes from Season 4), and I attempted to download the HD version before I left this morning. I'm excited to see how it'll look on my iPod!


Speech class yesterday was amazing. I really like the professor, and all of the other students are great people. There's some sort of dynamic in the class where the class seems smaller than it actually is, and with that it seems like we're going to have a lot of fun. The only downside is that it meets one day a week for 3 hours, which means that there's a lot of work involved. But I'm sure it's going to be a good, albeit hard, class.

I got my English class switched, I'm now taking it from 4-5:30 PM instead of first thing in the morning. Which is nice, because I don't have to get up as early, but kind of a drag because I'm at College from 10 AM until 4 or 6 PM (depending on the day), which is longer than I'd like to be here. And I'm behind in the class because I missed the first two and can't make up the assignments. But I've emailed the instructor and she said I'll do fine as long as I do well on the other essays and such. So I'm set.


Both Eureka and Prison Break were so not worth it this week. And I keep seeing promos for the new season of House (back on Tuesdays, yay!), which reminds me that I need to figure out a Fall TV schedule and post it. (I can tell you that I'm cutting out a lot of things, and I'm not watching any new shows this season. I just don't have the time.)
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I didn't get to Target until nearly 3:30 this afternoon, but they had only ONE COPY LEFT of the The Office Special Edition DVDs. AND I GOT IT. (For someone who NEVER goes out and buys a DVD the day it comes out, I have wonderful luck. I was so nervous that I would get there late and they wouldn't have any more Special Edition DVDs. BUT THEY DID.)

Sadly, I only got home about an hour ago (Mommy and I went on a little shopping excursion, getting last-minute school supplies and such), so I just opened the box, and haven't had the chance to watch it yet. The flist has been saying wonderful things about various deleted scenes and bloopers, so I'm hoping to get in on the action ASAP (hopefully sometime before bed tonight.)



Prison Break last night was absolutely wonderful. I definitely didn't need to worry about missing out on Season 3; Michael gave a recap in about 10 seconds when the episode started. BUT SARA IS BACK AND SHE AND MICHAEL ARE FINALLY TOGETHER AND THAT'S ALL I CARE ABOUT REGARDING THE SHOW AT THIS POINT.


I'm still debating what to do for [ profile] picspammy's second challenge. I've been leaning towards a Matt&Harriet (from Studio 60) picspam, because they're a little know OTP and it's unlikely that it'll be done. But I can't deny my love for Jim&Pam (they are my number one OTP, after all), and I silently fear that someone will do it before me or I'll take it from someone who wants it and would do a far better job than I would. I JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO.

But [ profile] prettyquotable made an adorable Barack&Michelle Obama picspam, and it pretty much made my life. The USA will become a beautiful country with these two people leading it.


Removed my black nail polish (it was chipping off anyways), and now they are a pretty shade of pinkish-gold. It's simple, and a change to mark the fact I officially start college tomorrow. YAYZ.
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I'm definitely feeling A LOT better than I was the last few days. On Saturday afternoon I finally got the idea to take some DayQuil, which helped a little. I took NyQuil on Saturday night and got my first full night of sleep in several days. I really didn't eat a lot while I was sick, and my body's definitely feeling the effects of it: I've been a little dizzy, but starting to get my appetite back. I also kept spiking a fever, and I think it was just because it's been so hot here, and especially in my bedroom. Dad turned on the AC this morning and I've cooled down considerably.

I definitely feel well enough to start school on Wednesday, but I'm still totally nervous about the whole "college" thing, even if I did get a jump start on it this summer. I'm sure it'll all work out somehow.


Asked Mommy if she could take me to Target tomorrow to get The Office DVD and she said, "we'll see." Which may or may not be good. I still don't think there's anything planned, and everyone else won't be around, so it sounds doable. *keeps fingers crossed*


Prison Break premieres tonight, but I'll be too busy watching the Jon & Kate Plus 8 marathon on TLC. I was hoping that iTunes would offer the season premiere for free (like they did last season), but that's not the case this time around. So I set it up on the DVR and will watch it sometime tomorrow, in between going to Target, cleaning my room and making preparations for school. After tonight's premiere, I probably won't watch it on TV every week; I'm going to be so busy with school and other things that Prison Break will have to be watched via Hulu. So.
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All the family's gone (I have my bed back!), Eureka is back and awesome-ing up my summer, and I got an 83% on my exam. (Truly, a relief.)


I made the stupid mistake of joining [ profile] ontd_twilight, read cracktastic spoilers for Breaking Dawn, and have possibly scarred myself for life. Sadly, I kind of want to read the book now. But I am not one of those people who read too much into it/obsess over it. I'm only doing this for the LOL factor.


Suspending GET MY LOST ON for a little while, possibly permanently. I'm 3 or 4 episodes behind, and I just don't have the time; I won't have any come Fall. Instead of Lost, I'll be catching up on Prison Break! I'm preparing for Sara's return (ICON!). And by preparing, I mean "reading a recap of Season 3", because I can't remember at what episode I stopped watching, and Hulu doesn't have the entire season, so I can't just start from the beginning. It really has been too long.
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I've been back from New York since Friday morning, but am just now getting around to posting.

New York was exhausting and exciting. We only spent three days there, but they were so jam-packed that there wasn't a lot of time to sleep, and when it was time to sleep, I couldn't. But I had fun, and got to see TONS of stuff.

My favorite sight was Times Square/Broadway; I tried to take a New Amsterdam-esque picture, and this was my best attempt. We saw Xanadu on Broadway - it was a little too raunchy for me, but still very good. Tony Roberts, the actor who played Danny/Zeus, looked really familiar, although I don't remember seeing anything he's been in. Went to the Statue of Liberty; was nearly attacked by Asian tourists, and made a very special walking trip from 5th Avenue to Rockefeller Center, just so I could visit the NBC store. Bought a Fun Run shirt (to wear when I work out, so I can look like more of a dork), and a Kenneth the Page shirt. I even was pointed out to famous spots from TV/movies: the fountain from Enchanted, Law & Order production offices, 30 Rock, the Statue of Liberty (from the season premiere of CSI:NY), and exteriors from Friends, and Times Square (from the New Amsterdam pilot)!

All in all, I had a good time. And Mac Taylor (my iPod, not the character) was a HUGE help on the trip - he was equipped with episodes of CSI:NY and New Amsterdam to keep me occupied, and the combination of solitaire and hours of music were a great way to combat the boredom that is NYC traffic. Although next trip (whenever that may be), I definitely want to see Aaron Sorkin's Broadway play and visit NBC studios. Standing outside was just not enough.


I'm going to wait until tomorrow to talk about New Amsterdam - just so I can talk about two episodes in one entry. I will say that this week's episode was most definitely worth waiting nearly a week to see it, and then it's great only having to wait three days instead of the usual week. I can't believe there are only 3 episodes left; I desperately want/NEED a second season of this show. It's, like, the perfect show for me. I NEED THIS ICONED, DAMMIT.


BEST PRISON BREAK NEWS EVER. Although I'm going to have to play catch up with the show; I haven't watched it since.


I now have to do all of the homework that I put off because it was Spring Break and I was lazy. Plus, once I go back, I've only got a month left of high school. I AM SO NOT GOING TO MAKE IT.
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Why have my favorite Prison Break and CSI:NY characters left their respective shows? WHY?

In which I rant a little. )


Also, CBS was showing a TON of CSI promos last night, and they made me throw up in my mouth a little bit every time I saw them. [ profile] andrea_ms would probably know why. (Hint: it has something to do with Grissom and Sara.)
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GIP, because Prison Break is back! )

New layout to match the icon ([ profile] pretty_cynical). It's very... green.


Watching the House S3 finale, and it's totally depressing and amusing at the same time. Wilson = ♥. Can't wait for next week!
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This week is pretty much finale week (except for Prison Break, which starts on Monday), so next week, all the craziness begins.

FYI, this is just a list of the fall premieres. 24 and Lipstick Jungle don't premiere until January, so they'll get talked about towards the end of the year.

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I have a half-day tomorrow and no school on the Monday we're supposed to go back to school, so why am I not excited? My Peace & Justice project is due tomorrow and I'm way too distracted to finish it. I only have the essay to do, which is pretty easy, but I don't want to write it. I just hope I can finish it in class tomorrow, even if I only have a half-hour.


All I can say about Prison Break is Sara, FTW. And I don't want to wait until next fall. AND THAT SCENE, OMG.


24 was okay this week. I really don't feel like talking about it.

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I finally finished my research paper a little less than a half-hour ago. While I'm excited that it's done, I wish I never had to do it in the first place. Too much work, you know? Plus, I'm missing American Idol to do it.

So earlier today Mommy&Monica&I went shopping. Bought a very shiny 24 photo book at Borders, a hoodie and a new purse at Old Navy, and a thumb drive (affectionately named Morris) and headphones from Circuit City. There were some things I wanted to buy but couldn't due to the lack of money, namely a new wallet and the first season of Criminal Minds. And Starbucks. Mmm, Starbucks.

Prison Break was meh, but 24 and Studio 60 were both excellent, as usual. I'm way too tired to share my thoughts (plus the library is closing at 9), so they'll come later. But until then, I'll give you this:

[Error: unknown template video]

It's Law & Order: Special Letters Unit, a parody of SVU they did on Sesame Street a while ago. I dare you not to laugh.


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