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Real life sucks at the moment (long story short, I'm not confident in my abilities to be a functioning adult, so I'm taking a year off school to get things in order), so I have been throwing myself wholeheartedly into the fictional world of various television shows. For a while it was The Good Wife and Friends (SHUT UP, I was only a baby when the show premiered; it is also the reason I now have a massive crush on Paul Rudd); now it's The Hour and of course, Eureka.

Which brings me to this: The show is ending next summer, which isn't a huge deal - they all have to end at some point, and 5 seasons is more than a lot of shows get these days. It gives the Eureka writers time to wrap up all the little storylines that exist right now; the biggest one probably being the fate of Carter and Allison, which I pointed out initally as to be the series endgame. I mean, it's the only thing I can think of that has lasted the entire series and it's three timeline changes.

The only thing that worries me is how we'll get to that conclusion.

We know that they do love each other. I watched their scene at the end of "The Ex-Files" last night where they make their big confessions to each other, and Allison admits that she's scared of jumping into the relationship because she doesn't know how it'll end. Carter assures her that it won't end badly, since he's head over heels in love with her. ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP ESTABLISHED, FINALLY.

Of course, there's that fine line between working together and sleeping together, and what irked me so much about "Clash of the Titans" this week was that their romantic relationship hasn't really interfered with their work relationship up to this point (partly because Allison hasn't been head of GD this entire season, and the little "incident" with Beverly taking over Allison's body was not at all Allison's fault) so I really saw no point in their relationship needing to be audited. It did, however, give insight into whether or not both of them are ready to make that big of a commitment to each other. Both of them played coy with the relationship auditor - probably just to assert that things were going fine between them and the status and/or future of their relationship was none of the guy's business - but I think Carter knows what kind of relationship he wants with Allison, and she's warming up to the idea. In fact, I'm pretty sure if he just asked her she'd probably say yes. It was heartbreaking for them to get the ruling that their relationship wasn't approved (when they're attending Henry and Grace's "wedding" and probably thinking about how that might be them someday, but right at that moment it's not even a possibility. Which leads to one of two things: SECRET DATING (which probably won't work, because it never does) or appealing the ruling (which they'll end up doing in the next episode.)

(Can I just say how much I love that Henry ships Carter/Allison? Like, in "Once in a Lifetime" with the alternate timeline where THEY'RE MARRIED AND HAVING A BABY - that was Henry's doing! Or him joking before his "wedding" that they could make this a double wedding with them? You guys, if and when Jack and Allison get married, he'll probably officiate! Even though it would be totally awkward because the last wedding he officiated was Stark and Allison's... and we all know how that ended.)

I know this obstacle  thrown in their way just to make the relationship a little more "interesting" and so that it's not all smooth sailing for Carter and Allison. But honestly, these two deserve their happily ever after. They've been through so, so much in the past four seasons that it's amazing they even got to this point of having a serious romantic relationship. And now that it's inevitable, the Eureka writers might as well just go with it. I'M TELLING YOU GUYS, THEY NEED TO BE MARRIED BY THE FINALE. IF NOT, I GIVE UP.


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