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It has been a very stressful week for me. I got offered a chance to job shadow at the local ABC affiliate on Tuesday evening, an as much as I'd really like to go, I don't drive and getting there by bus on time would be damn near impossible. I found out on Tuesday that my Memo Essay for World Politics is due next Thursday - I definitely knew that, seeing as it was given to me at the beginning of the semester, but since it wasn't due for a couple of weeks and I had other more urgent things to work on, it got pushed to the back burner. So obviously, I haven't started working on it - and it's worth 20% of my grade, so if I do poorly on it, I'm pretty much guaranteed to fail the class. Commence freaking out.

I'd been trying to relax a little bit, as I haven't been sleeping well as of late and have been getting some pretty bad headaches - including the one earlier today, which required a heavy dose of Tylenol and a three-hour nap - by watching the World Series. I'm not a huge baseball person, but it's nice to have some sort of distraction, even if I'm too distracted by it to actually do my homework. Anyway, I had finished everything I needed to do last night, so I watched Game Six. Thrilled by the Yankees win (PHILLY CAN SERIOUSLY SUCK IT NOW), I stayed up on the internets for a little bit. That may have been a bad idea, since I came across this:

CBS Reduces the Number of Numb3rs episodes this season from 22 to 16. Which I figured would be the next step after CBS has to make the decision to continue with either your show or Without a Trace (just barely escaped that one) and one of your main actors, Peter MacNicol is forced to take a temporary leave of absence from the show as a cost-cutting measure. What irks me about this is that the most recent episode brought in about 7 million viewers - which is impressive for any average television show, let alone on a Friday night. It handedly wins the 10 PM Friday timeslot almost every week. The fact that CBS increase episode orders for all the CSI's is also pretty upsetting - I always though that with the big name casts and what goes into making a seemingly "formulaic" show that it actually be more expensive to produce than Numb3rs. To see CBS go the way of NBC - eschewing popular, good quality programming over something more mediocre simply because it costs less to make - is pretty depressing. Isn't CBS supposed to be doing really well? I can understand why NBC is doing this, but CBS? SAD.

On a slightly less serious note, this cutting back of episodes better not mean that I don't get to see Charlie and Amita's wedding on-screen. I WAS PROMISED AN ON-SCREEN WEDDING, YOU GUYS. IF I DON'T GET IT SIMPLY BECAUSE CBS ARE IDIOTS, I'M REALLY NOT GOING TO BE VERY HAPPY. (And don't say "If you don't get it, I'm sure people will write fic about it!" HAHAHAHA, like that's going to happen. No one cares about this fandom, so there is no good fic. I'd write some myself, but I am not the best writer. But I'm not complaining about that. I WANT MY WEDDING I'VE BEEN WAITING A VERY, VERY LONG TIME FOR.)

However, I do have some great things to look forward to in the next few days: I'm job shadowing at the local PBS affiliate tomorrow afternoon, which is actually on Grand Valley's downtown campus - super convenient, as it is just one half-hour bus ride away; I AM GOING BACK HOME FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE I MOVED OUT TO GRAND VALLEY AT THE END OF AUGUST, which I'm obviously beyond excited for - I really miss my family a lot, you guys - and I'll be back home by tomorrow evening, meaning it's entirely possible I will get to watch the two-hour Law & Order extravaganza in HD on our big-screen TV. And I found out last night via a promo that Rachel Maddow will be on Meet the Press on Sunday, which is always exciting. And even with all this excitement, I'd really like to squeeze some doing of homework in - but that's highly unlikely. I'll be so thrilled to be home that I won't want to do anything.
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Reasons why today has been awesome:
  1. I slept in a extra hour from yesterday.
  2. I wore my recently washed "Cookie Loves Milk" t-shirt.
  3. I had frozen hot fudge sundae Pop-Tarts for breakfast.
  4. I watched Modern Family on my break. Excellent show.
  5. I ate a cinnamon sugar bagel from Einsteins while watching Glee.
  6. I have no homework.
  7. Richard Engel showed up on NBC Nightly News.
  8. I had a cheeseburger&fries for dinner.
  9. Keith Olbermann is wearing his normal glasses.
  11. I've got mint chocolate chip ice cream to celebrate the PB&J wedding.
  12. Project Runway. Enough said.
  13. David Gregory is on The Daily Show tonight.
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I've only been out of school for a week and a half, but it definitely seems like longer. I haven't really done anything major while on break: I make French toast, bum around on the internet, post reactions to the ridiculous things that occur on MSNBC via Twitter, watch Gibbs' daily White House press briefings, get entertained by other TV happenings in primetime, stay up until 2 AM and sleep until 10 the next morning. Rinse and repeat. It's this kind of behavior that makes me desperate to have a job so I'm actually doing something all day instead of being productive; I've applied to a bunch of places, and am now getting through the tail end of the customary week-long waiting period, since no one has attempted to contact me. I just need to go out and do something, before I bore myself to death.

Thoughts on last weeks' AMAZING TV. )

Oh, and I watched the White House Correspondents Dinner! Which just proves how much of a political dork I am, haha. But it was really enjoyable this time around (I haven't watched since Colbert was the entertainment in 2006), as I recognized a lot more celebrities as well as famous newspeople - I was all "!!!!!" every time they showed someone I knew, which was A LOT. And Obama's speech was absolutely fantastic - he was able to make light of himself and his staff without being too harsh, something I really admire in any person, not just a person of power. I really didn't like Wanda Sykes as the entertainment (I was personally gunning for Jon Stewart, or even Hugh Jackman, doing a medley of political songs with a well-choreographed dance routine), and after her bit was over I couldn't help but wonder if it's somebody's job at the WHCA to look over the entertainer's routine to make sure there isn't anything that could be construed as offensive, especially in Wanda Sykes' case. And then I got mad at MSNBC for bringing in two unknown correspondents who took the idea that the dinner is jokingly called "DC Prom" literally by wearing actual wrist corsages and taking each other as dates instead of getting one of their ACTUAL NBC CORRESPONDENTS on the phone and asking them what it's like at the dinner. Oh wells. There's always next year, I guess.

I feel like everyone but me has seen Star Trek already. Which is sad, because I'd really like to go see it, but no one will take/go with me. Same thing with Away We Go premiering in a few weeks. BLERG.


May. 11th, 2009 01:47 pm
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I know I haven't updated in four days, and I planned to do a big damn update post today, but I'm being lazy, so it'll probably come sometime tomorrow. Until then, enjoy this iTunes meme from the flist:

If you would like any of the songs mentioned, please let me know and I'll upload them for you. )
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It's been a weird couple of days for me - the fluctuation between colder and warmer weather the past few weeks has left me with a cold that seems to be growing into something much more than a common cold, and my sleeping habits have changed: I go to bed around 11-ish (my usual bedtime) and wake up around 5AM or 6AM feeling totally fine, but then I end up taking a 3 or 4 hour nap later in the day. I really do not need this right now. The weather is nice, I should be feeling good about it! And I'm done with school in a little over a week, I should be pumping myself for the fact that I will never have to go back to that horrible college again instead of worrying that I've got some massive respiratory infection (and the fact that I have received no indication that the large Amazon order I made to celebrate me being done with said college has shipped just adds to these worries.)

Oh, and I got a blister on the heel of my right foot from taking a walk around the neighborhood in my trusty ballet flats. Not only is it painful because it's a blister, but it has the added pain of being on my heel, where I (sadly) put most of my weight when I stand or walk. So I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon hobbling around on my left foot until I could find some relief - in the form of a makeshift band-aid of medical tape and a strip of Second Skin. I've got it hardcore taped up now, making it looks as if something worse than a blister appeared on my foot and is causing me pain. I can walk and stand on it and it feels totally fine, but I'll keep it taped up for a few more days just in case. I got chided by both Mommy and Dad for being stupid enough to take a walk in ballet flats, and have now realized that I shouldn't wear them when I go out for a walk.


The only part of this week's ep of The Office that I liked was Pam's reaction to Andy playing a tape of Here Comes Treble singing Pachelbel's Canon/You Can Call Me Al: "Wait a minute, am I walking down the aisle to 'You Can Call Me Al'?" FINALLY, SOME HINT THAT THEY'RE ACTUALLY GETTING MARRIED SOON. Other than that, I wasn't really feeling it. And I'm not really pumped about the last episodes for the season either. I watched some of season 4 yesterday ("Money", "Chair Model" and "Job Fair") and got really nostalgic. That was a pretty good season, despite the fact that the writer's strike cruelly cut it short. It was funny and engaging and sweet; I wouldn't even think about using those adjectives to describe this season, even though I predicted during the season premiere that season 5 was going to be the BEST SEASON EVER for the show (and I feel incredibly guilty about it.) I just feel that the show hasn't been what it used to be - the last time it was was "Stress Relief" and even then it had to be funny, because it was given the post-Superbowl timeslot and attracted viewers. And I think another part of it is the fact that Greg Daniels and Mike Schur are too focused on making Parks & Recreation live up to all of NBC's hype that The Office has faltered as a result (and by proxy, so has Parks & Recreation, because Greg&Mike are making it too similar to The Office.) So to reiterate a point I orginially made here, I WANT GREG&MIKE BACK WORKING ON THE OFFICE.

But there was some spoiler speculation that sort-of cheered me up. )


Eleven days left of school (actually eight; I only have classes Monday-Thursday and don't count weekends) and I have very little homework this weekend, which is wonderful - just research for my final paper (done yesterday) and an article summary (will be done tomorrow on my break), both for English. I have a Film quiz tomorrow as well, but I'm printing out the notes I need and if I just look them over beforehand, I should be fine. I do need to need to find a job for the summer, which is proving a little difficult - I went to the College's job office on Thursday and looked, but wasn't yielded anything promising. So I think I'm just going to apply everywhere I want to work and see what happens. I need something to do with my time once I'm done with school, and I really could use the money as well :)
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Or I would be, if I didn't have to give up virtually all carbs for eight days - my diet, sadly, is largely built around them. I'd rather give up having to eat meat every Friday than part with leavened bread. Plus, Easter candy! But I watched the Passover episode of Sports Night ("April Is The Cruelest Month"), found out that Aaron Sorkin might be returning to television soon, and the analogy of Sports Night/The West Wing was the first thought in my mind when I watched Parks&Recreation and The Office. )
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I woke up this morning around 7:30 to Dad yelling at me, nearly in tears because no one told me that I was coming into school early. There's nothing I hate more than my parents just assuming I know I have to go in early. Luckily, I put my backpack together last night and had an outfit together, so it only took me a few minutes to get ready, but I hadn't eaten breakfast or gotten a snack to take to school, so I was still rushing around. Dad ended up coming back to get me after taking Monica, which I was incredibly thankful for. But I could have used the extra half-hour of sleep - I've been incredibly tired these past few days.

I was pleased to find out when I turned on the TV this morning that I was not alone in being woken up earlier than I wanted to be - David Gregory had to get up early to fill in for Matt Lauer on The Today Show, and I was excited to see him. Also, it's supposed to rain today, so that makes me feel a little bit better despite my rough start this morning.


English 102 drama continues! )


I took my Film midterm today! It was super-super easy, and I'm pretty confident I've got an A in the class so far. Due to this awesomeness, I present you with the Away We Go trailer (HALLO THAR ALLISON JANNEY, I DID NOT KNOW YOU WERE IN THIS MOVIE) and as an addendum to my previous post, the bloopers to Monsters Inc. HILARIOUS.

I'll do a TV review post later, as this one is getting long, and I haven't totally gathered my thoughts. In short: SUCKY.
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At the library right now. I haven't actually stayed here longer than a few minutes - I came in briefly a few weeks ago to pick up The Thumpin'. I really don't like using the computers here (the one at home or the ones at school are a heck of a lot better), but I'm making do. I picked up Anderson Cooper's book Dispatches From the Edge (thus continuing my streak of reading political non-fiction/memoirs) and the sixth season of The West Wing on DVD. Season 7 was already checked out, and I'm nearly done with the 6th (only about 5 eps left, plus I watched the finale this morning when it was on Bravo), but I can watch them on TV instead of the computer, in time to spend spring break marathoning it. That is, if I don't have tons of homework to do then. I've got two weeks to figure something out.

a few television related thoughts - House has sort of redeemed itself! American Idol continues to be lame! a fave character returns to 24! Lost! Plus, I think I could be a better scheduler that the NBC guys. )

It's Conan O'Brien's last show tonight :(((( I'm buying this and this to remember it by.
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Eli Manning was sacked 8 times during last night's game against the Cowboys. EIGHT. And then to top it all off, the Giants lost. I was practically weeping on my way to bed last night. I want them to be in the Superbowl again so, so badly. Especially since it's on NBC this year and has The Office coming on right after it. Having the Giants play would make it that more awesome.

We started final exam review in Stats today - the professor gave us the final from last year to review along with review sheets from tests and the actual tests we already have. He advised us that while the final is comprehensive, he'll only pick select problems from the 11 chapters it covers. I worked on last year's final a little bit during class (with help from the book and my notes), and it seemed pretty easy; I find out the answers on Wednesday. But I don't know how I'll fare when it comes time for the actual final on Thursday. I have a feeling it's going to take longer than an hour, which worries me a little, because I have my Government final right after. And I can't take the Government final tomorrow because that means I would have three tests right after one another. I'll try not to worry about it. What's important is that I actually do well.

I typed up my Speech final exam study guide last night and looked it over, and I feel really good about it; I know the majority of the stuff. So I'm sure I'll do well tomorrow. My last Stats test, however, is also tomorrow, and that one might not go so well, even though I understood the homework and everything. We'll see.

I just wish Friday would get here soon, because then I'll be done and won't have to think about school for nearly 3 weeks. My cousin who goes to Notre Dame has her finals this week too, and then afterward she's going to visit our aunt&uncle&cousins in Chicago. I desperately want to go, but I doubt my parents will let me. I've looked at Amtrak fares and everything. CHICAGO.
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I skipped both Astronomy and English yesterday and instead spent time watching Studio 60 in the computer lab (I watched "B-12" and "Monday"; skipped over "The Christmas Show" because it's not Christmas yet), and then headed to the cafeteria-restaurant on campus to study for my Stats test. I hadn't been to it yet, and wanted to do so before I'm no longer a student here. I had a so-so cheeseburger and fries, but it didn't really matter because I just wanted food at that point. And the view was absolutely amazing and looked so pretty with the snow falling down.

Stats test went wonderfully. I guess studying really did pay off, because I'm confident I did everything right. Now I'm anxious to get it back, and am hoping that it boosts my grade a little. Honestly, that was probably the easiest sections we've covered, so the test was pretty easy. I even finished before the class had ended, which never happens.

Decided to switch topics for my final speech; instead of "green living", I'm doing television censorship. I did a paper on it for English last year, so it's cited and everything, I just need to polish it a little bit and turn it into a speech. And then I need to get visual aides for it, which may prove difficult. It's due in a week, but I think this will be easier than trying to come up with something new. I just hope I can make it work.

I went swimming last night at the gym, and it was wonderfully relaxing. I still smell faintly like chlorine, but it left me so tired that I slept incredibly well last night. I'm hoping I can do it again soon.

Prison Break continues to leave me shocked, but I'm anxious to get this season (and the series) over with. I just want it to end well with everyone happy. That's all I've ever wanted this season.

I'm absolutely OBSESSED with Coldplay's "Life in Technicolor II". I loved the original instrumental version when it came out a few months ago (and now it will always remind me of the Olympics; Thanks, NBC!), and to finally get words to it makes it that much better. I love it.

AND. I'm now Facebook friends with Emily Prentiss. So is Monica; in fact, she recently wrote on Emily's wall. SHUT UP.
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I've been in a great mood lately. I don't know if it's President Obama or his pick of Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff or the fact that there were Sports Night references during last night's Browns/Broncos game, but I've been extremely happy this entire week. It's kind of scaring me a bit, and Mommy's now concerned that there's something wrong with me. Although College continues to stress me out, which is nothing new. I've got a lot of homework this weekend, and instead of getting a jump-start on it today like I planned, I spent the day doing absolutely nothing. I've got TONS to do this weekend, and I'm afraid I'm not going to get it done :(

I absolutely loved The Office; I basically agree with everything my flist has said. I'm really, really excited for next week, although I do think it's unfair that 30 Rock gets a post-episode promo and The Office doesn't. IT'S GOT AN ANXIOUS AND DEVOTED FANBASE, NBC.

I'm working on registering for next semester; I need to register for my English and Psych classes this weekend because they only have a few spots left. I've got my schedule all worked out - no classes on Fridays, and I'll only be there from 8:30 to 3 instead of 10 to 6, which is perfect. But the thing that excites me the most (right now, at least) is that I'll be able to watch most (if not all) of Obama's inauguration from school that day because I have a break from 11 to 1. Although I really wish I could go to it in person: free tickets! And I haven't been to DC in years! I totally planned to take the Amtrak to DC (the Joe Biden way!), but that requires me to take two trains and a bus. And I'd like to go for more than a day, but I really can't miss school. I WANT TO BE A PART OF HISTORY, DAMMIT.
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I watched the debate last night on CNN instead of NBC. I know, it's totally wrong of me to not watch my favorite network. But I really don't like Chuck Todd all that much (he's known as "the very poor man's Tim Russert" around my house), and I was pissed at NBC for not making the perfectly reasonable programming decision to show a new episode of The Office before the debate. Plus, CNN in HD featured reactions from uncommitted voters in Ohio and various CNN political analysts, which was fun to watch and a good gauge of how others thought the debate turned out.

I definitely think Joe Biden won this one. And I'm not just saying that because I've already decided to vote Democratic or was swayed by the various reactions from the analysts. Joe definitely seemed really on point and gave good answers While Sarah Palin didn't fail miserably, she did fail; she barely answered questions (if she answered them at all), and her expressions were ill-fitted in this formal of a setting. I can't wait until tomorrow night to find out what SNL will do with it. I just know that when Tina Fey is involved, it's going to be AWESOME.


I FINALLY found an Obama t-shirt that I liked (this one) and bought it online this morning. It'll be here sometime within the week. This t-shirt offically marks my first credit card purchase! (Don't worry, I was told by Dad to spend no more than $100 this time around, just so I could start establishing some credit.) I still have roughly $70 left, so I bought these Converses and this scarf, which should be coming around the same time as the shirt. GUYS, I'M TURNING INTO AN ONLINE SHOPAHOLIC.


Numb3rs season premiere tonight, whoopwhoop. It's the season premiere I've been waiting for the longest, now that The Office has premiered. I'm kinda sad as well, because Megan's not on the show any more and this is her replacement. It's just not the same show without her. I keep saying that they're better off bringing Liz back, despite her being a poorly developed character, because she's familar to the viewers. And then writers can get a whole season's worth of development out of her! Win-win-win.


I considered signing up for NaNoWriMo, but since I'm incapable of writing a 50,000 word story at all (let alone in one month) and I'm incredibly busy with College and TV watching (seriously), I came to the conclusion that I'm going to re-write/severly edit the [ profile] picfor1000 story I did two years ago, as well as start writing down the beginnings of another fic that I've had in my head for a few days. Lookit me, getting back into writing.
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There are three reasons Fall is my favorite season: the start of school; the weather gets cooler, but is still bearable; and the start of a new season of television. )


It's currently raining pretty hard here, which is perfect "stay inside and work on homework" weather. If only I was actually motivated to do it (and I somehow need to get motivated, because I have a lot to do and need to get it done ASAP so I'm not rushing to finish it later.) And Michael Phelps is hosting Saturday Night Live tonight, so there's that.


Aug. 21st, 2008 01:41 pm
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One thing I forgot to mention about Eureka. )


Watched the Olympic Gymnastics Gala Exhibition on NBC last night - all 10 minutes of it. It goes on for a few hours and showcases all the gymnasts, but all they showed were the American gymnasts. EPIC FAIL, NBC. I absolutely loved the Gala from Athens, because they had it on OnDemand in the weeks leading up to Beijing. (Apparently the 10-minute clip wasn't the whole thing either, just a montage.) The sad part about this is that I can't find video of the entire gala ANYWHERE; NBC only has video of what they showed last night. I guess Track&Field finals FROM 2 NIGHTS AGO are more important than a bunch of foreigners in pretty costumes.

Closing Ceremonies on Sunday, then NBC goes back to whatever they had before the Olympics. As long as they show more promos for The Office (WHICH PREMIERES IN A MONTH), then I'm okay.


I had my last summer math class today, sold my book back and am now $46 richer. The final is on Monday; and despite what the instructor says about it being difficult, I think I'll do okay because I've done relatively well on all my exams. We'll see. After that, I have to start preparing for Fall semester, which starts next Wednesday! One week of vacation, boo.
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Monica came home from camp last night, which means chaos at the house and SUMMER'S OVER :(((


Honesty Meme. )


Dear Yahoo!, why must you spoil me for the Olympics when I'm going to watch them later today and I want to be surprised by the results? I was really hoping you were wrong and Shawn actually got the Gold last night instead of the Silver. I DON'T LIKE IT WHEN I'VE ALREADY SEEN THE RESULTS BUT BECAUSE NBC HAS TO BE STUPID AND SHOW THEM IN PRIMETIME, MY HOPES FOR USA GOING 1&2 ARE DASHED.
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(NBC, why are you trying to torment me?)


Tonight will be an awesome Olympics-watching night for me, because swimming and women's gymnastics are both being shown, which are my favorite Summer Olympic events. AND I AM NOT JUST SAYING THAT BECAUSE THE TWO PEOPLE IN MY ICON HAPPEN TO BE FAVORED IN THEM. NOT AT ALL.
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ATTENTION OFFICE FANS/FUTURE CHILI'S RESTAURANT PATRONS! Chili's no longer serves Awesome Blossoms. Sad, I know. The family and I have come to the conclusion that so many people came in asking for Awesome Blossoms with extra Awesome that they could not meet the demand. Thus, it was taken off the menu. But I did have a delicious cheeseburger and a wonderful (surprise!) ice cream sundae!

Kit Kittredge was absolutely adorable. It seems that I have missed Chris O'Donnell waaaaaay too much. And my love for all things 1920s/1930s keeps growing.


Spent the morning cleaning my room, as Dad's relatives are coming to stay with us later this week. My closet has been cleaned out and organized! It's color coded now! Tomorrow, between doing homework and studying for my Exam on Monday, I need to vacuum and clean my bathroom. Oh, and clean the rest of the house.


Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog = ENDLESS GLEE. I'm so sad it's over! I DESPERATELY NEED THE DVD AND SOUNDTRACK NOW PLZ. It was that awesome!


NBC has shown "new Fall season" commercials for Heroes, Knight Rider: The Series, and Chuck. NBC presents their Fall schedule to the TCA tomorrow and Monday, so it's only a matter of time before a commerical for The Office airs, right?
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Forget what I posted this morning: The Office spin-off is supposedly dead. Instead, the creators of The Office are developing another workplace comedy, with Amy as their lead.

Which I guess is a good thing, because if the show somehow related to the original Office, and if the new show sucks, it could bring down the entire franchise. No fan of The Office wants that. But it debuts after the Superbowl, so it better be good.

My question is, will she leave SNL? And what about the fact that she's having a baby in the Fall?
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Finally home from camp; I've been back since Saturday, but things have been so crazy over this weekend that I'm just getting around to updating now. So.

Relatedly, I just changed my layout, and I'm not sure how I feel about it; I'm on the computer at the library and it looks really weird because the monitors are smaller than the one at home. It's something different, and I've seen it on other people's eljay's and like it. It's so different from what I'm used to in terms of a layout, and it will take some getting used to if I decide to keep it. What do you guys think?


Camp was... wonderful. Very relaxing, with good weather and lots of fun. It's really hard to describe what the camp is like for someone who doesn't know much about it, but I can say that it's with my family, it's not "traditional" camping (we stay in cabins, food is provided for us), and there's something for everyone.

I've had so much fun over the years, but this year may have been our last year. It gets incredibly expensive to bring 5 people (three of whom are now considered adults, and two teenagers) to a camp that's 5 hours away, especially with gas prices so high. All of us really want to come back, but we may do something else for the 4th next year. The question is, what will that "something else" will be?

I have the opportunity to work at Camp next year, but I'm pretty sure that I won't do it next year. It's a whole summer away from home, the pay isn't great ($2100 for the summer), and the transition from camper to staffer is pretty difficult to make. The job is more suited for someone who lived on their own in college (i.e., a dorm) during their freshman year. I'm going to community college as a freshman, and living at home, and I've never been on my own for an extended amount of time. Maybe the following summer, because I will have lived in the dorms for a year. I just really don't know at this point.


I finished Twilight, which I neither like or hated. I'm about to start F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Last Tycoon while waiting to get my hands on New Moon from the library, although I may go out and by it, along with the other books in the series, so I don't have to wait.


To do: finish/post that Muxtape mix and post my thoughts on Lost. The first four episodes have been AMAZING. I can't wait to watch more.

Oh, and I wrote something last night! for the first time in months (or at least, since the writer's strike.) It needs a bit of tweaking, but still, I WROTE SOMETHING THAT WASN'T COMPLETE CRAP.


I'm still waiting on those Emmy consideration pins, which I doubt I'll get, what with the nominations being announced next week. Stupid NBC.
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Hey, guess what? I haven't been dome with High School for less than a week, and look what I find:



Why, FOX, WHY? It was a good show! It had comedy! It had crime! It had romanticism! Yes, there were some shaky parts (SARA DILLANE, I'M LOOKING AT YOU), but it could improve!

I WANTED MORE, DAMMIT. ESPECIALLY SINCE IT LEFT ME ON SUCH A BAD NOTE. But I guess that's just the FOX way: "If it's really good, we'll cancel it!"

So that t-shirt I made? TRULY, A WASTE.


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