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icon meme, or proof that Maureen tries to diversify her userpics as much as possible. )

Sports Night DVDs finally arrived today (!!!), so a marathon is imminent. ALSO: BLOOPER REEL.
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  2. Stats class was a waste of time today. And I accidentally did homework from a section we hadn't fully covered yet. WHOOPS.
  3. My picspammy project is done, but will posted tomorrow. I'm so glad to be FINALLY done with it.
  4. I just finished typing up my Speech, so all I have to do is finish the Works Cited page, gather visual aids and write out notecards.
  5. Cold weather is nice, because then I can wear my warm hoodie from Camp.
  7. I'm kinda excited for the VP debate on Thursday. BUT NO NEW OFFICE MAKES ME SAD :(((((((
  8. I have my first Astronomy exam on Wednesday. I've barely studied for it, but I can't afford to fail.
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(NBC, why are you trying to torment me?)


Tonight will be an awesome Olympics-watching night for me, because swimming and women's gymnastics are both being shown, which are my favorite Summer Olympic events. AND I AM NOT JUST SAYING THAT BECAUSE THE TWO PEOPLE IN MY ICON HAPPEN TO BE FAVORED IN THEM. NOT AT ALL.
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1. Watched Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. FRAKKING AMAZING. (also: ICON!)
2. Grissom is leaving CSI (for realsies this time), so it's only a matter of time before the show itself is canceled.
3. The reactions from this have seriously made me LOL.
4. Hungry, NEED FOOD.

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Today was so much more fabulous (I got a B on my math quiz, a welcome change from F's) and nicer (it's 80 degrees outside! IN APRIL!) than yesterday. And the fact that The Office was SO FRAKKING AMAZING made it even that much more awesome.

The Office )

GIP & GLP ([ profile] pretty_cynical) to celebrate this super awesome day.
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GIP & GLP ([ profile] pretty_cynical. I miss Pushing Daisies!


Things have been relatively crazy with me the past few days: I found out that my last official day of high school is April 29th, finals start April 30th and go until May 5th, and then I take the AP Spanish Exam of DOOM on May 6th. Senioritis hit me really hard after that; I'm failing my two hardest classes (AP Spanish and Pre-Calc) and honestly, with two weeks left of high school, I don't care. The weather's getting warmer and I don't want to do any work.

In other school related news, I have a possible Prom date, courtesy of mommy. I really hope it works, because I need to have it confirmed by the end of the week, and Prom is next Friday. Also, I need shoes that are a) cheap, and b) do not look ridiculous with my dress.


I've been disappointed with post-strike TV. I got all hyped up for The Office, only to be let down considerably. Although the promos for the next few episodes have got me all excited. However, I do have a newfound love for 30 Rock, possibly in part because I've been to 30 Rock. Wednesday night TV has been pretty uneventful, but I'm sure once May sweeps rolls around, it'll get better. Numb3rs has made me laugh, however.



New Amsterdam season finale tomorrow night! What am I going to do after it's over and there are 5 months until the 24 prequel?
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I'm back! I'm sorry I haven't been around much. My paid account expired last week and I'm still trying to get used to ads all over the screen (plus, new icons, yay!). I've also had a bit of a cold for the past few days that made me feel achy and tired, and really didn't feel like posting.


I've applied to two colleges (here and here) and got accepted to both of them over the weekend. I haven't been to either of the campuses yet (doing that in November) but they're both in state, well-known, close to my house, and have the major I want. I've got a few months to decide, so I'm not really worried. I've still got senior year to worry about.

Speaking of, I've got an A in every class except for AP Spanish, in which I'm failing. Badly. I guess it's more than I expected, or something.


I'm obsessed with the announcer from Dancing With The Stars. He's so very...British. Seriously, I even called for a few times after my limit was up just so I could hear him tell me that I was over my limit for calling and if I needed to vote, I could go online.


Tonight = TV night. Private Practice, Criminal Minds, and CSI:NY. SO EXCITED. I'm thinking about watching Life as well, because the pilot was offered for free on Comcast, and it looks pretty good. I really don't know, but we'll see.


And now, homework.


Sep. 19th, 2007 03:06 pm
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Who wants to extend my paid account that expires in four days so I can keep all my pretty icons?
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GIP, because Prison Break is back! )

New layout to match the icon ([ profile] pretty_cynical). It's very... green.


Watching the House S3 finale, and it's totally depressing and amusing at the same time. Wilson = ♥. Can't wait for next week!
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GIP & GLP ([ profile] pretty_cynical), because this song is owning me at the moment, and Claire Forlani is my new obsession. So.
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Today is my brother's birthday, although it doesn't really feel like it, because all I did today was lay around and watch Criminal Minds (totally awesome , btw, more on that tomorrow) all day. But I did get new icons, so yay for me.

Oh, and am 233 pgs out of 543 pgs on The Poisonwood Bible. Nowhere close to that on my other summer homework.


Jul. 20th, 2007 11:26 am
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So, I don't know how I got it or why I even have one, but I have a paid account. Which is totally awesome, until I realized that I can't take total advantage of the 30 userpics feature because the ones I want are on my home computer, and I don't have access to it anymore.
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Dear Aaron Sorkin,

Um, when you do a three parter, shouldn't the storylines be wrapped up by the end of the third part, not continue until next week, the LAST EPISODE EVER? I know you've never done a three parter, but it's pretty simple: stories get wrapped up in part three of three, and new stories begin in the next episode. But then again, what would you do for the LAST EPISODE EVER if stuff was wrapped up last week?



I'm really, really happy that the baby was shown this week, and OMG, it is the cutest little premie baby, all squishy and stuff. I want to know her name!

I just want it to be Thursday like, right now. Although I don't think that I can deal with the fac t it's the LAST EPISODE EVER, there won't be any new episodes, and NBC won't show reruns for a long, long time. Like what they did for The West Wing.

I wish I had an icon to express such feelings. Using my Jordan one just doesn't seem right. I'm going to get a new one. Edit: GIP. And it's Danny/Jordan, wee.

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At 10:40 AM EST, Maureen became a high school senior.

To celebrate, I have a new layout ([ profile] pretty_cynical) and new icons!!

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GIP. I don't have any icons that express all the emo I was feeling last night during 24, so this one of Kimby will have to do.

Day Six: 1AM - 2AM. )

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So I was all excited to get to watch this week's The Office with its extra 12 minutes, when I realized that we're leaving for Kentucky on Thursday around 1pm, and won't get to the hotel by 9pm at the earliest (I think we've usually gotten there around 10pm, but the latest that I can remember is midnight.)

So, I'm pretty upset. Luckily, I've got the DVR so I can tape it. But still, I'm going to have to wait a whole SIX DAYS before I get to see what happens between Jim and Roy.


I think I need new icons.

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The Nine is on hiatus. What will I do with my Wednesday nights? Although this might be good news for Kimby, seeing as she can't be on 24 and The Nine. So maybe she's going to be in more episodes of 24 than she originally planned? That would be so awesome.

This bit of not-so-great news to add to the fact that I'm sick, have an oral quiz in Spanish that I'm totally not prepared for, my driver's ed test is on friday (need to study for that), can't get the song "Konstantine" out of my head, and having an overall feeling of laziness. Oh, and haven't even watched Studio 60. MUST AVOID SPOILERS. Trying, yet failing.

However, driving is getting better. I drove yesterday, and did really well, except for almost getting myself into an accident. My instructor says I'm doing well, although I've still got awhile until I'm "there". Going driving on Saturday at 8:30 am (!) and after that I've got one more driving session and then I'm all done. I think.

Also, GIP & GLP. Layout may be changed though.


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