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Eureka is back, finally, a little earlier than expected - not that I'm complaining, but I always thought of this as my perfect summer show, something to look forward to when there's literally nothing else new on television. Now that it's back in April, it's just one more thing to think about amongst all the other shows that air during the year who are wrapping up their seasons around this time. But with that big of a cliffhanger ending the previous seasons' finale, waiting only a few months instead of an entire year cut back on a lot of anxiety in waiting for its return. (The holiday special helped a bit as well.)

That anxiety felt similar to what I'd felt after watching the 5th season of 24 - being left with a huge cliffhanger (Jack being kidnapped and on a freighter to China, the Astraeus ship disappearing) that doesn't get resolved until the next season premieres seven months later. Going even further with the comparison - much like Jack was rescued in the opening minutes of Day Six but the Chinese weren't confronted until the latter half of the season, the Astraeus crew returns after some time away... only we discover that they haven't really returned.

And I think that whole "manufactured reality" idea was what really bugged me when watching the premiere. I figured that was going to be the case rather than create another timeline (especially since one was just created in season 4 and was a really good reset point), and it explains why the crew returns in this episode but in next week's episode they're still being looked for. It starts the season off with a bang and could make things somewhat interesting. But still, what was the point of it? It sounds like Beverly&Co need to extract information from the crew, but why? If that's the case, then why was the reality bogged down by a bunch of relationship stuff that bordered on the nightmare-ish? (Although I did very much appreciate that Carter was still an excellent surrogate parent to Jenna, and that Henry was still very much in love with Grace.)

I really, really hope we don't spend a ton of time in the manufactured reality - it creates unnecessary drama and feels like a betrayal of the new reality that took two "seasons" to establish and get comfortable with, and I'd rather see stories take place in that reality than one that doesn't really make any sense. Plus, I want to see how the crew deals with being brain-jacked and adjusting to life back in Eureka (after their timely return, and hopefully to a town that hasn't changed a significant amount since they left.)

Honestly, I am really happy that this show is back. Yes, I'm disappointed that this is the last season, but if the "the this season on Eureka" promo is any indication, it's going to be an awesome way to go out (and I am not just saying that because Carter supposedly proposes to Allison later this season!!!!!! Although that is a huge plus.)


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