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  1. The only good part about SNL last night was Justin Timberlake, and he wasn't even the host or musical guest. I'm sad that he won't be the host next week - his plans for the show sounded awesome. It probably would've made up for the shittness that was this week. Also, I'm already liking the new girl Abby Elliot, even if she wasn't in the show at all. I like redheads with low-key names :)


  3. I have a new layout ([ profile] pretty_cynical); it's exactly the same as my previous one except with a new header (one of my new favorite scenes from The Office) and a blue color scheme. It's very winter-y.

  4. The Obama White House looks like it's going to be Clinton White House 2.0. (And if Obama offers John McCain a cabinet postition, I seriously might cry. The West Wing having correctly predicted the outcome of the election was weird, but predicting the administration? Just plain creepy.)

  5. Numb3rs lacked awesome this week, but next week is the sweeps episode, so I'm sure it's going to be good.

  6. I've been watching football on CBS all day (Dad prefers CBS commentators to the ones on FOX), and I keep seeing CSI:NY that make me laugh. This week is going to be an awesome TV week.

  7. I get to skip Statistics tomorrow because I have a doctors appointment! It should give me more time to study for the test I have on Tuesday, because I haven't even looked at the study sheet the professor gave us. And I have extra time to do homework, which is nice because I went to a party with my parents & our friends from camp last night, and I just laid around and watched football earlier today and only finished one section of homework.

  8. "Single Ladies" is a very catchy song.
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I decided to keep my new layout ([ profile] pretty_cynical), and even changed it a bit! It's something different than layouts I've had it the past, but change is good, right?


The past few days have been relatively exciting, because:

1) I started my college class yesterday! It's actually pretty good: not easypeasy or hardcore, which is good, because I haven't had some of this stuff since freshman year. It last until August, which seems like such a long time, but I think I can get through it.
2) I had to miss today's class (it goes Monday through Thursday, 11-1:15) because I went to the ER. Don't worry, I'm fine. My lower right leg has been hurting since I got back from Camp, and my parents were concerned that it may have been a blood clot, so we headed to the hospital. No blood clot, just a calf strain. I've been advised to keep it elevated, use a heating pad, take pain meds, and see the doctor in a week if it doesn't get better. Hopefully it will.


I've got Phil Collins' "Separate Lives" and Mariah Carey's "When You Believe" stuck in my head. I have idea why.


Tomorrow: will GET MY LOST ON (and possibly post previous episode thoughts/reactions?) and watch HIMYM eps from the past two weeks. The only question is when I'm going to do this; I've gotten so busy lately!
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Today was so much more fabulous (I got a B on my math quiz, a welcome change from F's) and nicer (it's 80 degrees outside! IN APRIL!) than yesterday. And the fact that The Office was SO FRAKKING AMAZING made it even that much more awesome.

The Office )

GIP & GLP ([ profile] pretty_cynical) to celebrate this super awesome day.
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GIP & GLP ([ profile] pretty_cynical. I miss Pushing Daisies!


Things have been relatively crazy with me the past few days: I found out that my last official day of high school is April 29th, finals start April 30th and go until May 5th, and then I take the AP Spanish Exam of DOOM on May 6th. Senioritis hit me really hard after that; I'm failing my two hardest classes (AP Spanish and Pre-Calc) and honestly, with two weeks left of high school, I don't care. The weather's getting warmer and I don't want to do any work.

In other school related news, I have a possible Prom date, courtesy of mommy. I really hope it works, because I need to have it confirmed by the end of the week, and Prom is next Friday. Also, I need shoes that are a) cheap, and b) do not look ridiculous with my dress.


I've been disappointed with post-strike TV. I got all hyped up for The Office, only to be let down considerably. Although the promos for the next few episodes have got me all excited. However, I do have a newfound love for 30 Rock, possibly in part because I've been to 30 Rock. Wednesday night TV has been pretty uneventful, but I'm sure once May sweeps rolls around, it'll get better. Numb3rs has made me laugh, however.



New Amsterdam season finale tomorrow night! What am I going to do after it's over and there are 5 months until the 24 prequel?
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GIP, because Prison Break is back! )

New layout to match the icon ([ profile] pretty_cynical). It's very... green.


Watching the House S3 finale, and it's totally depressing and amusing at the same time. Wilson = ♥. Can't wait for next week!
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GIP & GLP ([ profile] pretty_cynical), because this song is owning me at the moment, and Claire Forlani is my new obsession. So.
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At 10:40 AM EST, Maureen became a high school senior.

To celebrate, I have a new layout ([ profile] pretty_cynical) and new icons!!

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New layout is almost done - the sidebar still needs to be fixed. New icons as well.

eta: layout is done! you like?

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Thought of [ profile] andrea_ms as I was watching Thoughtcrimes last night. Great movie, and not only because Amita was in it. I really, really want it on DVD, but Amazon says it isn't available in the US. Damn you, Amazon.

Unpopular Opinions meme, stolen from [ profile] colorstoobright

01. Post this on your journal.
02. Your friends will comment with some of your fandoms. (Mine are TWW, 24, Numb3rs, CSI, Grey's, Studio 60 and Without a Trace. But if you have other ones to suggest, I'm sure I can come up with and unpopular opinion.)
03. In a new post (or in comments) respond back with one or two of your unpopular opinions for that fandom. Comment with the fandoms, and I'll make a post with all of my opinions.

DO IT, OKAY? Gracias.

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The Nine is on hiatus. What will I do with my Wednesday nights? Although this might be good news for Kimby, seeing as she can't be on 24 and The Nine. So maybe she's going to be in more episodes of 24 than she originally planned? That would be so awesome.

This bit of not-so-great news to add to the fact that I'm sick, have an oral quiz in Spanish that I'm totally not prepared for, my driver's ed test is on friday (need to study for that), can't get the song "Konstantine" out of my head, and having an overall feeling of laziness. Oh, and haven't even watched Studio 60. MUST AVOID SPOILERS. Trying, yet failing.

However, driving is getting better. I drove yesterday, and did really well, except for almost getting myself into an accident. My instructor says I'm doing well, although I've still got awhile until I'm "there". Going driving on Saturday at 8:30 am (!) and after that I've got one more driving session and then I'm all done. I think.

Also, GIP & GLP. Layout may be changed though.

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I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack. With a new layout. It's from [ profile] peoplemachines, but I changed parts of it. It's very..... white.

The Office made me giggle. Like, a lot. And Wash from Firefly/Serenity was on CSI.

I have yet to watch Grey's. I didn't watch it last night because I'm mad at them. For a lot of things.

I ♥ this song. So. Much.


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