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Please pardon my anger-induced incoherency.

New Amsterdam, or why Maureen should never, ever get that obsessed over a show. )

Want to do this meme to make me feel better?
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Six days late, I know. But if Television Without Pity can do it, why can't I?

24 season finale. )

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Dear Joel Surnow,

That was the shittiest episode ever. EVER. and here's why. )

Now do you understand why people are saying that 24 has jumped the shark?

No love for you,

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GIP. I don't have any icons that express all the emo I was feeling last night during 24, so this one of Kimby will have to do.

Day Six: 1AM - 2AM. )

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This week's episode of 24 made me laugh, cry, hug my pillow tighter than I've ever hugged anything in my entire life, and even throw socks at the television. IT WAS THAT GOOD.

Day Six: 12 AM - 1 AM. )

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I have to go back to school tomorrow, even though I don't want to. And I really, really don't want to write my American Idol article for Writing Styles, even though I've got the whole thing planned out in my head. UGH.


I think this was the first episode of 24 in a long time that I actually found amusing.

Day Six: 11 PM - 12 AM. )


So, I went to DC over spring break. here are some highlights. )


I'm gonna go try to write that article now. edit: teh article is finished, and it is quite possibly the crappiest thing I've written so far this year.

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This week's 24 was probably the best episode of the season. You know why?

Because audreygrace♥ was there.

And to celebrate, I have a new Audrey icon! *points*


Mar. 20th, 2007 06:49 pm
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So, 24. I'm pretty upset. [ profile] wistful_memory , we'll have to talk about this. In depth.

she's not dead. IS NOT. )

THEREFORE, CHINA, YOU ARE ON NOTICE. Thanks a whole freaking lot.

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So. Audrey hasn't been mentioned at all this season, besides the fact that Bill told Jack that Audrey doesn't know he's back in the US. I know she's confirmed to show up sometime this season, and Wiki said she was coming back sometime around episode 12. The thing is, episode 12 is tonight, and there was no mention of her in last week's promo. Then again, Charles Logan wasn't mentioned in the promo at all and he showed up a couple of weeks ago. Maybe she'll show up anyway? I hope so. *crosses fingers*

But when I went on Wiki today, I was shocked to find these.
spoilers. )

So she will show up at some point, it's just unclear when. I hope it's soon.

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Lots to say.

01) I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I did. Had good times with the little cousins and ate a ton of food. Watched the parade as well. The only bad part about my Thanksgiving was that our DVD player wasn't hooked up so I couldn't watch Shibboleth. Oh well.

02) My driving is going a lot better than I thought it would, although my instructor is a bit concerned about me. He says that I'm having a hard time understanding where I am in relationship to the road. (Basically, I'm not paying attention.) He also says that it may be a vision problem, and that I should get my eyes checked ASAP. That's probably a good idea, seeing as I haven't had my eyes checked since the summer before sophmore year. May do that sometime this week.

03) Grey's was not as good as it was hyped up to be, although being able to watch Grey's and CSI on the same night without commericals was most excellent. And watching it with Graham was mucho fun, seeing as we laughed the entire night, Even at the serious parts.

04) I made my christmas list, but I'll post it later.

05) The 24 Day 6 cast picture is here, and although Audrey is not in it, I am loving Chloe's hair. And Larry from Numb3rs is in it too! How exciting.


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And Chloe, with her pretty hair!

(But where is Audrey? I need Audrey, dammit.)


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