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I really do not know how to feel about this. Mostly it's been a Nancy Kerrigan-esque "WHY?!?!?!?" and quiet weeping in the corner. Because seriously, you two? (Apparently they've done a few of those ice skating/gymnastic shows together and were each others date to the ESPYs last year, which... oh. See? I am totally confused.)

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Today? Today was fantastic. I didn't have my Media Production class this morning: we're in the process of working on our second video projects (an interview + interesting footage of someone we know) and today was classified as a "work day" for us to do some shooting and/or planning. Since my partner is doing all the filming this weekend (and then we'll edit it together), we didn't need the work day. So I slept until noon, and then made French toast for breakfast.

I did have class at four, so I did eventually get up and get going. I left the apartment around 3:30 so I could catch the bus in time. Unfortunately, I missed getting to the bus that was already there by mere minutes, but I had enough time before the next bus came (about 5 minutes) to visit the on campus ATM - Grandma (Dad's mom) sent me a $30 check for Valentine's Day! I was running low on money and needed to make a Meijer run soon, so it was much appreciated. I just finished at the ATM when the bus pulled up. Headed to my International Relations class, which is always fun; the professor is great and I'm learning a lot. However, I noticed on the bus ride back that I could only hear out of one ear of my headphones. They've been acting up lately (the wire from the headphones to the plug keeps getting pulled out unintentionally), but that wasn't the problem. So I have to go out and buy new ones, even though the ones I have now are only a few months old - in fact, I bought them while I was here at college.

So I was pretty bummed about my headphones, because I almost always have them on when I'm out, but things got better when I got home. Mommy sent me a belated Valentine's Day card (which of course made me cry), as well as $10 in cash and a $25 Meijer gift card (for groceries). AWESOME, RIGHT? So now I don't really have to choose between paying off my credit card bill or buying groceries. Now I'm done for the day, holed up with some Oreos (and peanut butter!) and watching figure skating. Go Evan Lysacek!

AND. I was delighted to find out both Rachel Maddow and Ana Marie Cox were both at CPAC today, and was secretly hoping for a picture of both of them, a la that picture of them from the Radio & TV Correspondents Dinner earlier this year. Of course, I posted this thought on Twitter, where it got picked up not only by Rachel Maddow's producer (who posted this, semi-satisfying me) but Ana Marie Cox herself (ZOMG YOU GUYS.) This has now earned me a few new Twitter followers, which is pretty weird.

Tomorrow should be pretty good as well, despite the fact that I can't eat any meat. I have an Audio Production private lesson in the morning, and grocery shopping afterwards. Then producing at a Loserville shoot, and capping the night off with some Olympics, as per usual. Tomorrow night is when Ice Dancing starts, and I'm really excited because two of USA's Ice Dancing pairs are from Michigan, right around the city where I'm from! Now if only I could fit in some homework in there as well...

no, really.

Dec. 9th, 2009 09:28 pm
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I did absolutely nothing today. Nope, didn't even go to class. I just slept until 1:30 PM, made French Toast, and then spent the rest of the day laying in bed watching various things online - Scrubs, last night's TRMS, the 2003 World Gymnastics Championships. I'm wide awake now (as well as showered and clean), and desperately hoping that all classes are canceled tomorrow, since we're under a blizzard warning and it's supposed to be insanely cold all day. I plan on watching Charlie Wilson's War later tonight, since I'll still probably be wide awake, and I have to write a film review on it for World Politics - which is due tomorrow afternoon. I'm really excited to see it (Tom Hanks! Aaron Sorkin's writing!), plus I bought some Ben & Jerry's Half-Baked yesterday to ride out the snowstorm with, so tonight's going to be pretty fun.

Other school related things: My Mass Media&American Politics professor canceled class this week, as well as the presentations on our Content Analysis projects, which are now due on Monday. Totally awesome, as I haven't even started on it - despite having it for a few weeks. Also awesome is the fact that I got a 92% on my Comm Research final project, and our final exam is open note/open book. Just one more thing to not worry about for next week!


Regarding the latest news on The Office: FRAKKING HILARIOUS. I'm beginning to think that this isn't so much a network decision as a writer decision, as they possibly haven't figured out that plot yet - even though Pam is technically supposed to give birth in January, based on continuity. Don't get me wrong - I do think it's sad, as you've got three episodes before the Olympics; couldn't you devote an episode to the birth then? No? Instead we've got to wait through almost two weeks of Winter Olympics for something we've all been waiting the entire season for. Honestly, I'd be excited if it was coming after the Summer Games, because yay! Gymnastics! Swimming! But with the Winter Games, there's no sport I'm really excited about. Which makes this whole waiting thing really suck that much more.
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Tomorrow, I promise, I will talk about important things - mainly: COLLEGE. But until then, have this.

100 questions meme from Facebook. Yes, AGAIN. )
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I don't feel well at all today. I have horrible cramps like I've never had before, and so I'm pretty grumpy. I spent pretty much the entire day in bed reading Sammy's House with a heating pad over my belly. Because I spent the day in bed, I didn't get the memo that we were going to Church this afternoon. I had already been to Church twice this week, which is enough. And although I really don't like going to Church much these days, I really wasn't feeling well and really didn't want to go. Mommy told me we were going to Church this ten minutes before we were supposed to leave, and so I had to rush to change into some actual clothes (I was still in my pajamas at 4PM) and get ready to leave.

Since I was rushing, I didn't have a chance to change out of the low-cut top I decided to wear, and I forgot to lock up the house when I was leaving. Mommy was pretty pissed at me (although it's technically her fault, because she didn't remind me yesterday or this morning that we were going today so I wouldn't have to rush). And then she was making jokes with Graham&Monica like I wasn't even there, which pissed me off even more. Not even the re-run of the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony could cheer me up :(

This added to the fact that I got a Columbia College Chicago admissions packet in the mail yesterday and coming to the realization that there's this huge opportunity for me that's a program that's exactly the field I want to go into (Television Production/Writing) in a city that I absolutely love (Chicago), but I'm not allowed to take it. So I feel like even though I can't wait to transfer to Grand Valley next year, Columbia College is where I should (and really want to) be, and that just depresses me so much. I don't think I'll ever be able to get the thought that I could be in a program a lot more beneficial than what's at Grand Valley. It sucks.

I finally got around to watching the Mad Men pilot, but I'll talk about it tomorrow. Too much emo in this post.
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I skipped both Astronomy and English yesterday and instead spent time watching Studio 60 in the computer lab (I watched "B-12" and "Monday"; skipped over "The Christmas Show" because it's not Christmas yet), and then headed to the cafeteria-restaurant on campus to study for my Stats test. I hadn't been to it yet, and wanted to do so before I'm no longer a student here. I had a so-so cheeseburger and fries, but it didn't really matter because I just wanted food at that point. And the view was absolutely amazing and looked so pretty with the snow falling down.

Stats test went wonderfully. I guess studying really did pay off, because I'm confident I did everything right. Now I'm anxious to get it back, and am hoping that it boosts my grade a little. Honestly, that was probably the easiest sections we've covered, so the test was pretty easy. I even finished before the class had ended, which never happens.

Decided to switch topics for my final speech; instead of "green living", I'm doing television censorship. I did a paper on it for English last year, so it's cited and everything, I just need to polish it a little bit and turn it into a speech. And then I need to get visual aides for it, which may prove difficult. It's due in a week, but I think this will be easier than trying to come up with something new. I just hope I can make it work.

I went swimming last night at the gym, and it was wonderfully relaxing. I still smell faintly like chlorine, but it left me so tired that I slept incredibly well last night. I'm hoping I can do it again soon.

Prison Break continues to leave me shocked, but I'm anxious to get this season (and the series) over with. I just want it to end well with everyone happy. That's all I've ever wanted this season.

I'm absolutely OBSESSED with Coldplay's "Life in Technicolor II". I loved the original instrumental version when it came out a few months ago (and now it will always remind me of the Olympics; Thanks, NBC!), and to finally get words to it makes it that much better. I love it.

AND. I'm now Facebook friends with Emily Prentiss. So is Monica; in fact, she recently wrote on Emily's wall. SHUT UP.
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There are three reasons Fall is my favorite season: the start of school; the weather gets cooler, but is still bearable; and the start of a new season of television. )


It's currently raining pretty hard here, which is perfect "stay inside and work on homework" weather. If only I was actually motivated to do it (and I somehow need to get motivated, because I have a lot to do and need to get it done ASAP so I'm not rushing to finish it later.) And Michael Phelps is hosting Saturday Night Live tonight, so there's that.
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Michael Phelps is hosting Saturday Night Live's season premiere, which is in two weeks. I knew I kept this icon for a reason other than I'm going through Olympic withdrawal and I miss seeing the world's greatest Olympic athlete every night!

Also, I'm thinking about doing [ profile] picspammy's next challenge - Couples. Other than the obvious one, which OTP should I pick? Decisions, decisions.

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1) I had my math final today, and got an 86%. it seemed to sum up my whole summer math class experience: A lot of it was review (stuff I didn't study, because I knew it really well), but there were some things that I hadn't seen in High School, and thus really had to review them. So I end up with a 90% in the class, meaning I just barely held on to that 4.0 GPA. I'm done for now, but I start up again next week with a full load. Which reminds me that I need to get books ordered ASAP.

2) The Closing Ceremonies last night were absolutely beautiful. But they were incredibly long (or at least the seemed to last longer than three hours.) They were full of energy and happiness, which was a sharp contrast to the Opening Ceremonies, which served as a showcase to the world of what China is all about. I just can't believe the Olympics are over already, and the 2012 games in London are just too far away.

3) I need a wall calendar for 2008. I really wanted an Office one but they don't make them anymore. So I have to hit up OfficeDepot tomorrow to buy a generic looking one. But I totally plan on getting The Office2009 calendar when it comes time to do so.

4) My head hurts :( A LOT.

5) Now that the Olympics are over, it's time for the Democratic Convention! Which I totally plan on watching tonight, as well as the rest of the week. It's getting closer and closer to November, and I still don't have an Obama t-shirt. And still hasn't sent me that free Barack Obama button. Losers.

6) I may or may not make an Olympic picspam. I uploaded the pictures I want into a Facebook album and added captions, but posting one on livejournal is a lot more work. Although I will have a bit more time now that I'm not doing anything for a few days.
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I almost woke up crying because of this dream. )


I'm going to go take a shower, then it's time for me to GET MY STUDY ON, because the Olympic Closing Ceremonies are tonight, and I'd like to fully watch them. (Apparently they were on this morning on the Canadian channel, but it was almost over when I woke up. So. I'd rather watch them on NBC in HD anyway. There might be more promos for The Office!
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I'm glad I didn't sign up to get Obama's text message alert for his VP choice, because CNN reported it before I did. So, Obama-Biden in 2008! That's good, I guess. I'm sure we'll learn more about him come convention time. (WHICH MEANS THE OLYMPICS END TOMORROW :( AND THE CONVENTION STARTS ON MONDAY, OMG.)

Yeah, I should really be studying for my final.

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I was pretty bored last night, so I decided to clean out my backpack. I haven't even touched it since I finished high school in May, and I'll need to use it for college. There isn't really a lot left in there (my journal from Poetry&Short Stories, a few final exam study guides, my AP Spanish grammar workbook, and stuff from choir), but I did come across some stuff I wrote in Poetry&Short Stories that I absolutely love and refused to put in my writing portfolio.

Including this one thing related to The Office that I'm particularly proud of. )


The IOC investigated the whole Chinese gymnasts controversy, and after 12 hours, they found nothing wrong. I'm incredibly suspicious. (And why wasn't this fully investigated before the Olympics started? I GUESS WE'LL NEVER KNOW.)


I started my online search for the textbooks I need for Fall, and I had to stop a half-hour into my searching because I got frustrated. I'll have Dad help me later tonight/sometime this weekend, because buying textbooks online is just too overwhelming for one person.



Apparently Aaron Sorkin has joined Facebook, only because he wants to make a movie about the creation of Facebook. This looks like it's not going to go over well at all.


Aug. 21st, 2008 01:41 pm
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One thing I forgot to mention about Eureka. )


Watched the Olympic Gymnastics Gala Exhibition on NBC last night - all 10 minutes of it. It goes on for a few hours and showcases all the gymnasts, but all they showed were the American gymnasts. EPIC FAIL, NBC. I absolutely loved the Gala from Athens, because they had it on OnDemand in the weeks leading up to Beijing. (Apparently the 10-minute clip wasn't the whole thing either, just a montage.) The sad part about this is that I can't find video of the entire gala ANYWHERE; NBC only has video of what they showed last night. I guess Track&Field finals FROM 2 NIGHTS AGO are more important than a bunch of foreigners in pretty costumes.

Closing Ceremonies on Sunday, then NBC goes back to whatever they had before the Olympics. As long as they show more promos for The Office (WHICH PREMIERES IN A MONTH), then I'm okay.


I had my last summer math class today, sold my book back and am now $46 richer. The final is on Monday; and despite what the instructor says about it being difficult, I think I'll do okay because I've done relatively well on all my exams. We'll see. After that, I have to start preparing for Fall semester, which starts next Wednesday! One week of vacation, boo.
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It's the Sci-Fi version of Groundhog Day! )


I got a 103% on my latest exam (which means I have a 4.0 GPA now, yay), which is a good sign that Monday's final should go over well. *crosses fingers*


Olympic gymnastics gala exhibition tonight! Should be a really fun, exciting and interesting thing to watch.
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Monica came home from camp last night, which means chaos at the house and SUMMER'S OVER :(((


Honesty Meme. )


Dear Yahoo!, why must you spoil me for the Olympics when I'm going to watch them later today and I want to be surprised by the results? I was really hoping you were wrong and Shawn actually got the Gold last night instead of the Silver. I DON'T LIKE IT WHEN I'VE ALREADY SEEN THE RESULTS BUT BECAUSE NBC HAS TO BE STUPID AND SHOW THEM IN PRIMETIME, MY HOPES FOR USA GOING 1&2 ARE DASHED.
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Take that, Ian Thorpe!


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So Texas is the place to be if you want to be an all-around champion, apparently.
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I silently fear for Jenna Fischer's life.

In other news, Eureka is going to be AWESOME next week, Michael Phelps is now the greatest Olympic athlete EVER, and the US women's gymnastic team failed to capture gold in the team finals last night. JUST ANOTHER REASON WHY CHINA IS ON NOTICE.

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That is all.


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