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So the Superbowl was on tonight, and usually I'm really into it, but this year... not so much. I was really indecisive as to who I wanted to win (and had a list of very shallow reasons as to why the Colts should beat the Saints and versa), it went by incredibly fast, and although I ordered pizza shortly before halftime, it didn't arrive until the last few minutes of the game. Don't get me wrong, I'm incredibly happy for the Saints and what this victory will bring to the City of New Orleans, but. I don't know. Something was missing. Maybe because it was the first time I'd ever watched the Superbowl absolutely by myself.

However, there was this commercial which I absolutely LOVED:

It's things like this that bring out the hopeless romantic sap in me, and then I get emotional. And speaking of romantic things, I STILL have not talked about Numb3rs - specifically the episode from two weeks ago, but also the show in general, as there are possibly only two episodes left, and they won't come until AFTER the Olympics. I also need to do a real-life update, as there are things going on in my life, such as: I hate my PR professor/class! I am making plans for next year! I am now a big TV producer! But I digress. I'd much rather sleep than update this thing all the time.


Jan. 28th, 2010 10:18 pm
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HELLO, LIVEJOURNAL! I have had a crazy stressful week, which has gone as follows:

Sunday: sleep until 3pm(!!!), watch AFC & NFC championships
Monday: decidedly not do Scriptwriting assignment (write a short story in screenplay format)
Tuesday: marathon episodes of John Adams for International Relations paper
Wednesday: become frustrated by PR professor's inability to teach, watch State of the Union, begin writing John Adams paper
Today: Shoot first video for Media Production, finish John Adams paper and turn it in

Thankfully, all that's on the agenda tomorrow is a group recording for Audio Production, and then a Loserville shoot. The weekend is also less stressful, as there is a day-long Loserville shoot on Saturday (which I might not end up going to - it depends if they'll need my producer abilities), and then I'm spending Sunday working on my Scriptwriting assignment - we have to take a personal narrative (I wrote about moving to Belgium) and write it in screenplay format - and reading all of Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight posts that I have starred in my Google Reader. And most definitely catch up on some sleep.

There was also this little gem of hilarity to make me feel better, courtesy of Overheard in New York:
I don't even want to look at my art history midterm yet, but if I don't know how I did, I'll go crazy! It's like a Catch-66! Anyway, I'm going to head back to my dorm and put on some pants.
AND THAT, MY FRIENDS, IS PRETTY MUCH THE STORY OF MY LIFE. (It also made me think of Ana Marie Cox - ask her about pants!)
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1. Christmas was great. Very low-key; It took us literally ten minutes to open presents. I got David Plouffe's The Audacity to Win, season 3 of 30 Rock, and a check for $60 from Grandma - which went towards this webcam, Kristin Gore's Sammy's Hill (because I need 60 more cents to qualify for free shipping, and that was the cheapest thing I could find that I actually could have a use for) and this shirt (which is technically free, but with shipping cost me 25 cents), all while also paying of my credit card bill to something more manageable. Dinner with the aunt&uncle&cousins was good as well; I was able to pick up my two little cousins Lucy and John (I had been forbidden to lift anything heavier than 20 pounds before and shortly after my surgery, but now I'm all better), ate some delicious beef tenderloin, and played a super-intense game of Mad Gabs with my older cousins and the adults.

2. Speaking of family get-togethers, one of my uncles and his two kids are coming later tonight! Both are close in age to Graham, Monica and I (cousin Mairead is Graham's age and Austin is right in between Graham and Monica) and they're staying until after New Year's - so we've got all kinds of shenanigans planned; and unlike last time Mairead was here (back in July, right after I got out of the hospital), I won't be too tired or weak to participate. We're getting together with the aunt&uncle&cousins again for a New Year's Eve party (which will definitely include an epic Mad Gabs rematch), and then everyone is coming over here for New Year's Day to watch bowl games on our big TV.

3. Other than the holiday plans, not much else is going on. Graham had ACL surgery last week, so I'm busy tending to his needs. Definitely catching up on my sleep. Marathoning TV - I finished season 3 of 30 Rock in about two days, and I've now moved on to How I Met Your Mother. Ordered my books for next semester (only $200 worth). Gearing up to try and write a lot in the coming weeks.

4. Also busy working on my year-end stuff. My [ profile] picspammy entry is almost done - I have one more show to picspam, and then decide how I want to format it. My playlist of songs I listened to in 2009 is finalized, and I'll get that posted ASAP. And of course there's those year-end survey things - I did the fandom one earlier today and I'll probably do the year in review one sometime tomorrow if things aren't too busy.

5. NFL playoff scenarios give me major headaches.
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Ugh, I wanted to do a "Woo-hoo, I'm home, Happy Thanksgiving!" post while I was actually back home, but I was feeling so incredibly lazy during my vacation that I'm doing a post now - right at a time when I have to be anything BUT lazy.


Thanksgiving break was good, incredibly low key. Watched all the football games on Thursday - although I had to give up on watching the Giants/Broncos game because a) I was getting frustrated watching it online and b) they were losing, and losing badly. I ended up watching The Office's "Niagra" on NBC in HD with Dad - it was a lot better the second time around, especially having someone else watch it with me. Dinner was great as well, being with just Mommy, Dad, Graham and Monica. Spent both Wednesday and Friday lounging around the house and getting nothing done - we didn't end up spending Friday with my aunt&uncle&cousins, but we'll see them for Christmas, which gives me something to look forward to after school finishes up.

And then on Saturday, I went with the rest of the fam (along with my uncle and my cousins Luke, Mark and Paul) to Graham's football game at Ford Field! They were playing in the State Championships, and even though I had never been to any of his football games, I figured I should go and support him and his teammates - he's a senior this year, so it's his last chance. Plus, it would probably the only chance I would have to visit Ford Field - I don't plan on going to a Lions game anytime soon - and even better that we watched the game from a suite right on the 50-yard line. What made the experience even better is that they won! We were all excited, because it's his school's first football championship in six years - and Graham being a senior, this was made even more special for him. We all got very emotional at the afterparty.


Now that Thanksgiving break is over and I'm back at school, it's full speed ahead to the White House to the end of the semester in two weeks - which means all kinds of projects are due. I have my final project in Comm Research due Monday (Which I just realized this past Monday, and now I'm rushing to get it done even though I've had several weeks) and my content analysis project for Mass Media&American Politics due next Thursday. And then there's final exams the week after that, two each on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday. So yeah, I've got a lot of work to do in the next couple of days - I'm surprised that I haven't had a total breakdown yet. And also disappointed that I won't be able to go to the football game this weekend - Grand Valley is on track to win another National Championship (they last won in 2006) and I'd really like to be there to experience it - although it'll be nationally televised on ESPN, so win-win-win? Ugh, I just hate the final weeks of the semester. So much stress before getting a vacation.

BUT. Numb3rs is a new episode on Friday, and that's always something for me to look forward to.
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Questions for me?

If you're following me on tumblr (which, oddly enough, most of you are) you've probably already seen this, but I have jumped on the FormSpring bandwagon! Which now gives you all the right to ask me literally anything. (Seriously: do it, please? I like answering questions! And then posting my answers to those questions!)


This week pretty much sucked for me in a variety of ways. But it was totally made up for this weekend through an EPIC The Rachel Maddow Show and a hilarious Numb3rs on Friday, Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream to celebrate cloture in the Senate on Saturday, and wins by both the Giants and the Pats earlier today. Plus, it's Thanksgiving this week, meaning only two days of classes and then three days back home - with eating, watching football, family get-togethers and just generally lounging around, not getting anything school-related done! I'm excited.
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A few very brief thoughts on tonight's House. )

In short: really not what I needed after last night's Pats/Colts game. Not only was I having terrible flashbacks to Superbowl XLII, but now the MIGHTY BENGALS OF CINCINNATI of all teams are actually really being considered as contenders for this season's Superbowl! SERIOUSLY.


Nov. 9th, 2009 07:44 pm
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Since I haven't had enough heartbreak over the past two weeks, let's talk about the New York Giants.

It's not that I'm mad at them. From what I understand, it's more about who they're playing than how they're playing (although I do think might have something to do with it - I mean, how do you win four straight and then lose four straight? INCLUDING TO THE CARDINALS? COME ON.) I just don't think they've been well matched-up in terms of opponents - but that isn't anything the team themselves can control. In a way, I wish the Giants and Patriots fates were reversed: Eli's team could've won three, had a bye, and then won again; the Pats could've won four and then lost four, which we could have attributed to Tom Brady's delayed reaction on returning to football after taking last season off. All I'm saying is that I'm thankful the Giants have a bye this upcoming week, as it'll give them a chance to regroup and get back on track, as I heard a really upsetting anecdote on ESPN during dinner (my TV choices then are either ESPN or CNN Headline News, so shut up.) that no team has ever made it to the Superbowl with four straight losses. Which sucks, as I would really like the Giants to at least have a chance of making it this time around.

In short: San Diego Superchargers, I know you have a cool theme song and all, but would it have killed you to let the Giants win the game on Sunday? Especially since they were at home, and hadn't won a game in three weeks? The team needed it. the fans needed it. I NEEDED IT.
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It's great to be back. I haven't seen them since before I left for Grand Valley at the end of August, and even though I talk to my parents on the phone every Sunday night, it's just not the same as seeing them in person. I was near tears when I walked in the door, and both my parents gave me huge hugs when they saw me (Dad was home when I arrived, but Mommy came in a little bit later.) That good mood was quickly crushed when I went upstairs to my room to put my stuff away and saw that Monica, who has been using my bedroom for its better WiFi connection and my bathroom in general (since she normally shares a bathroom with Graham and well... EW), had completely trashed the place. She knew I'd be coming home this weekend, so she could at least make the effort to clean it up to almost how she found it.

My parents were being their adorable selves last night while watching Law & Order with me - Mommy especially, in the way she gets so wrapped up in watching these crime procedurals. I was really excited that even with a stop at Meijer and Wendy's for dinner, I was able to make it home in time to see it; how could I not, as it was two hours in HD on our big-screen TV! SO SHINY. Except it ended up being two completely different episodes instead of one big long one (which I would've preferred, seeing as the first episode sort-of ended in a cliffhanger.) [ profile] daygloparker's right: tres disappointing. And Numb3rs wasn't much better, partially because our CBS HD feed was faulty, and this is still on my mind.

Today I spent most of the day watching C-SPAN coverage of the Health Care Reform debate in Congress - something I'd never thought I'd do, plus I planned to spend at least part of the day doing more research for my World Politics memo essay (Due Thursday, have not started it yet. I forsee a lot of late nights in my future.) Obviously, that did not get done, and it probably won't happen tomorrow either - I plan on watching Rachel Maddow do Meet the Press and then watch the Patriots/Dolphins game before I have to go back to campus in the late afternoon. I could attempt to start it tomorrow night, but who knows how tired I'll be. Plus I still haven't re-watched last weeks' Mad Men, and I'd really like to talk about it before the finale.

In conclusion, Taylor Swift is adorable.
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Things I need to talk about:

+ Tonight's episode of Mad Men (HOW COULD I NOT?)
- The fact that I'm pissed that my New York Giants haven't won a game lately
+ The past three episodes of House
- Why I gave up on Glee

Unfortunately, none of this will be attempted until at least Wednesday, since I have an exam in eight hours that I've barely studied for and a paper due Tuesday that I haven't started and really don't want to write - and of course, I'm the girl who doesn't pull all-nighters and overstresses herself out more often than she should. GAH.

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This meme in no way makes up for the fact that I haven't done a real-life update in quite some time. )

Other things I need to post about besides real life things: the past three episodes of House and general thoughts on this season of Mad Men - which, sadly, is almost over. Where did the time go, you guys?
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In other sports news, sad day to be a fan from Boston, no? I'm not even from there (though I do like to pretend), and I'm pretty upset. Even more so now that I know Cleveland (OF ALL THE TEAMS IN THE NFL, IT HAD TO BE THEM) won their game today.
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Long time, no update. Here goes.

School is going along fine. A little stressful, seeing as it's midterm time already - even though I've only been in classes for not quite two months. Luckily, they're not all in the same week and aren't all technically "midterms". I had my first exam in Social Problems last Monday (received an 82% - not as well as I thought I did - but it's the only first exam and I really didn't know what to expect, and I can make it up by doing really well on the other two), a take-home essay for Mass Media&American Politics due Tuesday (which if you saw my tweets Monday night, you know how hard it was for me to get through it), and the rest are all this week: I have a paper/presentation due Monday evening for Communications Research, and exams Thursday and Friday for World Politics and Concepts of Communication, respectively. So yeah, I'm going to be super-busy this weekend. If only the apartment wasn't so cold and there wasn't an America's Next Top Model marathon on Bravo right now, I'd totally be motivated to actually work.

In other real-life news, I NEED A JOB. BADLY. Though this is nothing new, I am running out of money way too fast for someone in my situation. I can't even pay off my credit card bill anymore, that's how bad it is. But sadly, I've been so busy with other school things that I haven't had a chance to check out Grand Valley's student employment office. Maybe after midterms are done and things quiet down academic-wise. If all else fails, I can see if the campus newspaper is still looking for people, even if it's going to be extra work.

TV has been hit or miss so far for me. Mad Men has been incredibly enjoyable as of late - it's really hitting its stride, and I'm anxious to see what's coming next. The Big Bang Theory remains hilarious as always, and I'm really warming up to Barney/Robin on How I Met Your Mother. CSI:NY and Criminal Minds have been really uninteresting this season so far, but I refuse to give either of them up because a) I'd have nothing to do on Wednesday nights, and b) I want to see them get better. I am, however, really excited that 30 Rock returns next Thursday - Liz Lemon&Co. have been absent from my life for far too long. I've also watched this weeks' The Office and House, but I think both of those need a re-watch and their own posts for extended thoughts and analysis. Those will come soon enough.

The NFL has also been in my life lately, which, yay. Great way to spend a Sunday, you guys. And my New York Giants are undefeated so far, which is awesome. Although I'm disappointed I don't get to watch as many of their games on TV as I'd like.
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Over the past few days, I...
  1. Finished watching season 2 of Mad Men. It's not as great as the first one, and does get a bit confusing (especially the last few episodes or so), but overall, it was a really worthwhile watch. If we don't get a third season this summer, I'm going to be pretty pissed.

  2. Watched the latest episode of Lost, wherein I silently feared that Ben was hiding in my closet.

  3. Correctly predicted that Liz would stay in Los Angeles instead of going to Denver on Numb3rs, thus being granted my wish for more character development for her this season.

  4. Discovered the awesomeness of SideReel, which perfectly suits my needs once we revert back to basic cable (and will no longer have a DVR) sometime tomorrow.

  5. Had an incredibly awkward conversation with my uncle who is a priest.

  6. Received various pieces of mail from Grand Valley (the college I'm going to in the fall), including a phamplet on why I should transfer there, which was totally pointless, since I've already been accepted, paid a housing deposit, and am attending orientation on Friday.

  7. Cleaned my entire bedroom and bathroom. It looks wonderful now.

  8. Watched two episodes of season 6 of The West Wing online, which reaffirmed my love for CJ and made me all nostalgic.

  9. Became somewhat terrified at the sight of some of my favorite NFL mascots wearing hula skirts during today's Pro Bowl.

  10. Did A LOT of laundry, which is quickly becoming my favorite chore. There's something so relaxing about it.

And now I'm exhausted and really don't want to go to school tomorrow.
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So the Cardinals didn't win last night, failing to make the Superbowl a real Cinderella story like I (and Mommy and a whole bunch of other people) thought it would be. Instead, Pittsburgh won, making this the second straight Superbowl where I came out disappointed. Congrats to to the Steelers and all, but they've now won six Superbowls - the most recent one three years ago. Most of the players on this team played in that game and already have a ring - they really don't need another one. I mean, THE CARDINALS HAVE NEVER WON A SUPERBOWL. Who I am supposed to see about that? Kurt Warner, Larry Fitzgerald and the rest of the team played their absolute best, and they should have been rewarded for it.

(Seriously, I knew things weren't going well towards the end when they played "Boogie Shoes" and Pittsburgh had a slight lead. I secretly hoped that it was a good sign that the Cardinals might just pull this thing off, but that was not the case. MAJOR LOSE.)

But the post-Superbowl episode of The Office certainly cheered me up! )
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I haven't really been in the mood to post lately - this has really got me down, and as a result of it, we're getting basic cable after the Superbowl. So this means no more DVR, HD or OnDemand. Thankfully, almost everything I watch can be viewed online, so I really shouldn't be worrying this much. It's just that we have a big screen TV and it's kind of pointless to have one without the HD. I'm kinda hoping that once things get back on track we'll be able to use it again. I've become so accustomed to being able to watch things in HD that it'll be weird to watch things in standard definition. Especially when there are some big things coming up.

The Superbowl is tomorrow, although I'm not as excited as a used to be. I found out a few days ago that Obama is a Steelers fan, which really pissed me off (FINALLY something to not like about him), but that's understandable. They're one of the best teams in the league; they wouldn't have gotten to the Superbowl if they weren't. But honestly, I think everyone's sick of Pittsburgh at this point. They've already won a bunch of Superbowls, the most recent in 2006. It's about time someone else wins. It'll be a great story if the Cardinals win, since they haven't won in nearly 60 years. It'll give us some hope that if the underdog can overcome the odds, then we can get through anything. And we've all been needing some hope these days.

I have my first Anthro exam on Wednesday, which I'm really nervous about. We're allowed to bring a "cheat sheet" with us to the test, but I only have a vague idea of what it covers, so I don't know exactly what I should put on it. I have a take home essay to do as well, but I haven't even really looked at it yet. I want to be super-prepared for this exam so I can do well on it, since I didn't turn in my first assignment and now have one of the lowest (if not the lowest) grade in the class. But given my recent mood, I'm not motivated to much of anything. So I'm hoping I feel better soon! Steve Martin hosting Saturday Night Live, NBC's six hours of pre-Superbowl coverage, and that post-Superbowl episode of The Office are sure to cheer me up.


Jan. 18th, 2009 06:31 pm
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FACT: I'm in a really good mood right now.

+ The Arizona Cardinals just won the NFC championship! THEY'RE HEADING TO THE SUPERBOWL. I'm frakking excited right now - this is perfect (not to mention appropriate) retribution for beating the Giants . [ profile] paperrflowers and [ profile] daygloparker, I'm sorry, but you can suck it. CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARDINALS. On NBC!

+ I went to the gym earlier today, which almost didn't happen because of the weather this weekend (super-cold temperatures and lots of snow). Anyway, it was fantastic. I spent an hour on the treadmill and walked 3.5 miles, more than I've done in previous gym trips. I was totally sore and exhausted afterwards, but somehow felt so good. I will sleep well tonight.
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There goes my well thought out plan for a super awesome Superbowl. I need a new team to support.

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Eli Manning was sacked 8 times during last night's game against the Cowboys. EIGHT. And then to top it all off, the Giants lost. I was practically weeping on my way to bed last night. I want them to be in the Superbowl again so, so badly. Especially since it's on NBC this year and has The Office coming on right after it. Having the Giants play would make it that more awesome.

We started final exam review in Stats today - the professor gave us the final from last year to review along with review sheets from tests and the actual tests we already have. He advised us that while the final is comprehensive, he'll only pick select problems from the 11 chapters it covers. I worked on last year's final a little bit during class (with help from the book and my notes), and it seemed pretty easy; I find out the answers on Wednesday. But I don't know how I'll fare when it comes time for the actual final on Thursday. I have a feeling it's going to take longer than an hour, which worries me a little, because I have my Government final right after. And I can't take the Government final tomorrow because that means I would have three tests right after one another. I'll try not to worry about it. What's important is that I actually do well.

I typed up my Speech final exam study guide last night and looked it over, and I feel really good about it; I know the majority of the stuff. So I'm sure I'll do well tomorrow. My last Stats test, however, is also tomorrow, and that one might not go so well, even though I understood the homework and everything. We'll see.

I just wish Friday would get here soon, because then I'll be done and won't have to think about school for nearly 3 weeks. My cousin who goes to Notre Dame has her finals this week too, and then afterward she's going to visit our aunt&uncle&cousins in Chicago. I desperately want to go, but I doubt my parents will let me. I've looked at Amtrak fares and everything. CHICAGO.
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From [ profile] pieces_of:

1) Answer each of the questions below using the Flickr Search engine: My name, favourite food, hometown, favourite colour, celebrity crush, favourite drink, dream vacation, favourite dessert, what I most want to be when I grow up, what I love most in the world, one word that describes me, my username.
2) Choose a photo from the first three pages.

3) Copy the URLs of your favorite photos into this site.
4) Share!

My life, in pictures. )

Instead of working on Stats computer problems between classes (like I planned), I spent a good amount of time trying to find the shirt that Eli Manning wears in this video, but couldn't find it; I doubt it's available to the general public. New York flisters, help me out? This would be an awesome Christmas present. (AND FOR THE RECORD, I AM TOTALLY WILLING TO HAVE ELI HELP ME GET HEALTHY. OR PEYTON. EVEN THOUGH I'VE BEEN TOLD HE'S A BAD INFLUENCE ON KIDS. I DON'T CARE.)

Dear Thursday, please come sooner.
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Received my first A in Astronomy on the lab I did last week; a nice change from the 70%s I usually get. And I got a 73 on my exam, which isn't great, but is only a little bit above the class average. I have the opportunity to drop one of my five exam grades before my final grade is tabulated, so if I do well on the rest of them, I can drop this one. I just hope they don't get more difficult as the semester progresses (which knowing my relationship with Astronomy thus far, they probably will.)

Today in class I didn't pay attention to what the professor was saying (we're learning about the planets now) and attempted to play FreeCell on the computer. And no there wasn't break today either, which sucked. I was hungry and tired and just wanted to go home.


I've decided to channel all of my football fangirlishness into the New York Giants this season as a) they won the Superbowl this year, b) are undefeated in their division so far, and c) Eli Manning is my favorite Manning brother. APPARENTLY I AM LAME AND SHALLOW WHEN IT COMES TO PICKING A FAVORITE FOOTBALL TEAM.

Semi-relatedly, I want this shirt, because I love USC and I look really good in yellow. But I can't buy it now (I already spent my $100 a month credit card allowance on Friday), so it'll have to wait until next month, along with the Tim Gunn talking bobblehead that I've been longing for ever since I went to the NBC store in April while I was in NYC and couldn't buy because I still needed money for other things. Le sigh.


I was invited to another debate party for tomorrow night. I may or may not go. There's another phonebank on Wednesday that I'm sort of obligated to attend, but really, I'd rather sit around a TV at someone's home eating appetizers and watching the debate. So we'll see.


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