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Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you for offering to for write one of the fandoms I requested! I know they have limited audience - and thus the quality of fic varies - but I'm sure I'll be happy with whatever you give me.

In general, I tend to enjoy stories that fall somewhere in the middle in terms of mood: not too fluffy, but not too angsty either. I don't like dialogue heavy stories (ironic, since two of the fandoms I requested are known for banter between characters). I love romantic relationships between characters, no matter how subtle they may be. I'm not really big on purely comedic fic - but a story can have some humor and snark. I have an aversion to explicitly violent sexual stories, so if you could stay away from that things when writing, it would be awesome.

Other things that might help you: my lj tags list and my tumblr.

Just a heads up: these all have to do with what happened after each series ended, and will contain spoilers.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: Danny Tripp, Jordan McDeere, Matt Albie, Harriet Hayes.
Unpopular Fandom Opinion: I actually liked Danny/Jordan, although I'm still a little iffy on just how their relationship came to be. That being said, I want to see them after the series was over: married, raising their daughter Rebecca - and bonus points if you include her having adventures at the theater while her dad works. I'd also like to see Matt and Harriet's relationship after the show ended - I firmly believe that somewhere down the line they eventually did work things out and get married.

Sports Night: Jeremy Goodwin, Natalie Hurley.
Out of the three TV shows Sorkin did, this is probably the one I'd most want a continuation of. I especially loved Jeremy and Natalie's relationship - they were kind of perfect for each other - and I've always thought that if the series were to continue beyond season 2, they'd eventually get married. So like the Studio 60 prompt, I'd just like to see what happened with their relationship after the show ended.

New Amsterdam: John Amsterdam, Sara Dillane.
I was completely devastated that Fox canceled this show without giving it a proper conclusion; I felt that John realizing that Sara wasn't The One just because he didn't die after getting shot that one time was a really stupid end to the show. Frankly, I always thought that John's mortality hinged on someone accepting all of his secrets as fact - which Sara sort of does towards the end of the series - and that it basically just took time for things to happen. (Plus, I never really bought into the idea of "he turns mortal and dies right on the spot"; I thought it was something along the lines of you don't necessarily die right then and there, but you just age normally like everyone else.) So basically I want a story that picks up where the series ended: John goes off to live his life, but ends up coming to the realization that maybe Sara was The One; they reunite, he tells her the total and complete truth, becomes mortal, and they live happily ever after.

Thanks, and have fun writing!

- [livejournal.com profile] pretty_cynical/ohmydarling


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