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How I Met Your Mother's season finale was tonight, and based on events from this and past episodes, I'm pretty sure who The Mother is.

There was a comment on Sepinwall's review for "Legendaddy" that The Mother could possibly be Barney's half sister Carly, who was away at college. This is entirely plausible, seeing as she could be a student at Columbia - and was in the Econ class Ted accidentally taught on his first day. And if she's living in NYC, it would obviously work for her to be Cindy's roommate, whom we already know is The Mother. Since we now know the wedding where Ted meets The Mother is Barney's, his family would show up - and Ted gets introduced to Carly. She recognizes him from her Econ class, and they hit it off.

(Of course, this is just a theory. And since the whole wedding thing will be dragged out through next season, Bays/Thomas could take it in a totally different and unexpected direction that we haven't even thought of.)

As for who I think Barney marries, I'm betting on Nora. I really don't care if I'm in the minority here. First off, they were in a relationship for almost a year, and it ended terribly. Robin even pointed out in tonight's episode that the past is the past, and there's no point in returning to it. They're much better off as close friends. Second of all, Ted agreed to be Robin's Best Man if and when she gets married, and we know that Ted is Barney's Best Man at his wedding, so would it be possible for Ted to play both roles if they're marrying each other? Probably not. SO THERE.

ALSO ALSO ALSO: LILY IS (FINALLY) PREGNANT!!!!!! And we already know it's a boy!
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