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Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you for offering to write for one of the fandoms I requested! I know they have limited audiences - and thus the quality of fic varies - but I'm sure I'll be happy with whatever you give me.

In general, I tend to enjoy stories that fall somewhere in the middle in terms of mood: not too fluffy, but not too angsty either. I don't like dialogue heavy stories, but I realize that some dialogue is necessary in fic. I really love romantic relationships between characters, no matter how subtle they may be (and that's focus of my requests this time around.) I'm not really big on purely comedic fic - but a story can have some humor and snark. I have an aversion to explicitly violent and/o sexual stories, so if you could stay away from that type of thing when writing, it would be awesome.

Somethings that may help you: my lj tags, my tumblr and my delicious account (which will give you an idea of the type of fic I like.)


Onto the requests! (Warning: Contains spoilers for season 4 of Parks & Recreation and season 4.5 of Eureka!!!)

Parks & Recreation: Leslie Knope, Ben Wyatt.
Post "Smallest Park" (and any episodes will air between now and the Yuletide deadline); just something about their relationship now that they're seriously together... and Leslie happens to be running for city council. Bonus points for use of Ben's "Leslie makes campaign speeches in her sleep" line from the season premiere.

Eureka: Jack Carter, Allison Blake.
Slightly AU from "One Giant Leap" where Allison doesn't end up trapped on the Astraeus ship. Instead, she moves into the SARAH house with Jack, and they are happy! And then Jack finally proposes to Allison! Yes.

Pundit RPF (US): Rachel Maddow, Richard Engel.
A little background here - I am endlessly fascinated by the relationship between these two, given that they went to Stanford around the same time and yet didn't become friends until they worked for MSNBC almost 20 years later. Anyway, Rachel went to Afghanistan last year (and Iraq the year before that), and Richard showed her around. I want a story about the reverse situation: Richard visits New York (hell, with all his travelling he is basically a tourist at this point) and Rachel shows him around. Shenanigans ensue.


Thanks again, and happy writing!

- [ profile] pretty_cynical / ohmydarling
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