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1. Watched Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. FRAKKING AMAZING. (also: ICON!)
2. Grissom is leaving CSI (for realsies this time), so it's only a matter of time before the show itself is canceled.
3. The reactions from this have seriously made me LOL.
4. Hungry, NEED FOOD.

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Dear Criminal Minds,

CSI totally has dibs on the crazy directing/cinematography stuff, so don't take without asking, okay?


ALSO. Am not so excited that I have to wait until December 12th for a new episode. Writer's Strike = not so much fun for me now. I WANT MY SHOWS BACK, PLZ.
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Holy Jesus, it's November. Only two months until 24!


I went on a college visit today here. The campus is absolutely beautiful, and the tour guide was really sweet. The Parents and I had an excellent lunch on campus as well, and I really enjoyed it, along with my parents, despite the fact that it was kinda cold outside. Plus, it was an INSANELY long drive to get there and back, but Dad's iPod passed the time (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young = FTW).

I visit here tomorrow, and I'm kinda more excited about visiting there than the college that I visited today, just because it looks a bit more interesting in the booklet. We'll see how it goes.


LOVED seeing Karen on The Office last night; Rashida is truly excellent. James Morrison is going to be on Numb3rs tonight (yay!), and the CSI/Without a Trace crossover that's coming up next week? ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS.


Am taking Office Assistant at school next semester, even though I didn't even ask to take it. How weird is that? I'm taking Church History as well, and I really wanted Theology. And I've got TWO English classes. I'm going to hate next semester. With a passion.


Time to play TV catchup. Is it still okay to watch a Halloween episode even though it's already November?
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Why have my favorite Prison Break and CSI:NY characters left their respective shows? WHY?

In which I rant a little. )


Also, CBS was showing a TON of CSI promos last night, and they made me throw up in my mouth a little bit every time I saw them. [ profile] andrea_ms would probably know why. (Hint: it has something to do with Grissom and Sara.)
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I somehow lucked out of getting any homework this weekend, which has NEVER happened, so I'm all excited about not having anything school-related to do and just getting to be lazy all weekend. However, I do have Government court cases to do, because I'm supposed to have 15 out of 23 done at this point and I've only done two and starting a third. Oops. I kinda have to get on that.

And I think I'm going to Carousel tonight with Mommy. Fun.


TV premiere week was so excellent. I'm anxious to see what happens on CSI:NY, Criminal Minds, and CSI. Private Practice was amazing (and Cooper is terribly cute), so I'll keep watching. Not really sure what I'm going to do about House, because the season premiere wasn't that great, and now that the duckies are gone, there's really no point in watching. But the rest of my family watches it, and I don't want to miss out.

But then The Office and Numb3rs premiered on Thursday and Friday, and they were AWESOME.

THERE ARE NO WORDS. Really, no words. )
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This week is pretty much finale week (except for Prison Break, which starts on Monday), so next week, all the craziness begins.

FYI, this is just a list of the fall premieres. 24 and Lipstick Jungle don't premiere until January, so they'll get talked about towards the end of the year.

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School officially started on Monday. I'm exhausted from all the stress. AP Spanish is going to kill me, and I'm so not wanting do my court cases project for Government. Senior year is turning out to be harder than I thought.

Although, despite my earlier apprehensions, I'm really liking Film&Culture. We started watching Run, Lola, Run on Tuesday and despite the fact that it's in German and there are subtitles, I'm really enjoying it. We have to analyze it, and although it looks really hard, the teacher says it's fairly easy, and it'll get easier once we watch more films.


I'm downloading the first part of the Private Practice "pilot", and despite the fact that it's on the computer and not the TV, I think I'll be okay with it. Skipping over the non-Addison stuff might be harder, though.


Have not seen Numb3rs or Without a Trace promos yet, but I've seen several different CSI promos. I GET IT, CSI. YOU WANT ME TO WATCH THE NEW SEASON. And I will, I promise.


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You know how stressed I was about my research notecards? That was all for nothing, because I got an A on them. Naturally, I was excited.


I can't wait for next Thursday, because CSI is coming back, and I can watch it instead of the sad excuse for a show they call Grey's Anatomy. Although Grey's is a repeat, so I'm not missing much.

Also, The Office marathon! Five episodes! I've already seen most of them (they're from the first season, which I have on DVD), but there are two from Season 2 that I haven't seen. I'm so excited.


Random things I found out today: Jenny from The Black Donnellys was Alex the lesbian on The OC, and David from Numb3rs is the Quizmaster on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. Small world.


Finally, I'M GETTING THE COMPUTER BACK!!!!!!!!!! We're getting it back after we come back from Georgia over Spring Break. Although I'm going to see if I can get it back before then so I can make some CDs for the trip. *is excited*

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American History paper - DONE. Finally.

Even better, my Anatomy homework is due next Thursday instead of Monday. Good thing. There are a ton of sections of questions to do, and I've only done one section. I also have a ton of math homework that's due Monday, and I've only done part of it. Need to get thing done before finals in two weeks. I'm freaking out, of course.

There's this volunteer thing at the library that I'm going to tonight. Because I need a job. Badly.

New CSI tonight, thank God. I'm so sick of all my shows being on repeats until the new year.

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I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack. With a new layout. It's from [ profile] peoplemachines, but I changed parts of it. It's very..... white.

The Office made me giggle. Like, a lot. And Wash from Firefly/Serenity was on CSI.

I have yet to watch Grey's. I didn't watch it last night because I'm mad at them. For a lot of things.

I ♥ this song. So. Much.


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