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In the words of Jon Stewart, "I GIVE UP."


Jan. 28th, 2010 10:18 pm
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HELLO, LIVEJOURNAL! I have had a crazy stressful week, which has gone as follows:

Sunday: sleep until 3pm(!!!), watch AFC & NFC championships
Monday: decidedly not do Scriptwriting assignment (write a short story in screenplay format)
Tuesday: marathon episodes of John Adams for International Relations paper
Wednesday: become frustrated by PR professor's inability to teach, watch State of the Union, begin writing John Adams paper
Today: Shoot first video for Media Production, finish John Adams paper and turn it in

Thankfully, all that's on the agenda tomorrow is a group recording for Audio Production, and then a Loserville shoot. The weekend is also less stressful, as there is a day-long Loserville shoot on Saturday (which I might not end up going to - it depends if they'll need my producer abilities), and then I'm spending Sunday working on my Scriptwriting assignment - we have to take a personal narrative (I wrote about moving to Belgium) and write it in screenplay format - and reading all of Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight posts that I have starred in my Google Reader. And most definitely catch up on some sleep.

There was also this little gem of hilarity to make me feel better, courtesy of Overheard in New York:
I don't even want to look at my art history midterm yet, but if I don't know how I did, I'll go crazy! It's like a Catch-66! Anyway, I'm going to head back to my dorm and put on some pants.
AND THAT, MY FRIENDS, IS PRETTY MUCH THE STORY OF MY LIFE. (It also made me think of Ana Marie Cox - ask her about pants!)
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Air America Radio files for bankruptcy.

So there goes my secret idea for a radio show entitled "Getting Boozy with Rachel and Ana Marie", wherein the two of them discuss politics while drinking cocktails Rachel has made. It would be air during happy hour Monday through Friday, and it would be awesome. Yes, I realize that Rachel's in New York and Ana Marie is in Washington DC, but that was a detail to be worked out at a later point in time. Or never, as it were.

Seriously though: it's a sign of the times, both in terms of the economy and today's media outlets. It really sucks for Ana Marie though, seeing as she only started working for them in January, and just got her own show back in April. On top of that, she just got her official White House Press credentials a few days ago; seriously, the only reason I ever watched a White House press briefing was because she was going to be there and occasionally liveblog it. I seriously doubt she'll get to do that at her next job, whenever and whatever that may be. But hopefully this means she'll appear on The Rachel Maddow Show a lot more? *crosses fingers*


Has also been a sucky day for me, seeing as I got totally shut out of choosing a partner for my first video project in my Media Production class, and was thus put into a group with two people who don't know how to do anything (and I'm not super confident about the class myself, which doesn't help much); had pancakes for dinner, although cherry pie filling does not work on them (my mistake); and waited nearly 20 minutes in the freezing cold for a bus that obviously wasn't coming, so I had to walk all the way across campus back to my apartment, and while I was doing so, not one but two of the bus that I was waiting for pulled into the main stop on campus. So yeah, I'm going to take a shower and watch The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, The Office and 30 Rock and forget this day existed. (I would totally join in on Ana Marie's drinking, but I am still underage in that regard. Trust me, I'd drink.)

Thankfully, tommorow's Friday, meaning no classes for me. Although I do have to go look for a job on campus. Blergh.
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Hard to believe it's been a year since President Obama's inauguration and this moment:

Let me explain: I was totally jacked up on super sugary peach rings and attempting to write a paper on mise en scene and Dial M for Murder for my Intro to Film class, though pretty much failing. In my defense, it had been a pretty long day for me: I woke up early to finish The Audacity of Hope and after spending all day up at College, I just wanted to go home. Unfortunately, I couldn't until later in the evening.

The TV was on in the computer lab (first time was on since 9/11, natch) with MSNBC. I heard the above exchange - about how she used to be a bike messenger in DC, and a bad one at that. Totally warmed up to her. I didn’t start regularly watching The Rachel Maddow Show until April of 2009, but now she’s one of my favorite people. All because of one little nerdy comment.


I still need to make a real life update, gosh. And talk about Numb3rs as well, because OH MY GOD YOU GUYS.
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I totally didn't forget about yesterday (December 16th) being John Spencer Day; in fact, my first tweet of the day was on that particular subject. However, I did not participate in the annual obligation to quote Leo McGarry here on LJ, as I was too busy getting finals finished up and cleaning/packing/getting ready to go home. I planned on making a post once I got back home, but I ended up not getting here until after 1 AM, even though I left Grand Valley around 7 and it takes roughly 2 and a half hours to get here - there was a really bad accident on the freeway just outside of Grand Rapids that left traffic backed up for miles, so instead of waiting we took a detour to the local Target for a little bit, then ended up sitting in traffic for roughly an hour AFTER the accident was getting cleared. This is not the first time getting home from somewhere has gone badly: you'll remember it was this time last year that I had a hard time getting home from Chicago via Amtrak, since my train was canceled as the tracks had frozen and a another train (oddly enough, from Grand Rapids) was stuck on the tracks, and ended up having to take a bus home and arriving around 7:30 PM, nearly five hours later than my original arrival time of 2:30 PM.)

But anyway, I've been doing the whole "Quote Leo McGarry on LJ" since it started back in 2006, so to compensate for missing this year's, have Leo's Big Block of Cheese Day speech and Leo asking Josh how that bullet didn't kill him. If we're going off the comparison that the Obama administration is exactly like season 7 of The West Wing, that makes Leo Joe Biden, which I absolutely love because Joey is adorable.


Obviously all finished with finals, which went off without a hitch. I only had finals Monday through Wednesday, and they were well spaced enough that I didn't have to go through my usual self-exile from the internet that usually happens during this week. In addition, all of them seemed pretty easy; even my World Politics one - the midterm was brutal and it was my hardest class overall - went over smoothly, which I chalked up to the fact that the five free response questions on the exam were all ones I knew really well and could properly answer (although I struggled with the multiple choice portion, simply because I didn't study at all for that portion, focusing more on the free response questions because that's where the majority of the points were.) Comm Research was open-note/open-book and Mass Media&American Politics was just a simple four-page paper, so high marks are guaranteed; not sure how Comm, Social Problems and World Politics are going to shake out. Grades are available on Christmas Eve, so depending on what they are, it'll be a great Christmas present or a not-so-great Christmas present.

And now that the semester's done and I've got nothing important to do over my nice long three week break, I'm just going to relax. I've got all kinds of Christmas-themed TV to watch, from episodes of The West Wing/Studio 60/Sports Night/The Office/CSI:NY (there are also Christmas episodes of The Big Bang Theory and The Simpsons, but I've watched them already), as well as the holiday standard fare of A Charlie Brown Christmas and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, both of which I had to download due to inconvenient scheduling on television. After the holidays are over, my TV viewing will basically consist of various Bowl games and watching the first wave of television come back for the new year - including Numb3rs, which I'm obviously really excited about because, hello, shiny HD! And I'll have to say goodbye to Jon and Stephen for a few weeks, which is totally okay with me because Stephen gave this really cute little send-off at the end of his show last night.

I'm going to try and get back into writing again while I've got all this time to do so; I signed up for [ profile] picfor1000 totally on a whim, hoping that might start something, and I'd also like to get this fic I've had swirling around in my head for a few weeks down on paper at some point. Decided to do a [ profile] picspammy challenge after a long, long break; thinking about doing their "end of the decade" challenge and have already come up with a preliminary list of the events I want to spotlight (hopefully one or two for each year, but possibly more) and am definitely taking suggestions, as long as they're not too obscure. And as usual, I'll have my end-of-the-year playlist of songs I listened to throughout 2009 - a task which is proving very difficult, as my tastes are constantly changing and I'm trying to keep the list down to about 12 songs.


And finally, for all of you: my thread at the Holiday Love Meme (to those of you who have replied, a hearty thanks; I'll get around to those flisters who have it sometime tomorrow); and my Formspring, where you are allowed to ask me questions on literally anything - should you be so inclined.
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Questions for me?

If you're following me on tumblr (which, oddly enough, most of you are) you've probably already seen this, but I have jumped on the FormSpring bandwagon! Which now gives you all the right to ask me literally anything. (Seriously: do it, please? I like answering questions! And then posting my answers to those questions!)


This week pretty much sucked for me in a variety of ways. But it was totally made up for this weekend through an EPIC The Rachel Maddow Show and a hilarious Numb3rs on Friday, Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream to celebrate cloture in the Senate on Saturday, and wins by both the Giants and the Pats earlier today. Plus, it's Thanksgiving this week, meaning only two days of classes and then three days back home - with eating, watching football, family get-togethers and just generally lounging around, not getting anything school-related done! I'm excited.
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It's great to be back. I haven't seen them since before I left for Grand Valley at the end of August, and even though I talk to my parents on the phone every Sunday night, it's just not the same as seeing them in person. I was near tears when I walked in the door, and both my parents gave me huge hugs when they saw me (Dad was home when I arrived, but Mommy came in a little bit later.) That good mood was quickly crushed when I went upstairs to my room to put my stuff away and saw that Monica, who has been using my bedroom for its better WiFi connection and my bathroom in general (since she normally shares a bathroom with Graham and well... EW), had completely trashed the place. She knew I'd be coming home this weekend, so she could at least make the effort to clean it up to almost how she found it.

My parents were being their adorable selves last night while watching Law & Order with me - Mommy especially, in the way she gets so wrapped up in watching these crime procedurals. I was really excited that even with a stop at Meijer and Wendy's for dinner, I was able to make it home in time to see it; how could I not, as it was two hours in HD on our big-screen TV! SO SHINY. Except it ended up being two completely different episodes instead of one big long one (which I would've preferred, seeing as the first episode sort-of ended in a cliffhanger.) [ profile] daygloparker's right: tres disappointing. And Numb3rs wasn't much better, partially because our CBS HD feed was faulty, and this is still on my mind.

Today I spent most of the day watching C-SPAN coverage of the Health Care Reform debate in Congress - something I'd never thought I'd do, plus I planned to spend at least part of the day doing more research for my World Politics memo essay (Due Thursday, have not started it yet. I forsee a lot of late nights in my future.) Obviously, that did not get done, and it probably won't happen tomorrow either - I plan on watching Rachel Maddow do Meet the Press and then watch the Patriots/Dolphins game before I have to go back to campus in the late afternoon. I could attempt to start it tomorrow night, but who knows how tired I'll be. Plus I still haven't re-watched last weeks' Mad Men, and I'd really like to talk about it before the finale.

In conclusion, Taylor Swift is adorable.
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I can't believe it's been a whole year since this. Here's what I remember:

Dad took me to vote early Tuesday morning before class - he and Mommy already voted by absentee because he didn't want to wait in the long lines at our polling place. After I finished voting (not wearing my Obama t-shirt or pins of course), he dropped me off at college, where I spent the entire day with a huge smile on my face, wearing my Obama gear (I changed clothes once I got to school) absorbing what little election coverage I could get from the internet on my breal. I didn't get home until about 5 that day, since I had my 3-hour Speech class. I was watching election coverage on TV and eating dinner when Dad comes in from outside and goes, "The RNC people just showed up, saying 'we're here to pick Maureen up and take her to go vote.'" And I was all, "Are you serious? Did you tell them I already voted first thing this morning? And I voted for the Democratic ticket all the way through?" Apparently they were unaware that this first-time voter is an unofficial Democrat. (Also, there are RNC people in Michigan? We've been a solidly Democratic state for yeaaaaaaaars.)

Then we spent the night watching NBC election coverage, as they are our favorites - though we occasionally flipped over to MSNBC and CNN. Graham and I made brownies - they ended up being too hot and squishy, unfortunately. Monica and I decided to make our own electoral maps. We used a map of the United States copied from her planner and colored each of the states either blue or red depending on whether they went Democratic or Republican; we also played "Guess the number of electoral votes a state has", of which I got a lot of them wrong and we laughed about how ridiculous some of our guesses were ("Georgia." "Seven?" "No. They have 15.") And in honor of Tim Russert, we used the whiteboard in our kitchen to record election results - states and their number of electoral votes in blue for Obama, red for McCain - as well as favorite election related quotes: "O'Biden by the law", "I can see Russia from my house!" "Maverick. *drink*" and "Brokaw Real Estate".

I remember a little after 11pm NBC calling the Presidency for Obama, and I was so excited and nervous over what just happened that I couldn't remember how many electoral votes California, Oregon and Washington State had when I went to write them down on our whiteboard. I was in total shock for awhile afterward - I couldn't say anything besides say "Oh my God" over and over and over while sitting frozen on the couch. And even though it was almost 1 AM by the time Obama made his speech and I had class the next morning, I stayed up until the very end because I wanted to have a story to tell my children and grandchildren - that on a Tuesday in November I voted for our first African-American president, the first time I'd ever voted. I was really tired and just plain worn out from everything that happened in the day, but I couldn't fall asleep no matter how hard I tried. It still hadn't sunk in - and wouldn't sink in until probably a week and a half later - that change had finally come to America, and I help make it happen.
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We interrupt studying for midterms to bring you three and a half of my latest dreams. )

In other news: I loved last night's episode of How I Met Your Mother. Like, a lot.
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So I leave for Grand Valley on Wednesday. As in three days from now. I am really not ready to move on to this next phase of my life, despite the fact that a) I FINALLY have on-campus housing after weeks and weeks of impatiently waiting (I'll be living in an on-campus apartment with three other girls, two of them are also transfer students); and b) I have almost everything I need to make this transition, including my own laptop (!!!!!!!). I've been totally psyched out to go there for nearly a year, but now that it's so close to actually happening I'm freaking out. I mean, this will be the first time I've ever lived on my own, away from my family, for an extended period of time. So it's basically a totally new experience for me, and I hope it goes as well as I think it will.

But I have so much to do in those final three days. I did a massive load of laundry comprised of some of the clothes I'm taking with me (also partly because I had no clean clothes left at that point), and today I gathered up all the books/magazines/DVDs I want to take. Tomorrow I need to wash my sheets and towels for the dorm, and attempt to start packing things up. Tuesday Mommy and I are doing some last-minute shopping (mostly for food, plus a couple of last-minute things we couldn't get during our shopping excursion on Friday), and I'll finish packing. Then on Wednesday I leave, and begin the next phase of my life at Grand Valley.


I haven't really been doing anything else the past few weeks besides stress over college things. I finally did finish Richard Wolffe's Renegade, which is an absolute relief. I mean, I love Richard Wolffe, but you'd think a guy who has a great sense of humor and found it hilarious that he was jokingly referred to as a "Nazi" on Saturday Night Live would be able to write a book that was at least a bit more engaging; apparently that is not the case. This was an historic election, and if you have the honor of writing the first book about the new president, wouldn't you at least want to make it interesting? I think it just came down to the fact that Richard Wolffe no longer appears on Countdown with Keith Olbermann as the cause of my dread, at least in regards to continuing with it. But I'm really done with it, and the reward to myself was an epic series re-watch of The West Wing. I just finished the first disc of the first season, and OH GOSH, THIS SHOW ♥


I still have yet to talk about Mad Men's s3 premiere - will do that sometime tomorrow, plus spoilers for The Office; I will say right now that I have seen those spoilery set pics, and I flailed and squeed right along with the rest of my flist. And keep suggesting Top 5's for me! I've been so busy over the past few weeks that I haven't really had time to think about them, but I will be doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING this weekend, so I can work on them then. I need something to keep me from overdosing on The West Wing.
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Tomorrow, I promise, I will talk about important things - mainly: COLLEGE. But until then, have this.

100 questions meme from Facebook. Yes, AGAIN. )
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YES, FINALLY. I didn't think I'd ever get out of there, though I'm glad I did when I did: the roommate I had who was only 3 days younger than me for nearly the entire time I was there left Wednesday night and was replaced late Thursday afternoon with a 9-month-old boy. The doctors just couldn't figure out what was wrong with me; post-surgery, my oxygen saturation wouldn't go higher than 95% and would go as low as 83% when I went out for a brief walk around the unit and 87% while I slept, but after eliminating all possibilities both cardiac and lung-related, they figured it was just something that would get better with time, and sent me home with orders to receive oxygen while I sleep via nasal cannula. I see the doctors in about a week for post-op follow-ups, and if things haven't gotten better by then, they'll run further tests.

So how am I feeling? Okay, I guess. My chest really hurts from the incision - I have a inches-long scar from the actual surgery and a large scab from where they put the chest tube in. There are a handful of bruises on both of my upper arms from where they gave me shots of Heparin, a blood thinner. I'm totally exhausted from the lack of good sleep over the past two weeks - I can't sleep on my stomach like I normally because of the incision, and still slightly dizzy because a) I passed out FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER during a lung function test Wednesday afternoon and b) it's really hot at home because we still don't have air conditioning. But I really can't complain: I have a barrage of new stuffed animals (something you'd only get while being a pediatric patient), got to watch this bit of awesomness live (Coops!), teared up during every replay of Paris Jackson's short but incredibly sweet eulogy to her father, and ate some delicious chocolate chip cookies. I GOT ONE STEP CLOSER TO AN ON-CAMPUS HOUSING ASSIGNMENT FOR GRAND VALLEY! And while I'm home everyone is making sure I'm okay and recovering comfortably. So so nice.

I watched SyFy's Eureka marathon earlier in anticipation of tonight's premiere, and let me tell you: I AM SUPER EXCITED.
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I've only been out of school for a week and a half, but it definitely seems like longer. I haven't really done anything major while on break: I make French toast, bum around on the internet, post reactions to the ridiculous things that occur on MSNBC via Twitter, watch Gibbs' daily White House press briefings, get entertained by other TV happenings in primetime, stay up until 2 AM and sleep until 10 the next morning. Rinse and repeat. It's this kind of behavior that makes me desperate to have a job so I'm actually doing something all day instead of being productive; I've applied to a bunch of places, and am now getting through the tail end of the customary week-long waiting period, since no one has attempted to contact me. I just need to go out and do something, before I bore myself to death.

Thoughts on last weeks' AMAZING TV. )

Oh, and I watched the White House Correspondents Dinner! Which just proves how much of a political dork I am, haha. But it was really enjoyable this time around (I haven't watched since Colbert was the entertainment in 2006), as I recognized a lot more celebrities as well as famous newspeople - I was all "!!!!!" every time they showed someone I knew, which was A LOT. And Obama's speech was absolutely fantastic - he was able to make light of himself and his staff without being too harsh, something I really admire in any person, not just a person of power. I really didn't like Wanda Sykes as the entertainment (I was personally gunning for Jon Stewart, or even Hugh Jackman, doing a medley of political songs with a well-choreographed dance routine), and after her bit was over I couldn't help but wonder if it's somebody's job at the WHCA to look over the entertainer's routine to make sure there isn't anything that could be construed as offensive, especially in Wanda Sykes' case. And then I got mad at MSNBC for bringing in two unknown correspondents who took the idea that the dinner is jokingly called "DC Prom" literally by wearing actual wrist corsages and taking each other as dates instead of getting one of their ACTUAL NBC CORRESPONDENTS on the phone and asking them what it's like at the dinner. Oh wells. There's always next year, I guess.

I feel like everyone but me has seen Star Trek already. Which is sad, because I'd really like to go see it, but no one will take/go with me. Same thing with Away We Go premiering in a few weeks. BLERG.
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REALLY. At least, I'm pretty sure I'm done with that college for good, barring any failing grades (which might actually happen, given all the English 102 drama I had this semester.) I can't find out my grades until tomorrow, which has made me all nervous and tense over the past few days. But I'm just going to put myself in the mindset that I did pass all my classes, because I'M DONE, AND I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER. I'm so ready to start things at Grand Valley in August.

Honestly, I can't tell you how I survived this week. I made a to-do list everyday, and (mostly) stuck to it. I looked for something to get excited over each day, whether it was The Rachel Maddow Show every night, an ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC lunch at the on-campus restaurant with Dad on Tuesday, American Idol's Big Band week on Tuesday&Wednesday, President Obama's "100 Days" press conference (and by extension, THESE PHOTOS ZOMG) or 30 Rock on Thursday. I de-stressed the weekend before by watching the NFL Draft with the family. And even with that, I still was moved to tears after I sold my books back on Thursday afternoon because it was storming outside and the phrase "I made it through the rain" couldn't have been more fitting at that moment.

So what am I going to do in the interim five months between now and then? Take it easy, I guess. Finding a job is priority one, but I'm a little wary because a) Michigan's economy is in the toilet and b) I am not the ideal "job" candidate, as I still do not drive despite being 18 - though I did apply to a bunch of places, so I'm just going to wait that out. I plan on reading lots (and not just political stuff!), as well as writing - I have a new [ profile] inrevelations assignment that I'm anxious to start, even though I don't know what I'm going to write yet. I want to go to the gym more, and go swimming - I have all kinds of time now! I'll keep obsessing over TV - from season finales that are coming up in the next few weeks (CSI:NY! Numb3rs! The Office! And House, for some reason!) to stuff I get excited about watching over the summer: In Plain Sight, which has become exponentially wonderful now that Joshua Malina has joined the cast; Eureka, for which I've been anxiously waiting months for - JULY 14TH CANNOT COME SOON ENOUGH; and Mad Men, which won't return until August, but I'm just thankful we're getting a third season after how the last season ended. There are no plans for big vacations this summer (we're not going to Camp this year due to financial circumstances, and I highly doubt we're going to Omaha for the College World Series), but my cousin Claire (who goes to Notre Dame) is staying in South Bend for the summer and will be coming to visit! And I've made it my goal to go to a Tigers game this year (my wish is to go to one of the Red Sox/Tigers games in June), but I highly doubt that's going to happen. But I can always hope, right?
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Some awesome things have happened as of late:
  1. I know I mentioned this yesterday, but you could all benefit from seeing new First Dog Bo Obama. He's absolutely adorable! And the Obama family is going to officially introduce him to the country (as well as the rest of the world, I guess) tomorrow in a press confrence, which caused me to muse aloud how he would communicate with the public. Would he have his own webcam, a la Barney? A fan club, like with Socks the cat? Or will he write a book, like Bush 41's dog Millie? (A fact which always makes me laugh, as a) she is the namesake of my beloved babydoll, so it always comes up when I talk about my doll; and b) IT'S A DOG WHO ALSO HAPPENS TO BE A PUBLISHED AUTHOR. THINK ABOUT IT.) Either way, I am very, very excited about Bo's official introduction.

  2. EASTER! Easter was good. Went to Mass 8:30 Sunday morning, as Monica had to altar serve. Would've loved to attend the Easter Vigil the night before, as I have always wanted to ever since I learned what takes place in one during my junior year religion class in high school, but couldn't because it usually goes late, and then I'd have a hard time getting up the next morning for actual Easter Mass. Although this year was reportatedly shorter than usual because they weren't bringing anyone new into the church, just recognizing those who converted in past years. But the Mass was good.

    Dinner was nice as well; my aunt&uncle invited their neighbors over to have dinner with us, which was a lot of fun. They have two teenage girls (both fit right in between Monica and I, age-wise), so we did all kinds of weird activities with my younger cousins - playing Blurt! while eating all the appetizers (with me teaching them how to "blow for luck" with the dice), participating in a game similar to the "name game" we played in Drama class, except with aliases and corresponding hand-motions (I was "Dork" "Chop Choppin' The Ice" and "Pregnant"), and a mock-Olympics, where everyone else jumped on the trampoline and I played judge, giving out pretend scores and fake medals. I ate the most delicious lamb with the adults, and found out the neighbors also attend our Camp (although during a different week), so we traded various Camp stories. Although I was disappointed that I didn't get to see my cousin Luke; he's in college down at Dallas and couldn't get home for the weekend. I sent him a message saying we all missed him there, and he echoed the sentiment, which was sweet.

  3. House! )

  4. I spent some time switching up my schedule for Grand Valley; I'm now taking more classes towards my major, although they're one day a week for three hours in the evening, which makes me a little nervous. But now I'm actually taking classes that will count towards my major, instead of classes that fulfill my Political Science minor, take up credits, and fill holes in my school schedule. And it frees up more time for me to have an on campus job (free Wednesday and Friday afternoons in the Fall, all day Friday in the Winter) and have enough credit hours to make Dad happy. Now it's making me more anxious to go there already.
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YOU GUYS. PRESIDENT OBAMA AND NEW PUPPY BO! Adorable, yes? Truly, representation of the famous Harry Truman quote, "If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog." Also: Obama read Where The Wild Things Are at the Easter Egg Roll! They showed video footage of him reading on the Nightly News earlier, being really really into it (while Sasha sat there with a look of "Dad, what are you doing?") and I think that made him my favorite contemporary president. SERIOUSLY.

A more full update tomorrow, as I'm now off to watch House and The Rachel Maddow Show. In short: Easter was wonderful, and I ate too A LOT of food.
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Parents are back, safe and sound; Graham and I picked them up at the airport on Sunday. They had an absolutely fabulous trip, especially Mommy, who couldn't stop gushing at how awesome great-aunt Mary was. Their only complaint was that the Air France people were incredibly rude on their return flight back home, and that they missed us too much. What they didn't miss: all the stress that comes with returning from a vacation when no one else was on vacation. It was so nice and relaxing with them gone, but now that they're back, my stress level is going up again. Just what I need when I'm already stressed over school stuff. Although Grandma left earlier this morning, so I can finally get my own room back after spending a week and a half in Monica's and a week in my parents bedroom, and that is an absolute relief.

I watched House last night for the first time in months, because they were running constantly running promos on FOX all weekend and I had nothing better to do, and now I know why I stopped watching there for awhile. )

Oh, and Miley Cyrus is on the cover of my new issue of Glamour magazine. I plan on sending them a strongly worded letter on how it is not okay that such a poor role model for young girls is gracing the cover of a classy women's magazine, talking about how grown-up she is at sixteen with a 20-year-old boyfriend and how if children want to be famous, they should just do it. GO TAKE YOUR IMMATURITY TO TRASHY COSMO, MILEY.
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One week without an update, woo. I've been keeping up with the flist and twittering quite frequently over the past few days, but never actually had the time or the energy to post an lj entry. I have a lot to say, so here's a rundown of what's happened over the past week:

1. Monica made her confirmation last Saturday, taking the name Hope. It's different (usually candidates take a saint name; I choose Catherine, Graham choose Anthony), and I don't know if this was a factor in her decision, but it was one of the themes of Obama's campaign - and if she did, I'm so proud that she's showing her political pride. Both get-togethers were incredibly loud with all the little cousins running around, but relaxing enough that I could lay on my bed and read and do homework without getting incredibly frustrated. It's rare that extended family comes to visit us, and there's a possibility that we aren't going to Omaha this year, so it was nice to see everyone.

2. Grandma took me shopping at the mall! It was a lot of fun getting to spend some alone time with her, and she paid for everything, which was a huge plus. I got two scarves (this one and this one) as well as this top (in a fun print) from American Eagle. H&M yielded a sophisticated black light-weather jacket, a grey boatneck sweater, and a short sleeved white button down. And I bought clip and magnetic earrings at Claires, since I don't have piereced ears but would like to wear earrings occasionally; I'm still getting used to having them on. I feel so sophisticated with all my new purchases!

3. My parents are in Scotland visiting my dad's great-aunt Mary this week; they'll be back tomorrow. When she came here last July, she begged my parents to come visit, and they decided this would the best week to go since Grandma's already in town for Monica's Confirmation. I miss them dearly, but there is one upside to them not being here: I GET TO STAY IN THEIR ROOM. And let me tell you, it is absolutely wonderful. I've likened it to staying a hotel room by yourself - bigger bed, large private bathroom, TV in the bedroom. There was nothing better than watching The Daily Show in bed and just turning off the lights and going to sleep. Plus, almost all of the shows I usually watch were repeats this week, so I'd watch Countdown with Keith Olbermann and The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC and get obsessed. It was awesome.

4. I watched American Idol and the ER finale. )

5. Registered for all of next years' classes at Grand Valley; it was quite possibly the most stressful thing I've ever done. I got shut out of all the broadcasting courses I was recommended to take, and it turns out I can't take the marketing course they recommended for me until I'm at least a junior. So I've planned to take as many political science courses as I can this year (for my minor) to get those out of the way, and take broadcasting/communications courses afterwards. Either way, I'm pretty pumped. I can't believe I'm actually going to be a student there in a few months!

6. Wrote my entry for [ profile] inrevelations - it's here if you'd like to read it. Despite my early assumptions that my story was going to suck compared to other entries, it turned out really well - I even surprised myself by writing over 1,000 words! The next challenge involves photos as prompts, which I'm absolutely thrilled about, because I do really well when writing with a visual prompt. Plus, it's getting me back into writing things (that actually sound good), which is ace.

7. Still busy with school, as always. I've only got a few weeks left, so my professors are trying to cram as much as they can into these last few classes - another exam, paper or project - all due within the next two weeks. Thankfully, all of my finals are either non-comprehensive or in-class essays, which takes a huge weight off my shoulders when I'm distracted over the fact that I'll be nearly done. So I probably won't be updating on here very often (I want to pour all my writing efforts into school assignments) until school is done, not that anyone really cares. I'll still be twittering lots, so if you want, follow me!
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Things I've done over the past few days:
  • CLEANED. Grandma (Dad's mom) arrived here last night, so in preparation for her visit I cleaned various parts of the house. She's staying in my room, and I've been so busy that I rarely do anything in there besides sleep, read and do homework in there, so it hasn't gotten very messy - it took me literally ten minutes to clean. I left a few things until the last minute, and I got home late and was afraid that I wouldn't be able to get them done before Grandma got here. Luckily, Mommy was home all day, and she finished straightening up my room. So Grandma's here, I'm sleeping in Monica's room, and week that she's here is going to be fun.

  • Listened to The Decemberists' new album The Hazards of Love. I've only listened to it once in full, but my impression so far is that it's better listened to as a whole album rather than as individual songs. It's pretty interesting, but I think I prefer their earlier stuff from Picaresque and The Crane Wife; I'm gonna go as far to say that The Hazards of Love is to The Decemberists as Narrow Stairs is to Death Cab For Cutie. I think I'd be able to offer a more cohesive review once I've listened to it a few more times. So I'll do that.


  • Hardly any homework. It was wonderful to just lounge around, sleep, and watch The West Wing season 2 without any major worries that I had more important things to do, especially after the weeks I'd been through.

  • Wrote my story for [ profile] inrevelations. It's making me frustrated - I've got it planned out in my head, and when I put it down on paper, it doesn't sound as good. I'm reading other people's entries, and even though I shouldn't compare my stuff to theirs, mine seems much, much worse. I hope the person I wrote it for in enjoys it. And I'm worried that I won't reach/exceed the 800 word minimum. So I'll keep writing and self-editing, read others stories, and have mine ready by Friday. I hope it turns out as well as I think it will.

  • Got psyched about Obama's press conference tonight, though I'm pissed that it messes up my TV watching schedule.
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I woke up this morning around 7:30 to Dad yelling at me, nearly in tears because no one told me that I was coming into school early. There's nothing I hate more than my parents just assuming I know I have to go in early. Luckily, I put my backpack together last night and had an outfit together, so it only took me a few minutes to get ready, but I hadn't eaten breakfast or gotten a snack to take to school, so I was still rushing around. Dad ended up coming back to get me after taking Monica, which I was incredibly thankful for. But I could have used the extra half-hour of sleep - I've been incredibly tired these past few days.

I was pleased to find out when I turned on the TV this morning that I was not alone in being woken up earlier than I wanted to be - David Gregory had to get up early to fill in for Matt Lauer on The Today Show, and I was excited to see him. Also, it's supposed to rain today, so that makes me feel a little bit better despite my rough start this morning.


English 102 drama continues! )


I took my Film midterm today! It was super-super easy, and I'm pretty confident I've got an A in the class so far. Due to this awesomeness, I present you with the Away We Go trailer (HALLO THAR ALLISON JANNEY, I DID NOT KNOW YOU WERE IN THIS MOVIE) and as an addendum to my previous post, the bloopers to Monsters Inc. HILARIOUS.

I'll do a TV review post later, as this one is getting long, and I haven't totally gathered my thoughts. In short: SUCKY.


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