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No, I still haven't processed TV things yet (and the fact that I just finished watching the Grey's Anatomy season finale isn't helping my thoughts along AT ALL). I did, however, happen upon this article from TWOP about showrunner switches that would be awesome - mentioning Aaron Sorkin taking over The Office, and it made me laugh (mostly because it's true):
Imagine Michael and Dwight pedeconferencing around the Dunder-Mifflin office in circles, picking up random characters as they all rapid-fire idealistic sentiments and literary/sports/historical/political references before dropping out of the parade and tagging someone else in, the lot of them taking breaks only for either some old-timey slapstick or melodramatic speeches about friendship, duty and loyalty. And they sell paper sometimes, but that's not really the point, is it?

I'm going to make blueberry pancakes now.


Feb. 6th, 2009 12:08 pm
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I somehow lucked out of getting any homework this weekend. AGAIN. I don't understand it at all.

Quick thoughts on The Office. Plus, Grey's Anatomy! )

I'm working on finishing up season 2 of Mad Men - I have the last three episodes yet to watch, which I'm converting now. And I still have the new Lost yet to watch.
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I know, I know. I'm late to the party. The internet shuts off at 10 PM here every night, and I wasn't unable to get on the computer until now. But you know if the internet was accessible I'd totally be on as soon as the episode was over, flailing along with the rest of my flist.

This episode will have lots of fanfic written from it. )


I watched Grey's Anatomy this morning as well, and it was not worth it. And the promo for next week is LOL-worthy. Dear Grey's, GET BETTER SO I DON'T FEEL LIKE AN IDIOT MAKING THE DECISION TO WATCH THIS SHOW AGAIN.

I should really be working on my Speech and [ profile] picspammy projects; They're both due in four days and I'm nowhere near done on either of them. Le Sigh.
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I finished watching the Private Practice "pilot" today. thoughts. )

Next up: Pushing Daises, and then Lipstick Jungle, which I'm in the process of downloading. It doesn't premiere until January, but I want to see it because a) Kimby is in it, and b) I'm hoping it's better than the book.
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Spent the majority of today cleaning/re-organizing my room, although it's only half-clean at this point. But the part that is clean looks really, really good. I'm so proud.


Have lots and lots of new music to listen to. So excited.


Am also gearing up for fall TV. I have a few that I saw the finales of that were "to be continued", so I'm excited for those premieres. A lot of those shows I don't watch on a regular basis, so I'll probably only watch the premiere and the occasional episode.

I also made my decision on what new shows I want to watch. I only picked two: Pushing Daisies, because everyone's raving about and it looks really good, and Private Practice, because even though I've stopped watching Grey's Anatomy, Addison=♥.

Need to watch the last few eps of Criminal Minds (plus that first part to the finale) before the new season starts. I should also watch the few eps of Grey's Anatomy I missed; I know I stopped watching after sweeps, but I feel that I need to watch the season before it comes out on DVD. (Weird, I know.)


Tomorrow's agenda: Cleaning the rest of my room/bathroom, writing the rest of my [ profile] numb3rswriteoff fic (due in THREE DAYS!), and watching some of The Simpsons in Spanish on DVD.
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You know how stressed I was about my research notecards? That was all for nothing, because I got an A on them. Naturally, I was excited.


I can't wait for next Thursday, because CSI is coming back, and I can watch it instead of the sad excuse for a show they call Grey's Anatomy. Although Grey's is a repeat, so I'm not missing much.

Also, The Office marathon! Five episodes! I've already seen most of them (they're from the first season, which I have on DVD), but there are two from Season 2 that I haven't seen. I'm so excited.


Random things I found out today: Jenny from The Black Donnellys was Alex the lesbian on The OC, and David from Numb3rs is the Quizmaster on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. Small world.


Finally, I'M GETTING THE COMPUTER BACK!!!!!!!!!! We're getting it back after we come back from Georgia over Spring Break. Although I'm going to see if I can get it back before then so I can make some CDs for the trip. *is excited*

i'm tired.

Feb. 23rd, 2007 03:56 pm
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Grey's really pissed me off last night, although I was really glad to see Denny. I loves him.

This week was so stressful school wise, and I'm so glad it's over. Have a minimal amount of work to do this weekend; the only thing that could pose a problem is my The Good Earth reading. I'm supposed to have the book read by next Friday, but I've only gotten to chapter 7 in the actual book, and spent a good portion of Writing Styles reading the CliffsNotes for chapters 7-23. Will finish the book from 24 until 34 (the end). I have a test on it sometime soon. Studying will be necessary.

Also need to get my [ profile] picfor1000 fic done this weekend so I can get it typed up and posted before the deadline. It's due Wednesday, and I have exactly 300 words to write. Um. Am thinking of signing up for [ profile] 100_women next. Seems like a semi easy fic project, and the prompts are pretty easy. I just need the fandoms/characters.

Now to go home and watch last night's CSI and maybe this week's CSI:NY. I've kinda fallen in love with that show. Again.

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Dear Joel Surnow,

I LOVE YOU. And I totally forgive you for not putting pancakes in this season.

Now if you could just bring Audrey back, that would be most excellent.


Day Six: 6 AM to 8 AM. )


In other news, I have three more chapters of The Great Gatsby to read, and then I have to read the first few chapters of The Good Earth. Ugh.

The Golden Globes are on tonight, though I don't really care. Grey's Anatomy will win Best Drama. They always do.


Jan. 11th, 2007 08:20 pm
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I haven't gone to bed before 11pm at all this week, which is really bad, because I get really tired during the day and can't focus in school. I really, really need my sleep.

The good thing is that my The Great Gatsby reading doesn't need to be done until next friday, which is good, because I've only read the first chapter. Should be easy: it's only 9 chapters long, so should have it read and reviewed CliffsNotes by then. Plus, I am currently at the library, where I have checked out a variety of books to read. However, I think we'll be starting The Good Earth soon, so the books may have to be put off until it's done.

Forgot to tape The Office before I came to the library. OOPS. Hopefully I'll be home in time to watch it live instead of online. Also, I am totally lost on what's happening on Grey's Anatomy (becuase it's been so long since the last episode and I'm in the middle of watching re-watching S2 on DVD) that I'm sure I will be totally confused. Oh wells.

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Lots to say.

01) I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I did. Had good times with the little cousins and ate a ton of food. Watched the parade as well. The only bad part about my Thanksgiving was that our DVD player wasn't hooked up so I couldn't watch Shibboleth. Oh well.

02) My driving is going a lot better than I thought it would, although my instructor is a bit concerned about me. He says that I'm having a hard time understanding where I am in relationship to the road. (Basically, I'm not paying attention.) He also says that it may be a vision problem, and that I should get my eyes checked ASAP. That's probably a good idea, seeing as I haven't had my eyes checked since the summer before sophmore year. May do that sometime this week.

03) Grey's was not as good as it was hyped up to be, although being able to watch Grey's and CSI on the same night without commericals was most excellent. And watching it with Graham was mucho fun, seeing as we laughed the entire night, Even at the serious parts.

04) I made my christmas list, but I'll post it later.

05) The 24 Day 6 cast picture is here, and although Audrey is not in it, I am loving Chloe's hair. And Larry from Numb3rs is in it too! How exciting.


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I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack. With a new layout. It's from [ profile] peoplemachines, but I changed parts of it. It's very..... white.

The Office made me giggle. Like, a lot. And Wash from Firefly/Serenity was on CSI.

I have yet to watch Grey's. I didn't watch it last night because I'm mad at them. For a lot of things.

I ♥ this song. So. Much.


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